Portal 2
Community maps. For science.
Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Ziabl's collection
Collection by: Ziabl ‹Зяба›
100 Testchambers
Collection by: Zulphyrr
It was inspired by the free app "100 Floors".
Super Vincent World
Collection by: VinceTheDon
This small collection contains all 2 (two!) of my map creations. Awesome, right? Yeahhhh!
Lazer Pack Beginner-Expert
Collection by: StrykeNexus
This Pack includes the complete basics of lazers: Beginner Lazerer, Advanced Lazerer, Expert Lazerer So to Speak.
Collection by: SuperBruce
Think about it
Epic Test Chambers
Collection by: runwithskizzorss
l642's collection
Collection by: maxalbali
-no description-
Pixle Puzzlez
Collection by: Backgrounds'
Eight Small 2x2x2 chambers that are harder than the average 2x2x2 map.
Random maps
Collection by: Vitullinen Tyä_Mies
This is collection of random!
Khrome Pack
Collection by: Chromium
Elements of Science
Collection by: Xindi
I used to wonder what science could be...
Collection by: colonel_bo
Frist test collection. We'll see how far it goes.
Collection by: ♥ Sasha ♥
Portal 2 tests
Collection by: Snowflake the Shiny Eevee ♀
All my portal 2 tests.
test 100
Collection by: sim-2-1997
salle de test creer pour aperture science
Lossless Tests Chamber
Collection by: Hannnw
This is my collection of the 'Lossless' tests. Not too hard, noot too easy I think, no, I hope...
Test 1
Collection by: Nakamo
Test Up
Collection by: Вилка
It's custum visual mappack for fun! I hope you like this.
The Wombat Test Collection
Collection by: SonicWombat
Hooray for testing! These are tests created for your puzzlement and satisfaction.
Co-op maps
Collection by: Drackvor
A collection of my co-op maps, although small at the moment I intend to add to this collection as time goes on!
Collection by: Drackvor
This is a group of maps i designed for myelf in some respects but decided to publish, they were made so I could see some reactions that occured when using a certain mechanism within the game, they have been published so you can have a look at them, but th...
Portal 2 Maps
Collection by: HIJINX208
The Trials of Ondona: the Complete Series
Collection by: Thux
Hi Ondo, look Thux made a collection for you - he also did several test runs :3 yay for Thux. needs more blue paint.
Portals Of Blue - Full Collection
Collection by: Spooky Bob
The entire Portals Of Blue series condensed into one big package! Portals of Blue is a series of test chambers designed so that the test subject can only shoot blue portals. Each of the maps were made with the help of the BEEMOD.
fireblades everything
Collection by: OBAMA MCLAMA
Everything in this collection is made by, or has been a part of the making of. By fireblade212.
Collection by: [Е]нот
My Intiative
Collection by: GuiJrmo
Come and enter
1ter Versuch
Collection by: [MEOW]^5E^0xMani^5aZ
ok erster versuch
Faze Map Series Thing
Collection by: Viaphex
Collection by: Vorpan
Just (a) beta(s) I made for fun, and I wanted to share it(them).
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