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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Collection by: Papa Roach
Mission Pack for singleplayer mode. Author Papa Roach
maps to inflict on other people
Collection by: Ryanbomber
existence is torment
Turret Frenzy Saga
Collection by: LCGood
This is a saga of puzzles revolving around destroying and/or disabling rooms full of Turrets. Please be careful!
Ultrajet's Easy Rooms
Collection by: Ultrajet
Test Room - Portal 2
Collection by: Atimaster
Kolekce testovacích místností hry porál 2. Celkem bude 20 místností, z toho lehké a jiné Hardcore, snad se budou líbit a dobře se pobavíte. Collection of test rooms Portal second In total, 20 rooms, of which light and other Hardcore, maybe y...
companion destiny
Collection by: dani wolf
you must destroy your companion cube to complete these test u.u
All SP Levels
Collection by: Zak
Portal 2 test chambers
Collection by: Uyrachine
Where I put test chambers
Zaramaja's Portal 2 Singleplayer Tests
Collection by: TheZaraLP
All the tests I create in Portal 2 using the Community Test Chambers Test Editor will be here. You can play them in any order you like, as there isn't really a story for them. These tests will not be based on any one mechanic for a certain amount of tests...
Companions for Life
Collection by: Luigi Mario
This is the collection for my Portal 2 Custom Series involving you and your friend; the Companion cube. You and her need to get through tests of increasing difficulty. Don't worry, it will never stab you...
what is this
Collection by: x1372
Collection by: timmywb
amazing items
Collection by: catsarecute259
amazing puzzles race playground rolercoasters cube tricks
Collection by: PAINIS CUPCAKE
Overflown (WIP)
Collection by: qMotus
A group of overflown maps :D (WIP)
Cryptic Singularity Collection
Collection by: Chase
Cryptic Singularity is a Collection of Maps, Single and Coop. Has to be different, lacking in white spaces making it harder to put your portals. But there is always something there to help you.
Collection by: xJxCZ
Simple Portal2 Maps
Collection by: stormsend
These are maps that have relatively easy logic and should be solvable by just about anyone.
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