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Cube Conundrums
Collection by Pee_Gee
Cube Conundrums is a series that I am making celabrating cubes! As the series progresses I intend to slowly increase the difficulty of the puzzles. In all puzzles you will always need a cube to open the exit, so keep that in mind. So far there is one c...
Variety Testing Course
Collection by ХРИПИОН101
An ever increasing collection of maps that shall hopefully be updated regularly with new maps. The test chambers are a mix of all of the different testing elements, with different combinations in different chambers. Enjoy!
Collection by sora
It's very easy Test Chamber
Just Imagen
Collection by ProwessArts
My Collection
Collection by ThatActorDude
The Return of The Riddler
Collection by [C4K3] DarkkDuckk
The Riddler is back and this time, he's taking his hatred of Batman out on unsuspecting test subjects. Cave Johnson really did make a mistake hiring this lunaitc.
The LeveL Pack
Collection by d3feKt
Hello and welcome to the LeveL Pack! These test chambers do not have a story or something like that, these are just simple tests made with the P2MapCreator. This pack will have 10 Levels! [2]of the are already ready for testing! 1. LeveL "One" [Ready!]...
Mevious: Employee of the Moment (May 2012)
Collection by RaVeN
*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*:-.,_.-.,_,.-:*'``'*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*:-.,_ One of the Perpetual Testing Initiative (PeTI) beta testers, Mevious, made several great maps. Here are all 18 test chambers so far (June 5th 2012)...
Mevious maps for redditors
Collection by Jay
A collection of maps by Mevious that I think all map makers should play.
Portal 2
Collection by Sective
Thought Chambers
Collection by Denakee
The first four maps in this collection are very long and difficult puzzles. If you would like to be challenged and learn new tricks in the game then try these out! After the fourth chamber, the difficulty rises and the rooms get much smaller!
IvexHr collection
Collection by Macic385
Hello players of Portal 2! Her's my work, I'm only 7 years old!
Simple Test Collection
Collection by IronIngot
Simple test for beginners, but also for people who crave a small challenge. Each level uses simular, but different mechanics to challenge the player is various ways.
Portal 2 maps breh
Collection by Rockerman41
Portal 2 Maps
Collection by Rockerman41
Collection by Spanner Montana
A trilogy of three small Portal 2 maps
Portal 2 tests
Collection by Snowflake the Shiny Spyvee ♀
All my portal 2 tests.
test 100
Collection by sim-2-1997
salle de test creer pour aperture science
Test 1
Collection by Nakamo
My Intiative
Collection by GuiJrmo
Come and enter
1ter Versuch
Collection by [MEOW]^5E^0xMani^5aZ
ok erster versuch
Faze Map Series Thing
Collection by Viaphex
Collection by Vorpan
Just (a) beta(s) I made for fun, and I wanted to share it(them).
Collection by happyW12
Collection of my LOL chambers!!!!!!!!!!!! =)
Premiers tests
Collection by Sovereign
Ceci sont mes premiers tests. Bon jeu!
The Kuhr Foundation
Collection by yondaf23
The greatest collection of science under the internet.
Revolver Maps
Collection by Hugable
My maps, play em and rate up or down! :D
Think with Portals
Collection by Skullbonk
Un peu de philosophie...
Collection by Nano
tylers awesome rooms
Collection by Mr. T
Cool Stuff
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