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Mana Scrochlord Weapons
Collection by Ankou
Witch Doctor
Collection by CarnageFever
Bang_Sat!! Collection
Collection by Dad'z
My sweet HUD :*
Nevermore the shadow lord
Collection by lo0k into my o_o eyes
A demon of the burning legion so abhorred that he makes the skin of even his fellow demons crawl, Nevermore is a creature of shadows that consumes the souls of those surround him.When the Shadow Fiend comes forth to battle, he augments his power with the ...
Rubick Loading Screen
Collection by ***** blocked
Rubick Loading Screen
Awesome stuff
Collection by BronzeOx
kull set
Collection by Black-Jack
Loading Screen by Andrey Tarakanov
Collection by Andrey
Theasures of Dark Rift
Collection by luXor
Stuff Valve should add
Collection by VayneTruus
This collection is just a folder of items I think Valve should add, these are items I have found on the workshop and I claim no ownership of them or claim credit of them, they are just things I found cool, check them out!
Collection by pijuuuuuuu
Collection by BC ⚡ ZEUZ ⚡
Hlotl-Tusk Headdress of the Seeker
Collection by wtf 0_o
Adorned in tusks of great beasts slain in the high peaks of Xhacatocatl, the priests of the Flayed Twins seek blood to keep their greedy gods appeased.
Axe set
Collection by Its ma girl
Collection by Blut und Boden
I don't know
Collection by Chubaca
ela é foda
Tidehunter pirate mode
Collection by Jericho
Pirate mode on Tidehunter. Pirate hat , bone sword , compas and hook in his left hand .
Cheese Dota Amateur Bundle
Collection by Zalak
Cheese Dota Bundle
The Best !!!
Collection by Shadow'Virt
Тени сизые смесились, Цвет поблекнул, звук уснул – Жизнь, движенье разрешились В сумрак зыбкий, в дальний гул… Мотылька полет незримый...
Night Stalker Full Armor
Collection by 4os.エルハン
Night Stalker Full Armor Concept
Team Pennant MeetYourMakers [MyM]
Collection by HI-TECH
Team Pennant MeetYourMakers [MyM] International 4 . New Team Pennant
Collection by Jake♥ kinguin
Na'Vi HUD for Na'Vi FAN's and players.More likes pls)
Treant protector
Collection by [z]Althair
Crearé items del Treant Protector cada cierto tiempo. el primero un luz espectral que lo guía durante la noche.
What Lies Beyond
Collection by The Dude (-☢-)
Reclaimed by the sisters from an unknown warrior's grave. Stolen a millenia ago, nobody was sure what had become of some of the most powerful artifacts ever to exist in the world at the hands of the Sisters. Many speculated that a Sister had betraye...
Gal set by pudge
Collection by ExpLoDe
Глобальное наступление (loading screen)
Collection by Maxumen
Collection of the best characters in the game. Waiting for your positive comments and likes
Endless Rage
Collection by zl
Poopey Pudge
Collection by Eggz Benedick
Poopey Pudge demoralizes his opponents with his utterly grotesque fecal presence. Instead of throwing a hook, he throws toilet paper in hopes that his enemies wipe that smirk off their face, along with other things. His rot is now 10x more lethal (exagger...
Devourer of souls
Collection by Chameleon
butcher zombie
Collection by Khong Minh Phuong
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