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Warrior of the red sand
Collection by: redkita
Warrior of the red sand 붉은사막전사 -NEXON-
Stone Titan's Salvage
Collection by: Frump
An Earthshaker set created for MVP.Phoenix Heen, who was chosen as the MVP of the KDL Season 3! "After doing battle with a Stone Titan in his home Nishai and emerging victorious; Raigor salvages the creatures remains. What he recovers from the creatur...
EGM's Gales of Ancestry
Collection by: Fewes
Official Windranger set in the style of Jerry "EGM" Lundkvist!
King Axe
Collection by: Vermilion Wlad
Whispers of Hailstorm
Collection by: RocketAlex
Hey guys. This is our new set for CM in new unique style. We heartily hope you'll like it. Please vote for each item. Thank you!
Catch of the Day
Collection by: Sith Happens.
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Scorned Tears Regalia - Venge
Collection by: DailyDouble
Armor set for Vengeful Spirit.
Remnants of Acrimony
Collection by: bounchfx
This is a full set of items for Vengeful Spirit, including Loading Screen and custom Vengeance Aura ability icon! Shendelzare rummages through her belongings in a pile of refuse, thrown from the great heights of the Ghastly Eyrie. Grasping onto what is...
Rider of the Scorching Vesper - Official S4 Set
Collection by: Godzy
In the Black Suaran Canyons dwelled a creature of legend; a Vesper long thought forgotten who had carried many a captain in the great Suaran War. Stories passed down described the bat as a flying inferno, a creature capable of igniting its enemies with gr...
Oath of the Ethereal Guardian
Collection by: Cersei Lannister
Our latest set for Leshrac! Follow us on facebook -
best sets
Collection by: bolnoi
Collection by: Willypup
Regalia of the Vampiric Harvester
Collection by: RobbieK1000
The idea for this set was centered around Wraith Kings lust for life energy. (The vampiric aura ability.) I thought it would be cool if the armor he wore was in some way alive. Like the armor itself was lusting for more life essence. That essence was ...
Dreadwood Timbersaw
Collection by: Thnk
Rizzrak had been at war with the Treant army for what seemed like an eternity. But on this very day he had finally managed to break behind enemy lines. He was exhausted, lost in the woods, and down a weapon, for his saw blade had become lodged in the back...
Selemene's Champion
Collection by: Belkun
Ogre Magi cave set
Collection by: skanzka7
Frozen Whirlwind
Collection by: Zipfinator
Chasm Fiend
Collection by: Nikey
New set for terrorblade! We hope you will like it!
Treasure of Etherial Essence
Collection by: Ўuri
Treasure of Etherial Essence Second part will be updated soon.
Enchantments of the Mystic Lotus
Collection by: Sore wa chigau yo!
Urban legend speaks of an assassin, cold and deadly, yet beautiful and mysterious. No matter how many victims she has slain, no matter how much blood she had spilled, the mysterious assassin's beauty remains untarnished, just like a beautiful and pure lot...
Weaved exoskeleton of the swarm carrier
Collection by: goose
Weaved exoskeleton of the swarm carrier set contains.... Weaved exoskeleton thorax (custom effects) Time traveling is no small feat. Weaver constantly disassemble and reassemble its organic matter as one small requirement to survive such a journey. ...
Fierce beast set
Collection by: Marby
(Nexon) Bloody Ripper
Collection by: Bronto ϟ Thunder
The Beauty of Phantom Assassin
Collection by: kun6
I found this set in devianart.. Hope steam can make it happen...
Priest of the Dark Essence
Collection by: Chong
The Priest of the Dark Essence set for Shadow Demon.
Frost in the Shell
Collection by:
New Set from WonderWorkers - Frost in the Shell
Set for AM - Ancient Runes -
Collection by: Attasik
Клятва, данная над руинами монастыря должна быть исполненна: злые чары будут уничтожены. Но как обнаружыть скрытое зло? Не один лунный цикл...
Devourer of souls
Collection by: Chameleon
Broken Ring Collection for Elder Titan
Collection by: Darkseal
Broken Back Ring Broken Fist Horns and Nose Ring Show the true nature of the Elder Titan. The weight of the world on his back, his broken soul... help him contemplate this existence with the irony of these shattered items.
Frost Point
Collection by: teabiscuit
Concept + textures: foxclover ( Particles: horse_strangler Loading screen: leon jo ( and foxclover ( Modeling: teabiscuit
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