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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Beta Mod building
Collection by Bryton_Jayy
These maps are here to be tested before I compile them into a mod with a custom story and new game mechanics. They're in a basic puzzle stage right now, just try to find any ways to break them and let me know if they're too hard or too easy. Thanks.
How to resolve these problems?
Collection by AKM.Zerg
我的存货 - - - - Singleplayer
The New Test Subject
Collection by PortalMaster
I`ve been working on a thing called The New Test Subject.Its a 10 part map.Story you are a new test subject trying to get out of Aperture.
Powered by lasers
Collection by Pumpkinhead
My old style "Powered by lasers" tests. Each test has at least one laser in each room, used to power things!!! I make track platforms useful!!!
Shazamalicious' Collection
Collection by Shazamalicious
All my test chambers
Collection by ArmyofTrolls
All of my test chambers.
Science enrichment cubes
Collection by ArmyofTrolls
My Aperture science enrichment cube map series.
My Test chambers
Collection by ArmyofTrolls
My Test chamber collection.
Collection by Schuman
Tchesyo's Chambers
Collection by KeY
LCT Rooms
Collection by azagwen4500unt
Alls lasercube tests i've created ...
Boxed Testing Chambers
Collection by lucsy2
This is all the boxed testing chamber maps I have made.
The Testing Of Your Easy Brain.
Collection by [CN] HardestTooBeat
Making this so that all of my friends can try to do things with my tests. SUGGEST WHAT IT NEEDS: Suggest to me things you would like me to add fix, and make secrets of in the comments below :p
Co-op Collection
Collection by KillaBitGaming
This is personally my first co-op map collection and I hope you enjoy. And remember... "This is for Science" (GLaDos)
Portal 2 Test Chambers (Zoorlock Laboratories)
Collection by Ghost 21
A set of testing chambers built on one of the Earths, this one controlled by the Zoorlocks (hope you enjoy)
pig factery
Collection by the curiosity core
Collection by quaternary
A series of tests for two, revolving around the fragile "laser infinite loop" pattern.
French challenge for BiiWix and VayneHunters
Collection by PackSciences
Un petit challenge pour BiiWix et VayneHunters
Collection by mattgiron04
A Collection of levels based off the game Portalize
Aesthetic Experiments
Collection by Vesper
A collection of my aesthetic experiments. THESE ARE NOT PUZZLES.
Collection by Shacarter
Unreasonable Chamber
Collection by Nucleareal
Unreasonable Chambers
The Raven chambers
Collection by Raven
Well, basically all of My Portal 2 made chambers all stuck together. Here you can find a variety of interesting and unique tests, from monotony to Monstrosity, you surely will want to try at least one of these chambers. ...Hopefully.
Cave creations
Collection by Pumpkinhead
Portal World Test Project
Collection by РуСсКиЙ ПаПоЧкА
Easy/Medium Challenge
Collection by (_H.G.D._) BubbyBobble
A few of my favorite workshop maps. Easy to moderately difficult. Though with all things, this is subjective, so your mileage may vary. Have fun!
My First Collections
Collection by Norwood
Not even sure what these are for?
DemoPans Portal 2 workshop submissions!
Collection by The DEMOPAN of PANVILLE
All of my Workshop submissions, compact into one little collection! You can download all of my maps, but in the 'Co-Operative Operation' ones, you should play them in order to what there title suggests.
Portal 2 Mappack Primel
Collection by Primel
Portal 2: Mind Boggle
Collection by [PolarisGames] Slipperybrain
Hello, test subject, it's some voice inside your head! Unfortunately, this parallel universe is not stable in the least, just as you'd expect! So we need to send you to the center of this unknown variant of Aperture Labs to retrieve something of which we ...
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