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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Pinkie Pie's Opening Number
Collection by: starlynx4
First 4 of my maps, and Pinkie Pie's opening number. The mane 6 will each have their own collection, and Pinkie Pie is going to open up the series. Come Bronies, Come all. These chambers are relatively easy.
A Day Trip In The Lab
Collection by: Tetrahedral
Testing from 9:00 - 17:00 Dont be late!
Tests to test
Collection by: Chrix
Test Looking Good
Collection by: Jitza
These few tests are designed to see if every human really does have a brain. They may not sometimes be too difficult but they are there to get your brain warmed up for the more challenging tests you may encounter. They will be made every so often so we ma...
MOF Chambers
Collection by: Moerrrb
A Collection of my Chambers. work in progress. have fun testing!
M1L's Portal 2 Puzzle Pack
Collection by: M1L
An interesting collection of fun, challenging, and over the top indie levels for Portal 2.
My Work
Collection by: Hyperion: Titan of Light
Just the chambers I have created. Enjoy.
Collection by: Backgrounds'
30 Laser filled maps, some may require to leave the test chamber!!
Portal 2 Chambers
Collection by: ^Graff_rct3fan24
This is the collection where I show off my Portal 2 creations. Subscribe if you like! You may like my chambers.
The Easy and har collection
Collection by: [LODD]Hunter
Portal 2 Maps By Me All that will be here is extreamly epic maps so epic you will tell you mom about this
Terminal Tecnology- Advanced Termination
Collection by: Dr.Phil
Terminal Tecnology- Terminal Tecnology Starts and ends before Wheatly Saves chell and escapes from GLaDOS, although after Wheatly wakes up GLaDOS. Terminal Tecnology is Advanced Tecnology used by Aperture Science. It uses the Instruments inside the p...
Somewhere Underground Xtras
Collection by: Vikent8
This collections will include some extra SWUG maps. Enjoy!
Workshop Graduation
Collection by: Droxiav
"Welcome to the Workshop Graduation Program. You will be completing a series of test in order to work your way to the top!... and in the end you will graduate and..... lets see... recieve... one moment..... well we havent really figured that out yet but b...
The Chambers 1234
Collection by: ={VG}=/Poison\
The most SHORTEST Collection of tests YET... These are the Test Chambers Cave Johnson threw out as they were experimental. and Difficult,You manage to get stuck in this cycle of chambers as you plunge threw the Unused Half Of Aperture. :D
1396 Pt. III
Collection by: Jake_From_StateFarm
When we try to over complicate things in a puzzle, then that means it's time to go to bed.
Darkroom Chambers
Collection by: GhostLightning
These are my Darkroom Test Chambers. There will allways be at least 2 different versions, if you are confused. But be aware, i got many black spaces!
Science for Safety
Collection by: Kanses
Complete these test chambers and make the world a safer place... please.
portal 3 ( beta )
Collection by: Grumpyknicks
this is beta
K12T6's Gel Based Chambers
Collection by: K12T6
This collection contains all of my Portal 2 chambers that use the gels as a main puzzle element.
[SP] Laser Collection
Collection by: Happy Telly
Hi YES. It´s a collection about lasers. Enjoy. Laser Funnel Laser Bridge Laser Catapult Laser Fizzler Laser Conversion Gel Laser Bridge 2 ★Laser Turret Laser Intro
Sujet 112
Collection by: TempArea[FR]
Collection by: Maring Song
Test in the test! choice is test!
TcG's SP Maps
Collection by: Zed
These are my SP maps. I will add new maps regulary. Have fun! :)
Collection by: No.13 ShortStop
Testing Track 1
Collection by: timhayduk
This is the first testing track I have made.
The J Testchambers
Collection by: JohnyCy
A Series of Testchambers that I made for all of you.
Erste Testreihe
Collection by: brahma671
Von leicht bis schwehr...jedenfalls nach meiner Meinung...also für jeden was dabei, hoffe ich!
Collection by: deliriumdemens
TeKlaff's Test Chambers
Collection by: TeKlaff
TeKlaffs' TestChambers - containing three Maps: TeKlaff's TestChamber01 TeKlaff's TestChamber02 - The trench & the long way down TeKlaff's TestChamber03 - It's too easy, isn't it?
Collection by: Ƙαfei
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