Portal 2
Community maps. For science.
Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Collection by: (Z | F) lueki [GER]
AlinkaLife:) PORTAL 2 Maps
Collection by: tothemoonbro
Some of my PORTAL 2 maps)))
Collection by: bretts
This is a soon be collection of levels. The theme of these levels are escaping from prison......l.l
Crazy chamber collection
Collection by: (xbox team) aleksat
Lumina Rose Propulsion Gel Testing
Collection by: Prof.Zark
A series of 6 chambers based around Propulsion Gel. Easy to moderately easy chambers. There is a Companion Cube hidden in one of the chambers. Please note that by Easy, and Moderately Easy I mean that the solution doesn't require an unusual mechanic...
Collection by: [HZ]Pvt. Liam
the tests for the bosses........
Scarlet's Test Chamber
Collection by: Handsome Samuel
This Is a series of my Test Chamber,It call "Scarlet's Test Chamber". Any test have a Introduction about that Test what use and need to Carefully In That Test. In my Test,have Fun Mode Test,Serious Mode Test and so on... Any test have different Dif...
The Four
Collection by: {Lσ¢} ¢hiwawa ηaтιση
It is always revolved around four cubes
Think faster.
Collection by: 14KarraT
Collection by: Soundstorm
Komplizierte und einfache Test Kammern, so das man sich ausgewogen beschäftigt fühlt
CO-OP Laser Round Complete Collection
Collection by: FritzC95
This is the complete collection of the CO-OP Laser Round maps for Portal 2. Each map consists of several tests that all involve lasers. The tests do not require you to be a very skilled player at the game but are to challenge the mind like any normal Po...
Donut World - COOP
Collection by: Miphois
Test chambers made on Donut World - 19-part campaign. - Coop - Tricky maps and good ideas. - Absolutely not for beginners.
Dev's chambers
Collection by: Dév
Use the cubes!
Collection by: Solid Jim
Compact, brief and simple - but there may be more to these tests than meets the eye. Possibly.
Collection by: Solid Jim
These maps aren't particularly lengthy when you know what you're doing, but you may find yourself needing to re-examine the way some testing elements interact. It is effectively a "best-of" selection of my test chambers (in my opinion; yours may of cou...
Collection by: Solid Jim
Congratulations, test subject! You have been selected to participate in mandatory non-automated scheduled maintenance of this test chamber. Human-assisted monitoring is an important facet of the scheduled maintenance program: although each chamber has bui...
Co-op Portal2 #1
Collection by: (Sh)Mr. Business
Some of my first Portal 2 Co-op maps made in Portal 2
Collection by: Tŏχic
Collection by: Clericopter
A trio of test chambers focusing on the intricate mating rituals between gel and excursion funnels.
Portal Maps
Collection by: Apache1080
Custom test chambers. Crafted by me. For SCIENCE!
Think With Fewer Portals
Collection by: DeWayne Mann
All maps are designed to use a minimal amount of portals. Most of them can be done with no portals at all; a few don't even allow portals.
Test Chambers by Ric666
Collection by: Ric666
A collection of my test chambers. Some may be a bit long but hopefully fun. Hope you enjoy & please leave any comments below or at this topic: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2701865 Thx :)
Wheatley Laboratories
Collection by: VILKA_RUS
FesTech Collection
Collection by: Fesevoa
Test Chambers designed and built by the FesTech Corporation(c) 2077.
Stage 2
Collection by: Alioth
This collection contains more pretentious levels. The solution is hidden and you have to be tricky to find it. Enjoy. Diese Kollektion enthält schon anspruchsvollere Level. Die Lösung ist meist versteckt und du must trickreich sein, um sie zu ...
Aperture Science -The new Testing Core
Collection by: Soundstorm
Glados is in standby for a hardware service and the new alternativ KI Core is online. Continuing testing, science is important! SYSTEM CRASH: PLEASE READ THE HEX LOG FILE: 46 6f 75 6e 64 20 47 6c 61 64 6f 73 20 43 6f 72 65 20 44 41 54 41 42 41 53 4...
ExoLab - The dark side of Aperture Laboratories
Collection by: Fatalys93
Una raccolta di 9 test di facile-media-alta difficoltà! Sia single-player che co-op! Divertitevi!
Hidden exit!
Collection by: Fatalys93
Per ora sono 4 test di cui 3 difficili! :D
Os mapas mais impossiveis do mundo
Collection by: Evil_orenge
Eu vou estar dedicando esta coleçao aos mapas mais impossiveis do mundo.Para voces resolverem esses mapas vo precisar de: Agilidade,Pensmento rapido,Bastante conhecimento de portal,etc.
A Black Yoshi's Science Lab
Collection by: Yoshi Noir
Welcome to the Yoshis' Science Lab. Let's have fun by creating portals and not stomping on Goombas.
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