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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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The Lemon Files
Collection by: Acid Regulation
Join Cave Johnson in his search for new ways to make more money... (Besides the profits he makes with Aperture, which you are still testing for) ----------------------------------------- Made with BEEmod and Hammer.
2x2x2 Micro Chambers
Collection by: Blip
A series of simple tests, but with a twist: each test is confined to a single 2x2x2 room.
Portal: Reborn (Chapitre 1/Chapter 1) THE OLD APERTURE
Collection by: Vinyl Scratch
First Chapter of Portal: Reborn
Insanity Gels
Collection by: Hectorlph
Insanity Gels This is a series of 5 tests, each with a unique puzzle that must be solved with a specific type of gel. Sadly, I only had the time to make 5 room for now, but they did turn out well. I think everyone can atleast get through the first 4 if t...
The Clever-Chambers
Collection by: -CC- | DoomToy
This is a small collection of some default test chambers.... the Clever-Chambers ;-)
Robotic Confidence
Collection by: [FR] Mr. Necrophiliac
This is a map pack (Without real story, but some challenge) made for have fun with a friend ( I recommand to play this pack with a vocal Chat ) If you like it, please share ;) Good luck & have fun!
Old chambers
Collection by: BEN 77
The 1960s
Collection by: Zombehking
A series of 10 maps based upon the derelict testing chambers of the 1960s.
Portal Maps
Collection by: #swiggityswoogity
Portal Mods n Maps
Geneosis' Skill Chambers
Collection by: Geneosis
A quick way to find all my Skill chambers ^^ If you liked many maps in this collection, please rate it ^^
No time to explain
Collection by: Desmodus
Portal 2 rooms
Must Noclip
Collection by: WellowN
Solve puzzle to TEST your brain's(or hand's) limits. If you can't solve these tests, you never mastered Portal. Try puzzle. and I wish you Have FUN!
Perpetual Testing Initiative Deluxe Pack
Collection by: Razor
PERPETUAL TESTING INITIATIVE DELUXE PACK The best maps made by the Portal 2 community (Steam Workshop & Steam Store). IMPORTANT: Don't forget subscribe to all the parts and play them by order >>>> Steam Workshop - Map Packs - 12 Angry Tests (7 par...
S'Workshop soluces : Portal 2
Collection by: opino72
FRANÇAIS : S'Workshop soluces : Portal 2 est une de mes émissions sur YouTube. Dans cette émission, comme son nom l'indique je fais des soluces vidéo pour des salles du Steam Workshop. Je fais des soluces vidéo pour mes salles du Steam Worksh...
Geneosis' Misc. Chambers
Collection by: Geneosis
A quick way to find all my Miscellanous chambers ^^ This collection will include all maps with strange types like : - Automatic - Weird - Demo - ??? - Vengeance - Void If you liked many maps in this collection, please rate it ^^
Geneosis' Logic Chambers
Collection by: Geneosis
A quick way to find all my Logical chambers ^^ If you liked many maps in this collection, please rate it ^^
Portals Through Time
Collection by: Setin
================== Portals Through Time ================== Game: Portal 2 Created by: Austin 'Setin' House Made in the Hammer Editor Face new challenges and solve interesting puzzles with the addition of Time Travel! Go back and forth between th...
Gelocity Maps
Collection by: Stranger
The Employee: Official Collection
Collection by: Dr. Orange
The Employee: Official Collections is exactly what it sounds like. The official collection pack for the Employee series. More maps will be added when they are released. Complete storyline (hover mouse over spoilertext to read) spoilers...
Sunbury Chambers
Collection by: BierPizzaChips
This Collection includes all maps of the Sunbury Chambers series. The name of these chambers is originating from the Mapper's home town in Australia. The Series includes COOP and Single-Player maps. All maps having PeTI in the brackets had been created...
RectorRocks' PTI Maps
Collection by: RectorRocks
PTI maps made by RectorRocks. Branding image : PTI banner image. Background image : Portal 2 waterfall wallpaper. Difficulties: 1/10: Very Easy 2/10: Very Easy-Easy 3/10: Easy 4/10: Easy-Medium 5/10: Medium 6/10: Medium-Intermediate 7/10: ...
Collection by: LoneWolf2056
An in progress series of maps in the destroyed/ reconstructing theme, continuing from the Dilapidation series you must try to find a way to escape Aperture laboratories, but with GLaDOS awake and rebuilding the facility, that might not be so easy. Puzz...
Subject Z
Collection by: doctorhitts
Here's a collection of all the Subject Z maps I have created. There really is no story, or order they should be played in, they're just listed chronologically from when I created them. Some were experimental and I named them as such. I hope you enjo...
Fear the Reaper - The complete collection
Collection by: Fourth Reaper
This collection contains all Portal 2 maps I have and uploaded to the workshop to make them easier to find and subscribe to. I hope you will enjoy these maps as much as I did making them. I love mapping, and have done so for quite a few years now. Be s...
Discovery (Map pack)
Collection by: LateLJ
My first coop maps I made back when Portal 2 was released Thread: http://forums.thinkingwithportals.com/topic3821.html This map pack has three maps that get progressively harder. Every map have 2 chambers so there are total 6 chambers! I used basic...
Aperture's TAG: The Paint Gun Testing Innitiative
Collection by: Motanum
Expirience a re-imagination of Tag: The Power of Paint in the world of Aperture Science! This Map-Pack is NOT part of the DLC storyline and does NOT include Cave's lines. NEWS! Please vote for this in greenlight! We have come a long way since this w...
10 Reasons for Reassembly
Collection by: Jepp
Difficulty: Medium/Hard Theme: Destruction Estimated Playtime: ~3 hours Hello dear testsubjects! 10 cooperative testchambers signing in, I hope you you'll enjoy and as always try to give me any thought about the maps in return, it makes difference...
Shift: Trichotomy
Collection by: Aicxe
Somewhere in the multiverse, two intertwined Aperture Science labs have invented a way to link universes together. With the 1.21-Gigawatt Aperture Science Multi-Dimensional Multi-Generator, the test subject now has the ability to solve tests that span acr...
The Cake Chronicles
Collection by: Acid Regulation
9 Chapters, where each chapter has a different method of solution. I tried to keep the puzzle style of the singleplayer. Difficulty: easy/medium.
Collection by: Mevious
Three medium to very difficult co-op testing spheres focusing on fizzlers and how they are the bane of your robot existence. No strict timing or advanced/ninja techniques are required. This was made for the 2011 Thinking With Portals Summer Mapping Compe...
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