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Collection by: TheUniversalGamer
Here We do Random Things Random levels anything Random!
ACRAZYbox's Test Chambers
Collection by: ACRAZYbox
A collection of all of my test chambers created using the in-game test chamber creator.
NoahObscure Map Pack
Collection by: Noah
All the NoahObscure Maps in one collection
House of Lyth
Collection by: Gadget
Starting off relatively simple tests. Re-introducing test subjects to the elements. And as time goes by (or when I make and add them), tests will slowly become increasinly challenging. Also, Try finding all the compantion cubes hidden in each map.
biscuit levels
Collection by: Salty D. Waffuls
play levels and have lots of fun with all the cool biscuit levels www.youtube.com/user/tabanpl
OMG! Where's the Cake?!
Collection by: TREES
A collection of Portal 2 Maps created with the new Level Editor part of the Perpetual Testing Initiative
The Lucky 7
Collection by: Xephyrian
Seven immensely difficult test chambers. Don't get discouraged as they are all possible. There may be something else for you to find in each chamber ;)
Almost imposable
Collection by: Katy Perry
the name
my first map pack
Collection by: DJ Hellray
a simple map pack of my maps
H3ph's Ode to the Game
Collection by: H3pha3stus
This is a collection of maps I have created with the real in-game feeling to them. I have tried to stick to the principals of Valve game maps and make them challenging yet interesting to complete, I will add to this as I create
Test facili
Collection by: [D.Team]Risolutore
"Chi va piano, va sano e va lontano" ma no con i portali!!! La VALVe è stata molto brava a creare Portal 2, e io sarò molto bravo (forse) a creare camere test
Time Attack
Collection by: Lord Yu
RUSSIAN TESTS ( Russian United Society of Scientific Innovators And Notables )
Collection by: [GSX''R]Lynx
This collection is made of 5 tests which are ranged from the easiest to the most hardest. Good luck! Test 1: " That Was Cube Trick! Or Turret Also Can Jump" Test 2: "Deadly Lasers" Test 3:"Pyramid of The Cubes" Test 4:"Turrets are ON FIRE" Test 5:"...
Collection by: TommyGun
Here I will put all of the "Gameception" levels of Portal 2. Gameceptions are supposed to be mini-games or a sport that would be possible to do in Portal 2. There can be made up mini-games but it has to be fun.
Scott's Collection
Collection by: scoota
Just some test maps, should be remotely challanging puzzles.
Zoom's test cambers
Collection by: GlazeNine
I thik my test cambers are OK.
The Black Out Team Aperture Science Test levels
Collection by: Tizzu
A little collection of my levels. I will add amore levels when they are ready to be played
mupheminsani's blueprints
Collection by: mupheminsani
I hope you guys enjoy these chambers. 8 done. Only 11 chambers left. IMPORTANT: Your feedbacks will be appreciated. So, enjoy the maps, make sure to leave a comment, vote and contribute to science of course!
Insert Collection Title Here
Collection by: [RAVE]notgoodwithusernames
Some test chambers that I made during my freetime. Please note that this is a work on progress and that I will update it overtime.
My first TESTchambers
Collection by: D34D_H0R5E
some stuff of my first minutes with the editor
No Stress
Collection by: Gimatria
A series of chambers in which there are always ways to easily get back when you made a mistake, and where you can always retrieve a lost companion cube. There are auto-save points at hazardous points, so don't worry and just give it a try. New chambers ...
Random maps
Collection by: irule81
i just made random levels
Der Große Test
Collection by: ☣Shadowhidan☣
A Collection of Fun
Collection by: Sweg
A fun collection of chambers I have created.
My Test Chambers
Collection by: Nostromos?
This is a collection of all the test chambers I have created.
Collection by: PlayerZERO
My brother's collection of Portal 2 maps, focusing on no particular subject whatsoever.
Portal 2: Deaxter's Testchamber's
Collection by: [GER] DeaxterHawk
Here are all my Testchamber's^^
Saturday Seven #3: Cubes and Stuff
Collection by: nhenrica
Welcome to Part 3 of the Saturday Seven! In this installment, we feature levels involving mainly cubes. You must catch, stack, slide, and bounce cubes in order to achieve victory. This installment includes the following levels: 1. Timed Catching:...
Saturday 7 Part 7: Lucky Seven
Collection by: nhenrica
Welcome once again to the Saturday Seven! In this special 7th installment, you will encounter hidden tunnels, rapidly dropping bridges, nearly symetrical chambers, and cubes in tubes. This installment of the Saturday 7 includes these levels: 1. Seri...
The Odd Little Puzzels!
Collection by: Cogajon
They're odd. They're little. They're puzzles. Pretty ****ing simple if you ask me.
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