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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Collection Labore
Collection by: Caio Varalta
"Labore" maps collection for Portal 2. The Labore maps are the simplest ones, easiest ones, and coolest ones. All of them are Singleplayer only.
Pretreat Laboratories
Collection by: DanMann
Welcome to Pretreat Laboratories a incomplete Adventure into the depth of Pretreat and the only one of its kind in the WORLD. Help GLaDOS complete her tests and find your way to the exit before one of the test kills you! In some on the tests there is sec...
Collection by: Chairman Wesker
A series of Multiplayer challenges designed to test your mind and your patience. So grab a friend, subscribe to any you like and you're away laughing. Or crying like Little Babby Man, depending on your resolve and your partner's intellect.
My Portal Test Chambers
Collection by: Dark Gamer
These are all of my test chambers.
Portal 2 ANTI Test chambers
Collection by: Radioactive0wl
This collection includes all ANTI test chambers from 01-10 as well as the two harder versions of chamber 01. They are Portal 2 puzzles with their individual twists and turns, I hope you enjoy them. I would appreciate feedback on these maps. Please don'...
Portal Co-oP tests.
Collection by: CrOwLeRRBoss
Collection by: ЁЖ
The Cubes
Collection by: GeeTheKing
Different cube-architecture chambers. These represent the feeling of the cult movie: The cube. These are recommended for veteran and pertinacious Portal-gamers.
Collection by: Igroorg87
Subjective Assessments
Collection by: General Underpants
For those with the itch.
СИНГЛ Воу Воу Воу Полегче
Collection by: Vasilek
csalrin SP - Fling Pack
Collection by: csalrin
My second map pack that involves lots of flinging. Enjoy!
My First Test Chamber - All Parts
Collection by: your mom so beaty
My First Test Chamber - All Parts
Volume 2: Safety Prioritization
Collection by: Galindoc07
Volume 2: Safety Prioritization. 15 Chambers. This volume will show how little Aperture Science cared for the safety of the tests. Tests will become more difficult as you proceed. "Are you still there?" P.S- I will now be posting walkthroughs/sneak-pee...
The Beginners Initiative
Collection by: HBZK100
Hello Test Subjects!! Welcome to the Beginners Initiative! Basically, i took some of the key elements of lots of community test chambers and put them in a simple series so you can get good at them and ultimately get better at puzzle solving! Note: I...
Untitled I
Collection by: echoplex
First part of Untitled.
The Forgotten Chambers Of Aperture
Collection by: TimothyDahBomb
'The Forgotten Chambers Of Aperture' is a fun collection of Portal 2 Test Chambers by TimothyDahBomb. These puzzles will give even the most experienced test subjects in Aperture Science a challenge. Go ahead and Subscribe to this collection to give the...
Kiwi Test
Collection by: 13kiwi70
--- --- Hello, test subject, pass tests to advance science! During testing, we will observe your actions and reactions. Good luck to all the subjects! ---[Français]--- Bonjour, sujet de test, passez des tests afin de faire avancer la sci...
Difficult co-op maps
Collection by: Naceira
If you know any other mind challenging co-op maps, feel free to write a comment below.
Creating Portals
Collection by: Ovipa_Apivo
Play has bendy in portal levels around aperture.
P.O.R.T.A.L. Project
Collection by: porygonal
P.O.R.T.A.L Project is a series of maps made utilising BEEMOD 2 to create Portal 1-themed challenges. This map series focuses heavily on High Energy Pellets and simplistic puzzles as of right now, but may possibly later expand to include more diverse elem...
Портал 2
Collection by: |{oT3...[UA]
Комнаты что бы подумать головой!=)
Fun Portal Rooms O Fun
Collection by: Dieann63
Just a collection of Portal Fun
Teamwork Works
Collection by: Aevo
A collection of mini-puzzle maps I've made.
Jump collection
Collection by: Indipeg
Fun, логические карты прыжки
Collection by: Changnesia
Dark and Cruel, chances of death are very high or depends on how you play it.
Collection by: [EWIS] NerdProGamerDK
Collection of Xeno's test chambers
Collection by: Xeno
This collection contains all the maps created by me.All new test chambers will be added to the collection as soon as they will be published.The difficulty of my tests can vary between easy and hard but as long as you have finished the main game you will n...
Collection by: ᾞémaskaS
All steps of the HemaskasGame.
Parry Lee's Portal 2 Workshop Works
Collection by: Memo Rylost
All my works in one collection
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