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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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HighDarkTemplar's Maps
Collection by: HighDarkTemplar
My own maps, for easy reference
Portal 2: Shifting Times
Collection by: UbuntuRox104
The year is 2077. You are very important to the safety of others, and a decision that will change the future of America. Just who are you? And then there's just you. Now, shift through time to unravel the mystery of Aperture. Can you truly know w...
the Escalator of Difficulty
Collection by: Casey
A series of tests from simple to the most difficult. Can you reach the top?
Alex & Sam's Test's
Collection by: samuellott
Tests that me & Alex made.
Portal 2 Maps: Singleplayer
Collection by: EnjoyablePerson
These are downloaded Portal 2 maps.
Easy maps
Collection by: TheModler
two easy maps
Collection by: s0da
A test
Black Laboratories
Collection by: Jx.Horr_Xuhuztoiq
Наша Чёрная Лаборатория Будет Лучше Всех! Подпишись На Все наши Тесты Пройди Их и ты МОЖЕШЬ СТАТЬ НАШЕМ ПОМОЩНИКОМ! Подпишись Сейчас!
King Cubey Maps
Collection by: - iAmAhri -
Tishun - Test X
Collection by: .Tishun.
Collection de la salle de Test de Tishun
First Trial
Collection by: Matthew
Not much to describe.
Collection by: foofie99
bit of everything, by GLaDOS
Collection by: Sagonir
Hallo Testsubjekt, Ich habe ein paar Testkammern für dich erstellt wo Du Deine Probleme hattest. Ich freue mich schon! GLaDOS
Collection by: Doctor Levos
These are my Turrest maps :3
Collection by: mrbojie
Portal 2
mi coleccion
Collection by: Bigcuyote2 G.
totoko's World
Collection by: runanonamida
portal maps
Collection by: RickyDanni
co-op test
Collection by: ☆Pacifist☭☮
только начал заниматься.....
Portal 2
Collection by: Apple
portal 2
Markia Cooperative Section 121
Collection by: Test Subject #2833
You are both A-BOT and B-BOT of Markia Testing Initiative. You were sopposed to be free until a crazy mad scientist [{ Human Name here }] pressed a button that put you both into Markia Cooperative Section 121 You were originally on Markia Cooperat...
Malfunctioning Chambers
Collection by: timmc94
Sometimes, test chambers are built at Aperture that don't function properly. In those cases, sometimes a person needs to go to the chamber and solve a problem or find an alternate exit strategy.
Fuer Einsteiger
Collection by: automoeller
Dies ist kein "Intelligenztest" sondern zu therapeutischen Zwecken. Oder als Einstieg ohne Ballast.
Test Chambers (Temp)
Collection by: blueyosh64
Collection by: BloatedMonkey
A series of tests, starting easy and becoming progressively harder.
Collection by: AysuDrakon
What I want to play.
a changed view with portals
Collection by: matthew
in this collection i am trying to do things slightly different and sometimes faster paced playing.
My Subscribed Levels
Collection by: Ütsi
These are all the Co-Op maps I have subscribed to so far.
Room Series
Collection by: Blender the Turret
A collection containing all of the 'Room' series chambers. so far it has: 1.0.0 1.3.0
[I see you!] in my little trap series
Collection by: Arcanist of Dalesdale
I, The Friendly Turret, has captured you. You must escape... but how? The Friendly Turret knows less about the room than you...
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