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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Collection by VisionCloud
My stuff
Portal 2 Maps
Collection by CensoredFace
The Portal 2 Maps that I want to play or have been played by me!!
Collection by Rctl_Pontificator
Trick or Escape (Complete Collection)
Collection by [CG] SpeedDemon1813
The Ultimate Collection of Chambers That Will Keep You Guessing and Guessing, Want a Challenge that is both FUN and TRICKY, well this Collection is For You, Have Fun and Remember, Play The Game, Don't Let It Play You More Chambers To Come: Part 3 / Pa...
Amazing test
Collection by extrem
RincrizZ Laboratories - Collection
Collection by RincrizZ
The collection of the RincrizZ Laboratories maps, more will be added...eventually. There is no real story or order these maps go in but they are just for fun...and for science, you monsters.
Карты для коопа.
Collection by 5PRK
Jammy's Map Collection
Collection by ©GoG©|Jammy
Collection by BennyBenz
A collection of chambers
Simple Test Chambers
Collection by The Gaming Turtle
Just two pretty easy maps. This is my first upload and maps made. Hope you enjoy!
P2 coop
Collection by my negev
Portal 2
Collection by Totally not Chad
JimBaub's Multiple-Choice Collection
Collection by JimBaub98
This is a collection that will include all of my multiple choice chambers aswell as some others from good creators. NOTE: YOU WILL NEED BEEMOD TO PLAY MANY OF THESE CHAMBERS; IT CAN BE DOWNLOADED AT http://portal2backstock.com/bee/ ------...
Collection by RaptoR-X----NL
My maps (the good ones that is)
Collection by Nobody No-One
This is a collection showing my maps. My first test-making experience was Aperture Complex Testing Section, a mappack with vast and deadly spaces, ruled by the Sentient Cloud, which would have 10 maps, the last 3 made in hammer. However, the maps had so m...
Epic Stuff
Collection by Laike Sadler
Get at me: Yolo Swag 2013
Collection by zzirHiggzz
PeTeR's test chambers
Collection by PeTeR
this is a collection of my test chambers
Portal 2 Start
Collection by Henri
Aperture Science's Downfall:Test Chamber Story Collection
Collection by GINGANINJA323
A Collection of all the current 'Aperture Science's Downfall' Chambers.
Collection by johnhoganuke
Just my first batch of test chambers
Eclipse Laboratories
Collection by Zeekerss
Heres my very first collection of Eclipse Laboratories. I don't even know when im gonna stop making Test Chambers for Eclipse Laboratories. Anyways, you all know the test chambers will be more hard, and more hard to make for me too. Lol.
My test chambers
Collection by brettd3000
Test chambers created by me
collectable collection
Collection by lumpman23
kool! kool is really spelled with a c! cool!
Collection by TheAireaidLord
pdaaaawg makes me stuff
Awesome maps
Collection by ~Apples
Pixel's Gauntlet
Collection by Arxaion
This collection of chambers is my special Gauntlet of single player rooms designed to test your patience while not being near impossible. All I can tell you is that you should take your time in between most decisions. Of course, you don't always have the ...
Small easy rooms
Collection by Mario Man
These tests are for n00bs or ppl wwho haven't play it in a while or wanna play it.
portal 2 coop maps
Collection by St. Boneificent
Just trying to find some coop maps to try with friends. Also: Feces.
My stuff
Collection by Reiyd
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