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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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NoahObscure Map Pack
Collection by: Noah
All the NoahObscure Maps in one collection
House of Lyth
Collection by: Lythiium
Starting off relatively simple tests. Re-introducing test subjects to the elements. And as time goes by (or when I make and add them), tests will slowly become increasinly challenging. Also, Try finding all the compantion cubes hidden in each map.
biscuit levels
Collection by: saltywaffuls
play levels and have lots of fun with all the cool biscuit levels www.youtube.com/user/tabanpl
OMG! Where's the Cake?!
Collection by: TREES
A collection of Portal 2 Maps created with the new Level Editor part of the Perpetual Testing Initiative
The Lucky 7
Collection by: Xephyrian
Seven immensely difficult test chambers. Don't get discouraged as they are all possible. There may be something else for you to find in each chamber ;)
Almost imposable
Collection by: [=PGTT-Σ=] Catman
the name
my first map pack
Collection by: DJ Hellray
a simple map pack of my maps
H3ph's Ode to the Game
Collection by: H3pha3stus
This is a collection of maps I have created with the real in-game feeling to them. I have tried to stick to the principals of Valve game maps and make them challenging yet interesting to complete, I will add to this as I create
Test facili
Collection by: [D.Team]Risolutore
"Chi va piano, va sano e va lontano" ma no con i portali!!! La VALVe è stata molto brava a creare Portal 2, e io sarò molto bravo (forse) a creare camere test
Time Attack
Collection by: Lord Yu
Collection by: Stylaa*
RUSSIAN TESTS ( Russian United Society of Scientific Innovators And Notables )
Collection by: [GSX''R]Lynx
This collection is made of 5 tests which are ranged from the easiest to the most hardest. Good luck! Test 1: " That Was Cube Trick! Or Turret Also Can Jump" Test 2: "Deadly Lasers" Test 3:"Pyramid of The Cubes" Test 4:"Turrets are ON FIRE" Test 5:"...
Collection by: TommyGun
Here I will put all of the "Gameception" levels of Portal 2. Gameceptions are supposed to be mini-games or a sport that would be possible to do in Portal 2. There can be made up mini-games but it has to be fun.
Scott's Collection
Collection by: scoota
Just some test maps, should be remotely challanging puzzles.
Zoom's test cambers
Collection by: Иine
I thik my test cambers are OK.
The Black Out Team Aperture Science Test levels
Collection by: Tizzu
A little collection of my levels. I will add amore levels when they are ready to be played
mupheminsani's blueprints
Collection by: mupheminsani
I hope you guys enjoy these chambers. 8 done. Only 11 chambers left. IMPORTANT: Your feedbacks will be appreciated. So, enjoy the maps, make sure to leave a comment, vote and contribute to science of course!
Insert Collection Title Here
Collection by: [RAVE]notgoodwithusernames
Some test chambers that I made during my freetime. Please note that this is a work on progress and that I will update it overtime.
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