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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Aperture Journey Part 1 [Also a Tutorial Collection] (Latest Release: Level 4)
Collection by Daigo Tantibus
You're known as the best test subject in the entire multiverse. A cut above the rest. Master of testing. But what happens when a deranged Aperture CEO brings you to his universe? A lot of things. Meet John Tantibus, a man whose quest for science has no li...
Jumping Puzzle Tests galore
Collection by Technoprism-01
Has all the tests of simple parkor, and may become harder along the way and also with a little story to it! Tests are uploaded every Saterday
Jumping Test's
Collection by HeyImAddy (RUS)
Просто тесты...
DDDAAAZZZ's Collections
Collection by dddaaazzz
Thinking With Brains Complete Collection
Collection by DoMessWithProfile
This Collection Holds all Thinking With Brains Test Chambers/Parts. These Test Chambers Use: BEEMOD, Normal Portal2Editor. Will be adding: Hammer, BEEMOD 2, and more. Enjoy these Test Chambers. Mostly: - Easy - Big - Advertureous - Updated. ect...
Collection by heinzvladimir
AAA Battery tests
Collection by Spaceman_05
This collection is my AAA Battery tests. It wolud be much appreciated if you colud play and comment on these maps. Thanks!
[SZW Team]
Collection by ♎|§Ҝ1₣|♎
Коллекция работ команды SZW Team (в частности, _$K1F_).
Water Temple
Collection by {---[]٠} Malik
Water Temple maps
Top Rated Co-Op Maps
Collection by Colt
Top rated Portal 2 Co-Op maps
my collection
Collection by lepestok1987
tacos stuff
Collection by thetacotaster
super cool stuff inside
Perpexual Testing Initiative
Collection by That's Frosty
I would like to introduce the Perpexual Testing Initiative, not to be confused with Perpetual Testing Initiative, will slowly get harded and harder through out your travels, good luck.
The Unconventional Series
Collection by SODaLG
A collection of 20 unconventional tests for solving made by me. Some are easy, some are hard, some are just plain wierd and down right pointless. One thing is clear: They will test your metal... and your ability to sexually reproduce. Wait... thats not ri...
Best of the Unconventional Series
Collection by SODaLG
We want the best of the best of the best, and these chambers are it! These testing chambers have been certified as being more tasty that frosted mini wheatlys! They are the best the unconventional series has to offer. Difficulty ranging from insane to sup...
The Parking Building
Collection by portal2kid
A Portal 2 Collection For Co-op
Test Chambers 4 Newbies
Collection by {(Wal)--Ƨheperd--(Mart)}
This is a collection of simple timple test chambers for people who are new to Portal 2, or Portal. This idea was inspired by nobody, I made it up myself. So anyways, have fun you new guys/girls!
The mini adventure X CO-OP
Collection by skuciuscz
Second season of The mini Adventure but Co-Op and Glados Or Wheatley tell you something in parts this season have 10 parts this season is named X this is some remake of Chambers what was is and be so this is remake of this all to the 10 parts so this X ve...
Applications Of Lasers
Collection by KawgDoge
This is a tutorial showing what the various properties of lasers are. You will be tested on this infomation
Too Hard?
Collection by Caustic_Apathy
The general difficulty of most puzzles available in the workshop is too easy. Typically, you enter a test chamber and immediately know what you need to do. The puzzle elements all serve only one purpose, and that purpose is usually immediately obvious. We...
fagmaps voor nubs
Collection by Crapsie
Cake for Mickey Sky
Collection by Twlyth
There will be cake.
Collection by Department of Redundancy Dept.
All 20 levels
Kilroy Test Sequence
Collection by Kilroy055
Series of diffucult tests with multiple steps. Some solutions may be counter-intuitive.
Iron balls
Collection by Tost
An arcade saga about balls. They don't like the puzzles of cubes.
Turret army
Collection by Tost
A story about you and a forgotten turret army just woken up.
Test Chambers from me
Collection by u wot m8
This is about my Test Chambers :) i'm creating new test chambers at least every day! enjoy my maps!!!! and don't comment agressive
portal 2
Collection by hoifisch
Phoinx's Basic Advanced Initiation Tests (BAITs)
Collection by Phoinx
Phoinx's Basic Advanced Initiation Tests (BAITs) are designed for introducing test subjects into the marvelous world of tests. They are very basic, but not that much - that's why they are called "advanced". For its redundancy and absurd puzzles, all B...
Forgotten Test Chambers
Collection by WolftheKeybearer
These are tests that I made in the BEE2 and TSPENS ADDONS MOD. Each of them with the overgrown textures. Theres 7 tests in all progessivly getting harder as it goes. The tests 1 and 2 are both blue portals. Tests 3 and 7 are blue and orange portals. ...
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