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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Portal 2 col
Collection by: oscarbayo
Colecion para portal 2
Puzzles I forgot to backup and now cannot edit!!
Collection by: Jethro Q.Walrustitty
Because I am an idiot, when I needed to reinstall steam and portal 2, I didn't back up any of these puzzles and so now can'#t edit them in the PTI editor. I have saved them on the workshop and in this collection simply so I don't lose them completely, may...
Test Chambers
Collection by: Bigbuzzer
Super Test Room
Collection by: lukasz84
Super Test Room
Blargs test chambers
Collection by: HoxCrew || ☭ Lord Recon™
Welcome to Blargs test Chambers. Tips to don´t disappoint GLaDOS 1.Complete the test chambers 2.Don´t Rage or Fail 3. Eat Cake And well thats all :3 Good luck!
Save Companion Cube!
Collection by: The_Rockers
Story: GLaDOS has placed Companion Cube in dangerous tests and to save it you must solve them!
Collection by: rboughner
portal 2 maps for my frenids
Collection by: [SA]Soul12
коллекция, проба
Collection by: Folksy Wig
TesCO-Operation series
Collection by: Dr. Hax
The collecton of the TesCO-Operation maps.
12 Angry tests
Collection by: Larthienn
mapki CaretCaret
Boop boop
Collection by: Phill
stuff for thing
Collection by: mmanestar13
Collection by: Dr. Fernando
Thomas' Test Chambers
Collection by: Silas O'Brian
This collection contains all the maps I have done using the portal 2 editor.
The Test Chambers
Collection by: Plzwork1122
Collections of Test Chambers
Community Maps
Collection by: [-Ugluk-] JemshKing
A compilation of Portal 2 maps I have found in the Community.
aperture science
Collection by: digitalpit
aperture science has new puzzle maps more fun more thinking more adventure more dangerous things and more science
Collection by: Waffle Waifu
FUn SHiz
Portal 2
Collection by: Unknown
Wappleture Sience- Waldis Kammern
Collection by: waldigamerx
Hier kommt meine Wappleture TestKammern-Reihe rein- Viel Spaß
Portal frustration
Collection by: beothorn
A series of frustrating maps.
Sweet Maps
Collection by: Paul 3478
For now, these are recommended single player maps. I will play coop this weekend and maybe add some good ones as I come across them.
Collection by: takoasihaisen
I Saw a Deer
Collection by: OhHeyIt's jacobp98
Enjoy this next test. I'm going to go to the surface. It's a beautiful day out. Yesterday I saw a deer. If you solve this next test, maybe I'll let you ride an elevator all the way up to the break room and tell you about the time I saw a deer again. Ju...
kanf zuzweit
Collection by: [SG] Hypernight
es ist gut
first levelset of we0fghs4 levels
Collection by: hawttec
first levelset of my levels
Thayers test chambers
Collection by: Thayer @ LoVeLAN
Here is my collection of test chambers
Portal 2 maps
Collection by: LaryGamer
Its an awesome set of dupy mapys dat i be downoaded fov me potal 2
Collection by: Low Profile
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