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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Collection by: jc100
Collection by: mikfig
The two levels tests I put together
First Steps
Collection by: Protoscherge
Beta!!! NOT EASY!!!
The Salty Remains Collection
Collection by: mochisushi
A series of medium difficulty maps meant to be fun and easy, but not obvious. I try to incorporate ninja flying portal moves in my maps in the style of portal 1's maps. There is no storyline to this collection, just tests. Comments appreciated.
JD Tests
Collection by: King Me
High flying Test more for fun than brain busting
most of my tests
Collection by: arderboy
первые опыты (ознакомление)
Collection by: True Druid
Это первые и пока простые мои испытания. Пишите насколько сложно или наоборот и что лучше изменить.
Test #0409
Collection by: Kaihatsu
Little collection by Kaihatsu de Dragon
NeoRetro10K's Test Chambers
Collection by: NeoRetro10K
These are maps created by me. I intended to make them challenging.
Turret Hunter
Collection by: Radient Apocalypse
Hunt turrets to escape.
Collection by: The Cake Nazi
In these four test chambers, you will be going downhill. Simple enough. Have fun! :]
Collection by: _A_n_d_z_A_
Collection of all my tests, will update as soon as I make a new map! Subscribe and Enjoy!
Aperture Laboratories2
Collection by: ChewieR2
A collection of levels I created. There are many more in the works.
колекция 1 от skelet.x2
Collection by: [(=DiVErgENt=)]
Первоя колекция тренеровок для Portal 2 от skeleta.x2.Следуещая колекция будет очень скоро! В этой колекии 1 я использовал только Trenerovke 1 и 2! Но во вт...
Collection by: CORN!
Collection by: James "Zakkite" And Answers!
A series of chambers with the intention of getting progressivly difficult over each part.
3 Big Rooms
Collection by: JoCarter
This is my 1st try building test chambers. I think these are fun and a bit challenging. Let me know what you think of these or tips for my next efforts.
Collection by: Neko601 [Nate601]
A small collection that is semi-hard... Nothing much else.
Collection by: Koallah
Not too hard
Sometimes Deceptive
Collection by: bigrickcook
Generally straightforward, with the occasional fun twist of logic made more difficult to figure out by the deceptively simple scheme of the puzzles.
Test box collection 1
Collection by: Terry
Collection by: Святой Александр
Les maps de yannisn
Collection by: RippyReaper
Les maps de yannisn...
The Grape Collection
Collection by: emilvrn
A random fruit thing. Contains Experimental Things.
6 Odd Tests
Collection by: High Speed Doubbing
There are six tests in here that are very odd. Can you solve them all?
SodaBob's It's All Greek To Me
Collection by: HONDO.SodaBob
A collection of simple yet hopefully fun Portal test chambers.
Single Player
Collection by: TheEncircled
The single player chambers that I've made.
Collection by: Warrior
Lemons for the winners...
Collection by: Memento
Challenging chambers will be added frequently.
Dylicon Laboratories
Collection by: dude2333
Dylicon Laboratories helping Apeture Laboratories for free.
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