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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Fail chambers (My first)
Collection by: Fool of Clubs
This is most likely a fail.
The Forgotten Chambers I-V
Collection by: SirPhobos1
Before his death, Cave Johnson created these five test chambers. They've been hidden away, in an area long thought unreachable. Well, in the interest of science, (and certainly nothing relating to the recent Wheatley core incident) these five chambers h...
Literally Saving Science
Collection by: Kurnel ApocalypticCheeseburger
Cave Johnson needs your help! He has been poisoned and can't live unless you find the antidote! But, GLaDOS wants to keep you from saving him and using science for her own enjoyment! You must stop her at once! A collection by: General ApocalypticChees...
Room of Horror
Collection by: FR | L'Oncle BEN
Enfin sorti la série Room of Horror. L'histoire : Cave Johnson viens de créer Aperture labolatories Qu'il a déjà choisi son "Rat des laboratoires" malheuresement vous tentez de vous en échappez mais il n'y a aucune porte de sortie survivrez-vous ?
Puggle Science!
Collection by: OriginalSnips (Creepypasta Kid)
Puggle Science, The creator? Rocco Johnson of course! Puzzles, and more! OMG. Cave's dog is AWESOME!
Chamber Showcase
Collection by: ad_skip
A collection of my favorite maps.
Collection by: kitkat_skye
A progressively tougher set of levels intended to capture the eye first and redirect attention rather than tell you where exactly to go. Each stage explores the in-engine's use of lights and lit objects to cast glows and colors in differing environments, ...
Пройденные годные карты
Collection by: d@N0n
Все хорошие карты, которые я прошёл
Encore et toujours des tests
Collection by: Babiole
Amusez-vous bien ;) Ce pack contient 6 map pour l'instant je compte en faire une dizaine. Enjoy ;) This pack contains six now, I think in ten to.
hazrdous rooms 1-3
Collection by: winggar
play all three of my hazardous rooms. WARNING be ready to get irritated by my creations and remember do them in ORDER of 1,2,3 Have Fun!
school year bundle 2011-2012
Collection by: winggar
it is the end of the school year so i am collecting all of this years maps (made by me) and putting them in this bundle
Bp Test Laboratories
Collection by: BuIlDaLiBlE
Testing in Bp Laboratories is very cool, try now!
Catishcat Labs Tests
Collection by: _-_Catishcat_-_
// Here are two + one (I can not say this stupid number) tests. Tests: Test 1. Test 2. Test 3. //
Retro Monoliths
Collection by: temp_anon
Gigantic statues of 8-bit and up video game characters and items.
kolekcja tego co zrobiłem
Collection by: Trollable a.k.a. wojqq
Wszystko to co zrobiłem będę tu umieszczał
Pack 1
Collection by: Shiny Pikachu
Includes easy-medium diffuculty test chambers. The pack will be fully complete when there are five chambers uploaded.
Buffalo House
Collection by: Kemipo
Buffalo (buhf-uh-loh): verb. to puzzle or baffle; confuse; mystify. House (hous): noun. a building for any purpose. The Buffalo House has been established as a secure environment for society's logical outcasts to exercise their otherwise wasted minds...
The Testing Is Not Over...
Collection by: Snowy™ Skum
The first series I've started. These are medium difficulty puzzles. They don't require anything like bhop or airstrafing. Any people who have played a bit of portal could probably do most of these puzzles.
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