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Deadly Twin Set
Collection by: ^0Fren2y
Savage Ogre Magi
Collection by: Zalak
Rikimaru - Golden Shadow
Collection by: dev.*****.md
DOTA 2 International 2014 (LoadingScreen)
Collection by: Sandman10292000.
DOTA 2 International 2014 (LoadingScreen)
DOTA 2 - Articulos
Collection by: Dimon
Very Nice !!!!
Abaddon Collection
Collection by: N
Различные приколюшечки для Абаддона ;3
House of Ambry
Collection by: mattlight07
A Lycan themed HUD skin and Loading Screen
Collection by: Flashow
Horns of Defiance
Collection by: Coyo.Te
Horns of Defiance come in two colors for the mask, red and metal (grey). If Valve pleases one could chose between two styles.
Armored Crustacean Set
Collection by: pepe173
Armored Crustacean Set Set comprised of 5 parts: hood, cape, bracer, shoulder guard and a weapon Main building material of the parts are shells, bone, brass, raw silk and leather stripes. Materials that are easily acquired by experienced undersea drif...
Armaments of the Lupine Commander
Collection by: high priority player
More images and gifs coming soon, my upload speed is extremely poor.
Meranth Executioner's Blade
Collection by: wtf 0_o
A single edged blade perfect for quickly removing heads. Or legs. Or arms. Метки: Standard, Common, Equipment, Weapon, Sven, 18, Можно обменивать
Serpent's Scale Medusa
Collection by: e-Club Malaysia
Antimage : the old slicers
Collection by: Farness
Even broken, those blades haven't lost their sharpness !
Collection by: student-05-13
Nemfis Daggers
Collection by: Sebastian
Sumo Pudge
Sumo Theme Pudge
Half Hyper
Collection by: Knowhere
HyperStone for Anti Mage
In-game visual items
Collection by: Lionmak
Collection of in-game visual items. Blink dagger for Axe or Aghanim Scepter for Rubick for example. I do not own any of these workshop items.
Dragon Knight
Collection by: Shirokishi
Cool Dragon Knight Stuff
Pilgrim's Glaives
Collection by: ✔ Andrew_Helenek [Red Moon]
This is a weapon for Antimage. Colors and style were sampled from his default weapon.. Feedback is highly appreciated, and your suggestions might appear in later revisions. Online Render : Please ignore the particle effects, they...
Spring 2014 Chinese new year
Collection by: OrganizedChaos
Master of the Wild Hunt
Collection by: Gaston
Born and trained in the deep forest, trained by the creatures and the elements, this helmet is the trophy for the skilled hunter that demonstrates mastery over all wild beasts This is a 5 pieces set for Beastmaster based on ancient barbarians heroes w...
DotA 1 Magina
Collection by: aleee
I didn't learn yet how to create 3D models but since workshop is for ideas here is mine, is just the hair, blades and tatoos of the DotA 1 anti-mage for dota 2.
ReMixx's Year of the Horse Submissions
Collection by: ReMixx
All of my item(s) (hopefully more than 1 but we'll see what I can do in time) for the Year of the Horse event for Valve's Dota 2.
Collection for spring2014
Collection by: Viktor
Halloween Pack - courier & wards
Collection by: oxhid3
Halloween Pack courier and wards for Diretide
raging sword
Collection by: syarollo
ember spirit sword
Emote item pack
Collection by: llego la pasta
Emote item packs
pretty dragon hatchling
Collection by: Popemon
a nice mini dragon to be your perfect courier ;)
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