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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Lucas Science: Test Chambers 1 - 7
Collection by LucasGodzilla
It's Maps 1 - 7. I try to make it fun, challenging, and very puzzlish. Please try out my collection.
Cerebral Training
Collection by Max La Menace
A short text will come soon.
Cube Puzzle Set 01
Collection by AlwaysToast
A collection of related puzzles. Starts simple gets more complicated.
My First Three Test Chambers
Collection by -/H•R\- Subject_Delta
Nothing special, just some of my first attempts at the portal chamber creator. If I recieve positive feedback, I may create more chambers later on. Have fun and don't forget to comment, since it's the only way i know what everyone thinks.
Maze Madness
Collection by Deli73
Test Phases
Collection by V47
Stay alive...
Collection by ✪MLGsus
Dried Monkey's Test Chambers
Collection by Dried Monkey
These are Dried Monkey's test chambers.
Cube and Button Testing
Collection by theStandard
These are basic cube and button style tests created by me.
the prisons + sabotage1,2
Collection by winggar
play all my prisons and sabotages
Collection by Liylac
Collection by Dextar@War
Just random Fun!
Моя коллекция
Collection by Slim
Collection by [A]лександр
Retraffic Chambers
Collection by retraffic
Medium/High Difficulty Chambers,
Mitch Logic
Collection by mitchthe12th
All the test chambers from the Mitch Logic series.
Turret Shock
Collection by |EP|
My Rollercoasters
Collection by Combustible Lemon
Just have fun in big and small Rollercoasters.
LVLs for YOU
Collection by [WF-H] Minna
Look at my other Workshops. I created some LVLs for you.
Kolekcja map by Jozko
Collection by jozko17
Tu są wszystkie moje mapy(komory testowe). Miłego grania!
Collection by Zachary
Im gonna keep adding maps!
Collection by Tohru Adachi
quicklegit's Coolection
Collection by quicklegit
A collection of all the maps I have made so far. Enjoy :)
Collection by cabey360
Well If You Havn't Guesed It All Ready This Collection Is About Cubes. Yes Cubes. Companion Cubes, Reflection Cubes, Wighted Cubes And Even The Odd Franken Cube
First Coop
Collection by stepstone86
My First Time to build a Coop-Map
Co-op maps
Collection by DaRacoon
Collection by [Ger] Vampirkevin
The Forgotten Chambers
Collection by An MLG Chica [Villian]
Vakoru FEG
Collection by Brosideon, Lord of the Brocean
Voids Chambers
Collection by chris (void)
A collection of maps I made. Will add new maps every now and then. Hope you enjoy playing.
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