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Little Sappling
Collection by mihalceanu
A treant's baby , in his first hunderd years , going thro' all the seasons spring , summer , autum and winter .
Basim's Rise
Collection by down_limit
Keeper of the light - Mount Grey and beige version
Collection by Celths
Keeper of the light - Mount horns Grey and beige version
Pirate Cannoneer
Collection by CTaKaH_MoJIoKa
Steamhawk Gyro
Collection by e-Club Malaysia
Frozen Remains Set
Collection by nenquel
Tusk fought hard, he drank much and he got lost in the icy tundra a few times. His armor had seen better days but that didn't stop the Terror from the Barrier. With strong ice to reinforce his weapons and armor Tusk returns to battle and is more focused th
Collection by Dukezzz
Dragon knight
Collection by savo000222
Dark core set
Collection by P90 pro
Meteor Abyss Set
Collection by PüZZ_ZAGA
Falling to earth, pieces of meteor has mended itself with Morphling. Creating a powerful armor set for thsi water creature If you like please follow us :) PS Please check out the video in high res to see morph ingame Puss and Goose
Heir of Terror - Bane
Collection by OniLord
Redwood Artillery
Collection by Ravidge
A small pack of 2 items, a bow and a quiver. The red color in both items complement each other. They were created as a set from the start, but work great on their own as well.
Lord of the Eastern Clan
Collection by bounchfx
The Lord of the Eastern Clan set for Lone Druid, by Pior and bounchfx The Bear Clan was not the only of the ancient druids. Far to the east in times distant and almost forgotten there lived a group of druids that were more akin to beasts near their home
Collection by ikeikeikeikeikeikeikeikeikeikeik
Glittering Hawk(Sven)
Collection by liangbinge
Winged Paladin Set
Collection by Evil Kon
Guardian of the Ancient Fire
Collection by MONEY MAKER TIM
Deep in the cavernous labyrinth beneath the Fortress of Flares burns the ancient flame of the progenitors. In ages past, when a meteor struck the fortress during the festival of midsummer, the acolytes of the Guardian flame forged a pair of swords and a su
The Searing Mistress of Misrule
Collection by ooool
Lina set : The Searing Mistress of Misrule The garment worn by Lina during her ritual to enslave the dragon. updates 30 Dec 2015: added reworked hair to the collection. 19 Dec 2015: update the dress geometry and vertices' weight to recent patch cl
Rage of the Demon—LaNm
Collection by 玛思辛
Hunty Bounter - Na`Vi
Collection by DNADota
Bounty Hunter set for Na`Vi. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Vote for each item in the collection ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Hello guys, This is our Bounty Hunter set for the Na`Vi Pro Team. It features custom ability particles and custom ability icons as well. All abi
Wurrzag ud Ura Zahubu
Collection by Pernach
Wurrzag ud Ura Zahubu set for Witch Doctor for Warhammer event
Titus's Rare Weapons collection
Collection by Titus
Here are my rare item for your choise. Like it !
Corroded Shards
Collection by Anuxi♥
A set supporting the great work that Purge and Day9 are doing; helping new players learn Dota2 via their informative streams and video series!
Collection by Jigglypuff
Corrosive Stingray Set
Collection by 「John Wick」™
A cosmetic item set for Viper. PS: Valve, show some love for Viper. PLS!
Hurricane Scourge
Collection by Kramol'nik
Hurricane Scourge
Temple Of The Sacred Memories - Megalodon Cup Collection
Collection by [Monster Ink]PatoRadioativo
This is a collection for Megalodon Cup. Temple Of The Sacred Memories. A place of memories, grandiose scene of battles and rituals practiced by the Order of Oyo. They say at night you can hear the shouts of the fight and feel the essence of that
Death Prophet's Bloody Bride Set
Collection by creep
Death Prophet's Bloody Bride Set
The Mythical Vanquisher
Collection by ChiZ
Submission for New Bloom 2017.
Warlord of the Sturdy Ox
Collection by Insaneophobia
In Kaolins travels to uncover the mysteries of the Wailing mountains, he discovers a hidden temple to the East of the mountains. Grand stone statues of oxes covers the entrance, and within lies 3 items. A scripture, an armor, and a coffin. The scripture re
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