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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Collection by: bassgrid
CJ's Maps
Collection by: The_CJ
Only a little collektion of my maps
Collection by: HRNSHN
4 Parcour Maps.
The Remembered Chambers (Co-Op)
Collection by: ka_boom_bomb
Portal 2 Co-operative chambers... back from the dead!!! (or maybe I just forgot to publish them)
Purtal 2
Collection by: CorruptComputer
Joe the Stickfiddler's Portal 2 Levels
Collection by: Stickfiddler
These are all of my maps. Enjoy!
Apature Reboot: Chapter 2, The Reboot
Collection by: Twan!
Apature Reboot, Chapter 1: Testing Again?
Collection by: Twan!
The Way of Izanami
Collection by: DaNiizZ
Izanami is a never ending cycle what absolutly confuses peoples brain, but hopefully you have your friend here so together you can break the never ending cycle, but we promise that it won't be easy!
Conversion fun
Collection by: ĐĖĄĎМĂŊ
Fun Maps
Collection by: Morykoom
Maps i either made or downloaded (mostly downloaded)
Camerson1313 Backlog
Collection by: Toothless2603
Just a backlog of mine.
Minisculosity City
Collection by: Gun Tech.
"By completing this course of tiny puzzles you earn the coveted Dwarvish Hobo Contortionist Diploma. It is a very small diploma. You should not be very proud of yourself in the likely event that you should complete all the maps." (c) Cave Johnson
co-op maps
Collection by: Condog
in this fun testing adventure you'll laugh, cry, fall, jump, fly and die along side your partner you'll try and find out what glados is planning...
Paul's Maps
Collection by: Zefaxet
This collection contains only portal 2 maps created by my brother. His profile could be ch0psh0t or Mobile sentry, in both cases preceeded by the title [War3]. Check him out.
darkwings1123's puzzles and tests
Collection by: darkwings1123
darkwings1123's puzzles and tests
Collection by: Poke-Artist
A mixed range of difficulties In order of created (Not Difficulty) Please provide feedback on all Chambers played, as It will help me improve for future creations. NOTE: I will update this Description at a later date.
Collection by: Zer0n [B@T]
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