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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Bleeding Edge
Collection by: kshegzyaj
You're going to bleed.
Zen Aperture
Collection by: LOZEMO76
Prepare to face some of the most fierce, fascinating, calmful, exciting challenges you have ever been through. (With Complete Zen!)
Collection by: Dexter
A collection of maps based on fears: altitude, narrow places, and much more.
The somewhat simple but not too simple tests
Collection by: muttstuffle
This is a compilation of a bunch of somewhat simple, but not too simple, tests. (It will expand as I make more tests)
Cube Hunter Test Series
Collection by: Awesome Weegee
A series of tests based on finding and gathering Weighted Storage Cubes as a key piece in solving each puzzle
Portal Escape
Collection by: Fry98
co-op maps
Collection by: okaki
co-op maps collections
Speed's Liked Maps
Simply Maps that I liked, but cant keep subscribed to due to limits of the Queue.
zack labotores chapter 1 and first test in chapter 2
Collection by: ZFM2004
its the time for a labotores
Mrlptoturial Test Kammer :D
Collection by: Lifted<3
Reihe Von Teskammer...Bitte Melden Bei FAils
Collection by: [BN]KING PEINS
in 1997 cave johnson dies he made 12 test chambers before he did you must survive them
PeTI: Welcome to the Multiverse
Collection by: HarassmentOnion™
You are one of the first to test the Multiverse and hence have been given a few basic tests to start you off. But be warned, if you leave designated testing areas, it wont be a Cake Walk for long...
my test chember
Collection by: frolkin02
моя маленькая колекция тестовых камер для тестирования пишите если что не так я исправлю
Arcadium Conundrum
Collection by: dinivin
A nostalgic trip back to the 80's with those old school arcade games and sideshows. Just don't coun't on winning any tickets with which to trade in for that huge teddy!
Luna Collection
Collection by: Lunatix
Just a collection of chambers I created recently.
Tests solitaires de l'employé Cladall
Collection by: [JdG] Cladall Bandicoot
Collection de 7 salles de tests faites totalement en improvisation dont certaines demanderont du sang froid pour les finir.
Vbenyamin's Logics Tests
Collection by: Divided By Zero
The Series: I present you a series of tests in the order of growing difficulty. In a centre directed by mad men. (And women of course). I'm a young man of fifteen/sxiteen years, I played to Portal 2 for 2 months and I've played to Portal 1, but I've lo...
El Farmerino's Map Pack
Collection by: elfarmerino
A collection of my first five maps, from the entirely Hammer-made Double Bill to the PTI/Hammer crossovers Jam, Oval Window and Gymnasium Parts 1 and 2. I realise the image has nothing to do with the maps, but you have to admit those are a lovely pair of ...
Collection by: VisualBacon
Large Port 2 Testing chambers.
herorockers portal 2 collection
Collection by: Autistic Red Pyro
portal 2 stuff
gel initiative
Collection by: neutron
cave johnson" wellcom to the gel initiative where we will be testing the gels "
Combo Test
Collection by: Br0ylеr
Portal 2: Still Alive
Collection by: Wilbo Worm
Remake and new revamped Portal 2 levels based on the Portal: Still Alive chambers made for the xbox 360. Status: NOT DONE.
Zody's Gellange Chambers
Collection by: Zody
These gel chambers are absurdly difficult and can take nearly 30 minutes to finish the first chamber.
Wir spielen mit Tödlicher Suppe
Collection by: [GER] Rage x ImpacT
Wir spielen mit Tödlicher Suppe! Wie der Titel ja schon sagt werden hier Testkammern mit viel von unserer tollen Tödlichen Suppe testen. Ich freue mich über sämtliche Bewertungen und über (harte) Kritik! Zurzeit sind nicht viele Kammern vorhande...
silky-akt's collection
Collection by: [BF4]silky-akt
A Simple Map Pack
Collection by: Rezo
A collection of simple and easy maps for simple people.
Ball Flip
Collection by: Shining_Night
A series of puzzles designed after flip panels activated by the ever lovable edgeless safety sphere. I've designed them to require moderately out of the box thinking; hopefully they will pose at least somewhat of a challenge. Enjoy!
Learning The Ropes
Collection by: Jesusc06
Simple Levels created with the Puzzle Maker
KRx2's chamber
Collection by: kerolu
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