Portal 2
Community maps. For science.
Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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sargantana (1)
Collection by: sargantana
Collection by: gone in one second
mad space
Collection by: RedX
Use this space to describe your collection and what makes it interesting... ,. ,·´'; ' , ·. ,.-·~·., ‘ ;'´*´ ,'\ ,' ';'\° / ·'´,.-·-., `,'‚ ; ';::\ ; ;::'\ ...
Wheatleybot's tests
Collection by: Mailboss [PAX PRIME]
My test chambers that start out pretty simple but they'll soon be real complex! Hope you enjoy them! Check back for more coming soon!
Under cover of GLaDOS
Collection by: Morda
Collection by: Sheppard
Easy Test Room
Collection by: даже твой дед
my first test chambers
Collection by: Monimon
My own story
Collection by: max
Oh, I don't know. I just want to make my own Portal 2 levels.
Dead Man's Chambers
Collection by: TheWhoDoctor
Explore closed off chambers where many have died trying to solve One man's head exploded when he thought too hard on one of these tests
SP Challenges
Collection by: FlaSh3ch
Mała kolekcja moich mapek, ogólnie dość łatwych. A small collection of my maps, generally quite easy.
Collection by: alex.sweitzer
its awsome
Lab Rats
Collection by: Bi0Haz4rd
Lab Rats Series Stage 1 : The Escape (More to come)
Collection by: MEDIC
What Is This I Don't Even...
easy or not
Collection by: sclicer86
you deacde if it is easy or not.
TEST ???
Collection by: Ezip
4 TESTS for players
The Levels
Collection by: Duck Invaders
I'm planning to release a set of maps every week or so until I feel like stopping. I'll probably end up forgetting but oh well.. Eventually I also plan to create a storyline that's completely unrelated to these maps.
portal 2
Collection by: whiterun guard
Collection by: PH42Ee
Hoffe es macht euch Spaß ^^
Aperture testing
Collection by: progamer
testing is important play single player then ecape then play with our 2 favorite bots and save testing in co-op
Portal Test Chamber Recreations
Collection by: Kauko (AndrewNeo)
Recreations of Portal test chambers using only the map editor.
The Gauntlet Collection
Collection by: Dreamer
A series of test chambers designed not to test the puzzle-solving abilities of players, but instead designed to test their survival. Timing is crucial to completing these chambers, you can't be a fraction of a second out. (Currently working on revampin...
AST Extended Tests
Collection by: Jelsief
Collection of easy and medium difficulty chambers.
Am I Lost?
Collection by: Eye Code
This Collection is of my own mind blow 3D puzzles...
Collection by: MasaKre
The ore mine Jesenik
Collection by: bbrt
Stoles ore mines Jeseníky mountains.
Think. For Science.
Collection by: Danny
This collection will get updated and will have some random levels in it, but sometimes also a custom story. Stay tuned.
Collection by: mitae
WotchChat Portals
Collection by: bluedarkyugi
A collection of the Portal 2 puzzles made by the WotchChat Group
Search For Atlas
Collection by: pipes
You are searching for Atlas
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