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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Collection by: guythundar
A small, but growing set of Test Chambers.
Test Chambers
Collection by: IM ON CHAIR
All of my test chambers in one collection! Enjoy :D!
Cheaty Cube
Collection by: GoombaGeek
In Cheaty Cube, solutions are ambiguous. Things may appear broken, but are not. Things may appear working, but are broken. Levels may be broken. You may be launched where you aren't expecting. The unanticipated may happen frequently. You may have to resor...
Feyrin's Collected Testing
Collection by: Feyrin
This will be the collection of all my test chambers. I can't promise you'll have a good time trying them out, as I'm testing a lot of different mechanics with the editor still. Please let me know if the testing chambers are any good or not!
The Collection of HELLO
Collection by: HELLO23
This is a collection of all the chambers I created. Enjoy playing !
Escape aperture
Collection by: Telespentry
a simple collection i have made that will keep expanding how to beat coming soon
TcG's SP Maps
Collection by: trizzl bonobo
These are my SP maps. I will add new maps regulary. Have fun! :)
Collection by: No.13 ShortStop
Testing Track 1
Collection by: timhayduk
This is the first testing track I have made.
The J Testchambers
Collection by: JohnyCy
A Series of Testchambers that I made for all of you.
Erste Testreihe
Collection by: brahma671
Von leicht bis schwehr...jedenfalls nach meiner Meinung...also für jeden was dabei, hoffe ich!
Collection by: deliriumdemens
TeKlaff's Test Chambers
Collection by: TeKlaff
TeKlaffs' TestChambers - containing three Maps: TeKlaff's TestChamber01 TeKlaff's TestChamber02 - The trench & the long way down TeKlaff's TestChamber03 - It's too easy, isn't it?
Collection by: Kαfei
камеры мафак
Collection by: Mr. Carrot
наверно интересно
Collection by: Abteilungsleiter
> Science isn't about why, it's about why not. <
Collection by: [OW] Krampus #Smissmass
Collection of my created Portal maps of varying difficulty
Collection by: ivandrey
Collection by: bigbanannabro
it is there
Portal 2
Collection by: blyzr ツ
Portal 2
Collection by: Alemetalsio
Vakoru FEG
Collection by: Sir Apple Martini
Voids Chambers
Collection by: chris (void)
A collection of maps I made. Will add new maps every now and then. Hope you enjoy playing.
my chambers
Collection by: mikesandison
Cooperation is sacrifice
Collection by: XDinky
My co-op tests Full Pack
Collection by: Atlas
All of the co-op tests are here.
Collection by: Merry Christmas NR
One of the biggest collections ever made.. HEYEAH
P2 Race Maps
Collection by: Diewer
Portal 2 race maps
Pools & Lasers
Collection by: Rockstar Anika
Test Chambers from me
Collection by: nFuckick
This is about my Test Chambers :) i'm creating new test chambers at least every day! enjoy my maps!!!! and don't comment agressive
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