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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Madriota's old collection of puzzles (PTI)
Collection by: Madriota
This is my old collection, nothing special, it was section one of Testing Forever but as it had no story elements it is no longer a part of the Testing Forever series, in addition there is only one section now and the collection is just called “Testing ...
Collection by: Tuxle
cool maps
Kepler Maps
Collection by: Kepler
Maps should be • Challenging, but not frustrating. • Interesting. • Unique. • Beautiful. I do my best towards these goals.
Terrible Headache
Collection by: Thwinkler
This Chambers Could Be Hard :)
Portal 2
Collection by: deniva
Vilify (unfinished)
Collection by: Battalus
This is an unfinished map series. I may come back to it some day. You wake up one day with no memory. This is the story of you.
Collection by: [MLG] Logan
Keep Calm And Enjoy Your Testing!
Portal 2: Broken Collection
Collection by: [Elite] [MG]<[RCS]>Simplyme
This is where all my Portal 2: Broken maps go to this collection Maps that are out: Portal 2: Broken Demo
Maps to test by
Collection by: ORANGE_
For nero dont download
Maps to test by
Collection by: ORANGE_
For nero dont download
2-D Portal
Collection by: Pundsey
My 2-D Portal
portal 2 community maps
Collection by: Citizen Snips
Collection by: shaky52
Collection #1- Gels and Tractor Beams
Collection by: Knaxajaxxen
My 1st colleciton.
Meine Karten
Collection by: holZone
The Turret's Revenge (Co-op Edition)
Collection by: BAZ3LLe
In this multiverse Turrets are the dominant species (Robot) and GLaDOS has made an agreement with them to reposes Aperture Science Laboratories together as brothers in arms. The turrets are led by the "Animal king" turret which will make an appearance lat...
test of blue
Collection by: Stef
here will be all the test's of blue that i made i hope you have fun playing it and i hope you like it :) but the next test's have noo beemod beceuse the stuff in the editor is gone i cant select beemod stuff
fagmaps voor nubs
Collection by: Carpi
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