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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Advanced Companion Retrieval
Collection by: simoncrown
A set of advanced chambers to put together some of the neat things I've learned through the Portal community.
Test Chambers
Collection by: Syjhyl [Murtle]
Test chambers 001 onwards. It starts out fairly complex, so be careful!
Meine Maps
Collection by: Freakbobby
Funnel Cake
Collection by: Basking_Boomer.LS
A short sequence of tractor beam puzzles by Basking Boomer.
Portal 2 workshop
Collection by: Pootis Spencer
These are all the test chambers I have Built in Portal 2.
Easy test chamber.
Collection by: artyomovg
Very easy/
Collection by: [G-Pro] Retalyx
Toues les cartes RetaRoom
For Lack of A Better Name: The Negative Chambers
Collection by: ҐⱪɑƦσS
The For Lack of A Better Name Negative Collective which Holds the Pre-Hammer playable maps
RayPals | Chaos Series
Collection by: RayPals
This Series is a co-op based Collection. is you want a challange we'll you got one, so play some of the first stuff i made!
The Aperture Science Probation Assignment
Collection by: Mr. Nice Guy
TO: employee69000@aperturescience.com RE: INDEFINITE IMPRISONMENT Due to your escape of the Aperture Science Laser Imprisonment & Contemplation Chamber, the Aperture Science Laser Imprisonment & Contemplation Chamber has been deemed to be a test chamb...
Spaß mit Türmen
Collection by: craniel
Immer die Geschütztürme.
proxy's chambers 8-11 not what it seems
Collection by: vSkry
the 3rd collection of coper laboratories
Trouver le Cube
Collection by: Dracks977
Suite de maps Trouver le Cube, qui a pour bute de trouver dans chaque maps le cube voyage
Turret Trials
Collection by: Coded_In_Assembly
JUST TRY AND TOUCH THAT BABY. This will pit your wits against the turret. It starts out easy but will get harder and harder as the levels go on.
Collection by: Pitk@Guru
The White Hole
Collection by: Startrekkr
vbear2000's Collection of Testing Chambers
Collection by: Nihctook
Grim Chamber Collection
Collection by: Grim
My first collection, with my first maps I made in the Portal 2 map editor.
Jogga Chamber
Collection by: j0gga
Chambers which will give your brain and gaming skills on a test. Some Chambers are just bad... I can't put a smile on everyone.
It Will Never Threaten to Stab You
Collection by: Zooxheth
In this series, the companion cube will accompany you through the testing. This series is split into six parts. Overall, the intention is for each part to be more difficult than the previous one.
Turtle's Trials
Collection by: Jonny | Heroic Turtle™
Random branding image disregard at your peri- er safety. You should totally try these out, I heard they're the best ever.
Collection by: Battle Egg
Test test and test... ps. test som tests!
Bouche Dag's Chambers
Collection by: Bouche Dag.
Basically the chambers I've made, all into one easy to use collection. Thanks to ByB just because. Some maps are inspired by others (like Mevious' great maps). All maps created by me.
Collection by: JP
These puzzles went above and beyond the usual fare, and earned their distinct place in this collection.
Collection by: Frosty Meme Wizard
Top sets
Kolekce Foxtrot 1
Collection by: Foxtrot_CZ
Kolekce Foxtrot 1
Journey with the Companion Cube
Collection by: John Arable
A journey with the Companion Cube.
Collection by: *TsG*Bencods
A colection of the best coustome CO-OP levels.
Steven's Custom Chambers
Collection by: Steven
Portal 2 - Steven's Custom Chambers
Collection by: Zombak45rus™
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