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Portal 2
Collection by deniva
Vilify (unfinished)
Collection by Vesper
This is an unfinished map series. I may come back to it some day. You wake up one day with no memory. This is the story of you.
Collection by Boo1337
Keep Calm And Enjoy Your Testing!
Portal 2: Broken Collection
Collection by ♚ OhixS ♚
This is where all my Portal 2: Broken maps go to this collection Maps that are out: Portal 2: Broken Demo
Maps to test by
Collection by ORANGE_
For nero dont download
Maps to test by
Collection by ORANGE_
For nero dont download
Portal 2 sumbmissions
Collection by Hermite2010
These are my creations of different chambers for the Portal 2 workshop.
Portal 2 Tag Files
Collection by ridered777
Ian's Portal 2 Test Chambers
Collection by Paul B. Hartzog
This collection is for Portal 2 Test Chambers made by Ian Hartzog.
Portal 2
Collection by rqstadman
i don't care about the description
Collection by albert6018
This is a progression of maps. Each level gets increasingly difficult as the levels increase. Level 1 is consdiered an "Easy" level.
Abstergo Course 1
Collection by Alwinn
Nine chambers to solve. Let me know what you think. These are my first chambers
Portal: Genesis (A PTI Custom Story)
Collection by スターブレード (ERich935)
From the Portal E3 Trailer, to the FInal Hours of Portal 2, many test chambers and elements were removed from the two titles we know and love, now let there be light as this custom story brings back some of those chambers and elements, remade with the in-...
Under The Influence
Collection by GraemeGunn
What makes these interesting? I made them while drunk. Is that interesting? It was, to me, when I was making the chambers...
Portal 2
Collection by MeXXla HD
Portal 2
Zach's Collection
Collection by zachdecou
Cubes Mashup Collection
Collection by hussarB
Collection of several Portal 2 puzzles. Pick one from several puzzles and have fun! Levels are medium-hard to solve
Collection by tim
portal :)
Collection by kirill.poddelskij
To My Challange
Collection by TheGianpiero106
This have 3 Maps. -To Easy Challange -To Normal Challange -To Hard Challande Have Fun.
Collection by talkeeper
The Bear Cave
Collection by Grunndle
Chambers for special friends.
Portal 2 maps
Collection by petrozorkneo
mapsek lesznek, ahogy az időm engedi :D
The Omnitests
Collection by Ungentlemanly Conduct
A series of maps that contain a number of smaller tests for you to solve
Kepler Maps
Collection by Kepler
Maps should be • Challenging, but not frustrating. • Interesting. • Unique. • Beautiful. I do my best towards these goals.
Terrible Headache
Collection by Thwinkler
This Chambers Could Be Hard :)
Madriota's old collection of puzzles (PTI)
Collection by Squidgy
This is my old collection, nothing special, it was section one of Testing Forever but as it had no story elements it is no longer a part of the Testing Forever series, in addition there is only one section now and the collection is just called “Testing ...
Orange series (series 2)
Collection by flyingwaffle237
My second edition to the blue and orange collections
Blue series. (Series 1)
Collection by flyingwaffle237
This was my first series of test chambers if you really want to call it that seeming as I worked on series one and two at the same time.
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