Portal 2
Community maps. For science.
Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Machines and Automated Switches
Collection by: shitassm
These are just mechanisms and machines that could be used for a variety of functions.
Brain Testers
Collection by: Shawnathan55
These are chambers my cousin made. They have stumped me a few times, but they aren't to bad. Enjoy!
Harders: Testing Initiative
Collection by: =Harders=
Hello And Welcome To My Collection Of Maps I Have Made For Portal 2 IF YOU SEE ANY GLITCHES OR BUGS PLEASE COMMENT AND I'LL FIX IT. UPDATE Update has been made and i have added up-to date maps which i have made recently
Collection by: tifkat
A collection of test chambers, which may have been some of the earlier chambers made. GLaDOS was yet to be activated.
My collection
Collection by: ╬ObεŗCommąŋđεR╬
My collection 10 camers and bonus
There's Always Something
Collection by: Deledrius
My first collection of Portal 2 Community Test Chambers, experimenting with a theme of continual minor nuisances.
Binary Number Switches
Collection by: shane716
Binary Numbers!
Warm tests
Collection by: Justus954 - The dark pope
This is map pack that will bring new test elements and new enviroment! Hopefully you enjoy it! ----------------------------------- Status of part 2: 70% done. Stay tuned :3
portal 2 survive
Collection by: Notawallplan
defeat the challenges be come a pro defeat all secondary objectons
The Rebellion
Collection by: Commander Torus
Hello? ah...your here, good. We need you to break into the vault and take our weapons back...Yes you...we dont care what your name is just tell us later. GO GO GO! ( tell me what you named your Rebal Charectar in the comments)
Kolekcja map by Jozko
Collection by: jozko17
Tu są wszystkie moje mapy(komory testowe). Miłego grania!
Tricky Collection
Collection by: Miiika
The combined maps of the two mappers m¹nd and Samus2! Until now: 4 great maps. These should bring you a lot of time puzzling. Try to find the right way to the exit. Cake may be at the end ... ... everyone likes cake!
Sherlock's Puzzles
Collection by: Leeroy Jenkins
This is the puzzle that even Sherlock Holmes can't solve, so good luck and have fun!
Logic Tests
Collection by: Classic Jimmy
A series of tests that are focused on solving a puzzle in a room rather than traversing it. May contain fizzlers.
Le sujet de test
Collection by: loto974
Un sujet de test est surveillé par GLaDOS dans des salles de test toutes plus sadiques les unes que les autres. Mais savez-vous qu'en cliquant sur "S'abonner", ce sera VOUS, le prochain sujet de test ? Aperture Science a besoin de volontaires, mais malhe...
Shane's Collection
Collection by: shane716
The greatest exhibits of all time
Collection by: The Unlocked
This Gallery presents the greatest of all of the exhibits in the one and only multiveral greatest museum of all time.
Collection by: Wheatley36
All of the chambers are tall.
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