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Riddle Me This
Collection by SkateJerrySkate
A short collection of single player maps to keep your mind working.
GLaDOS's Lost Tests
Collection by The Unlocked
These are the lost test of GLaDOS. Before GLaDOS completely took over aperture science, the humans hid these tests because of reasons like "Too deadly" and "Not Possible" and other junk like that. Well GLaDOS ignored the humans and for 65 years has been s...
Portal Still Alive
Collection by SurelyExploding
A remake of the challenge chambers from Portal: Still Alive on the Xbox Live Arcade
The Mame Chambers
Collection by Kurumi
Galgamos Advanced Portal Testing Facility
Collection by -=CotS=- Galgamos
Greetings ladies and gentlemen. I am Galgamos and I'm the owner of this facility. It appears that there is a problem with our main AI. Would you mind to shut it down for us? We don't want to put any more workers into these chambers just to reach the...
That Itch
Collection by Iksman
That Darn Itch... My collection of self made, fun to play maps I will also make a collection of the maps I found funny and nice, called "Dat Itch" That Darn Itch... to play Portal 2... it's killing me. I NEED PORTAL 2 NOW!
The Sundance Levels
Collection by wildBcat
Some fun levels that begin really easy and move up in difficulty. Work still in progress
Coop Extension Boxes
Collection by Tobeh
Challenging coop puzzles, without too many elements!
The Humans are Dead
Collection by Eruiongyll
Fun COOP Maps
Collection by Parker
Onimia: CO-OP
Collection by Beepity-boop
New maps will be done soon
The Lambda Cooperative
Collection by Łαđұ Łαмвðαðєłтα
The Lambda Cooperative is a collection of testing chambers designed for two players by the Lady Lambdadelta herself, creator of such singleplayer chambers as "The Lambda Chambers", "Lambda v2.0" and "Squarefall".
Coop maps
Collection by FedoS
Collection by wnsgks8
junehan map
Co-Op Challenges (1-5)
Collection by Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum
It will take a long time. Have fun on these Co-Op Challenges that I worked very hard on.
Jack be Nimble Chambers
Collection by Kaede Ishimora
This is my Jack be Nimble chamber series enjoy!
31 октября
Collection by 31 октября
Карты для совместного прохождения.
Laser Logic
Collection by version2_1
Test your understanding of logic with lasers in Portal.
Portal 2 - Co-op collection
Collection by NADudgeon
It's just my collection for co-op chambers, I have yet to see if they are bad or not though.
creation #1
Collection by michaelbw99
some creations by me. dont judge them, i am just starting.
My Stuff
Collection by [ZURIS Development] 刃狼
Basically whatever I build and release for the Portal 2 mapmakers (Singleplayer AND Co-op maps)
Collection by pwdyson
first collection
Zero Cool
Collection by Департамент образования
A Story of the First 365 Tests
Collection by ThreeRoneC
From the creator of 999 Chambers, comes an all new story set years before you and your companion cube. You were not the first to try to complete all 999 test chambers. Unlike you, they did not have an awesome companion cube...they had eachother. See ho...
Test Dump
Collection by [gbx] mountainRyan
My collection of test maps! ... or a dump of them.
The Melted Collection
Collection by Melting Terminal
In The Melted Collection contains every chamber made my Melting Terminal, that ISN'T part of The Testing Pack.
The Testing Pack
Collection by Melting Terminal
The Testing Pack consists of chambers made by Melting Terminal - both Singleplayer and Co-Op. In it are chambers all in the same series, which doesn't really matter which order you play them in.
Collection by tuhvatullin92
bla bla bla
COOP Maps & Collections
Collection by p4ik
Portal 2 Co-op
Collection by Set0
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