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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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The Endless Puzzle
Collection by Hinsonator
Hello puzzlers and puzzlemakers. This is The Endless Puzzle my first series of puzzles. Enjoy!
Non-default maps
Collection by Delakrois
The Grey Box Collection
Collection by Lyn
When the division between white and black is frayed, it leaves behind only grey. The main challenge is perfecting speedrunning techniques and getting as much portalable area as possible.
Teststrecke 01
Collection by 570n3
Meine Test Kolektion 01 Wenn du die 7 Tests schafst bist du ein großer Gewinn für die Wissenschaft.
Collection by Adrian
the portal pack
Collection by sclicer86
this includes some rolarcoasters
You Find That It's Simple ?
Collection by Da Owl
Always, it's a door . Yeah, just a door, alone . You can see it ! But, sometimes, there is a button with the door . Or you're not able or have an access to it . And ... You must finish a big big big map a little hidden ... Just for open this little ...
Dolphin Testing Initiative
Collection by Mal-V0-Leo
Welcome to the DTI or Dolphin Testing Initiative. I am Mal-V0-Leo, your testing core for these next few chambers. The DTI was of course, originally created to test dolphins, it has however been modified for human use. I was originally head of the A...
First try
Collection by Buckage
2 test de l'editeur en rapide 0.0
Portal - Dark series
Collection by Kot XIII
You're the one of the humans who was released by robots.It's dark here... look's like GLADOS found a new way to play with humans: psyhological attack.Go trough dark and not so hard puzzles, search for light and in the end you will be free.
My favorite maps!
Collection by ApertureRiot
This is a collection of my favorite maps I've made so far. Some took days to make, others were happy accidents, and yet others were made exactly the way I intended them to be.
Ebbzylon - Kidz
Collection by Ebbzylon
Maps built around a theme targeted to please kids. Might have some kids-level humour-oriented mechanism, or description text for them. I do not like creating linear maps, but maps in this collection are an exception. The difficulty of those m...
Easy, Stupid, Pointless tests.
Collection by JFaF
Title says it all. No offense to penguins, but they are pretty dumb.
Trailofundead chambers 1 to 8
Collection by trailofundead
My early Portal 2 chambers, just trying out some ideas. Feedback welcome for any of these.
another collection
Collection by maxalbali
Balcony Boy's wonder lab
Collection by BEN_BRICKLEY
A collection of unusual puzzles
yet another collection
Collection by maxalbali
Binary Number Switches
Collection by shane716
Binary Numbers!
Collection by basher207
This collection is following the story of you against the turrets that now have enough funding to build massive facilities and fight you back! More content added all the time, the content progresses from easy to harder. Subscribe for more turrets, and f...
Simplicity Science
Collection by Lawliet
Can you solve these simple test chambers?
The Offices of Aperture
Collection by RexRevolver
Before the days of evil robot testing things were much more simplistic. Test were run and observed by human being's from across the globe. But have you ever wondered what goes on behind those little glass windows? Welcome to the offices of Aperture wh...
cameron laboratories
Collection by thesonicmew
hello, and welcome to cameron laboratories, these chambers were made to test your brain, have fun, but be warned, danger awaits you
building TEST
Collection by ^9|3lack ^1|3lood Ͼ_Ͽ
Cube sports
Collection by TalonOut
Welcome to the C.O.G.(Cube Olympic Game)...Faster, higher, cuber!
Shawnathan's Tests
Collection by Shawnathan55
These are chambers i have made myself, (with usage of ideas from cousins and others). They're probably not hard, but some have cool machines to use.
Collection by Critticalt
The Deathrun Chambers which isnt that challenging, but Deadly
The Mad Panda Test Chambers
Collection by RevDogma
A collection of custom test chambers that fit no particular catagory. NOTE: These were all crafted in the puzzle creater ALSO: There will be an unknown number of additions to this collection.
N1k145's Testkammern
Collection by N1k145
Eine Sammlung von Testkammern von N1k145
Collection by The Cake Nazi
Collect 4 pieces of CAKE in 4 different test chambers. Each chamber presents a different challange with different testing elements. Good luck, and remember, the CAKE wasn't a lie! :]
BoneZ's Levels
Collection by BoneZ
All of my levels.
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