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Song of the Arena
Collection by ѓawяίty_
Searching for her honor, Slithice the exiled Slithereen, was taken in by the Emperor of the Cephnids. His only condition: She must don the Armor of the Arena and use her skills to fight as a gladiator in his games. The crowd soon favored her unique Slith...
The Master's Bindings
Collection by Spudnik
Items contained in the "Master's Bindings" set for Lifestealer.
Dragon Keeper
Collection by PULT
save the dragons! =)
Faceless Rex Collection
Collection by Ўuri
Faceless Rex Collection
Gear of Profitable Adventure
Collection by Frump
Collection by Kramol'nik
Oriental Conjurer set
Collection by K-Pax
Hey guys, oriental Conjurer set is our new work for warlock. This set is for spring2015 event. Huge thanks for everyone that give us suggestion.If you liked ,Pls give it a thumbs up.thanks :) Walock set:K-Pax & HyrX Golem Animation:Jijiacer a...
Pole Spartan
Collection by agentfx
A Roman/Gladiator/Spartan style kit. Part of the PolyCount contest WIP thread here:
Arcane Secrets
Collection by Marul
Update (04.10): Added some more detail to textures. After Dread Magus Vorn vanished, the powerful artifacts of the wizard became binded to Azwraith, their new master. They transformed into new forms, adapting the movements of an agile fisherman and g...
Scavenger Of Dragons set
Collection by KungFuPanda
Pudge finds the remains of Tarrasque, hungry for power he eats the dragon's heart and also uses a piece of it to make a helm, hoping that the strenght of the dragon will live on, in himself. Pudge uses other pieces of the dragon's body to build himself an...
Blazing lord
Collection by Celths
Blazing lord
Arachnid slayer - set
Collection by sir_AXE
story, screens and video in progress
Sovereign of the Woodlands
Collection by Cersei Lannister
Eternal guardian of the forest, Tequoia ferociously defended the green lands just like a king would protect his kingdom.
Cantankerous Xerocole Set
Collection by Jeremy Klein
Cantankerous Xerocole Set
Dancing Lionet.Spring2015
Collection by DarKsOuL.BaNdenG Lion Dance is a traditional performance in Chinese culture.It is usually performed during Chinese New Year or other Chinese traditional festivals and celebrations. Lion dance is a symbol of Good luck and happin...
Toxic Predator Set
Collection by PrivateRowan
A set made for venomancer, the theme was to go for more of a predator look. At the moment the ward is not importing into the game for some odd reason, so i have posted screenshots of the wards in a program which renders very close to the dota 2 engine....
Wings of Obelis
Collection by Natus Vincere
Wings of Obelis set for Chen by Natus Vincere & Wermillion Vlad
The Great Oni's Treasures
Collection by Hawf
It's that time of the year where ghosts, ghouls, and goblins come out to terrorize the poor and innocent. How about you scare them back this season with some of these intimidating items!
The Anti Mage Monastery
Collection by Salavan
Collection by mihalceanu
Collection by nealliddle
Azwraith responded to the new call to war by retracing the methods and arms of his forebears. Returning to his village he combined his ancestors' mastery of fishing and integrated the strengths of his environment with his deadly skill.
Knight of the North
Collection by 7thBattery
"In the many years the Knight Davion hunted the Eldwurm Slyrak, he traveled far and wide. For a time, he lived and fought alongside the people of the frigid North. Now all these years later, sometimes, when the wind gets particularly cold, he dons the arm...
The Scavanger of Dragons
Collection by CTaKaH_MoJIoKa
Pudge finds the remains of Tarrasque, hungry for power he eats the dragon's heart and also uses a piece of it to make a helm, hoping that the strenght of the dragon will live on, in himself. Pudge uses other pieces of the dragon's body to build himself an...
Corrupted crystal set
Collection by Celths
Time passes and the power the Chronoptic Crystals is increased day by day, Leshrac undergoes this growth, his tortured body metamorphosis.
Garb of the Silent Protector
Collection by Freyja
Throughout her journey to the far, obscure secrets hidden in the corners of the universe, Lanaya discovered the garb of the Silent Protector. Donning it, Lanaya guarded the secrets that she uncovered throughout the depths of time, destroying all those who...
Primal Instincts
Collection by [prosto-mogy]
Nyx set hope u guys like it :D
Seven Moons
Collection by Sumers
Seven Moons - Weaver armor set
The Scattered Prince
Collection by fx01
The Vestments of the Scattered Prince *Updated Version - reworked masks - edited colormaps - new off hand
The Seers Command
Collection by {t}: scry 1
This is a Set for Darkseer using Colors similar to the ones of his mainset
Light's Vanguard
Collection by Spudnik
Presenting version 2.0 of Tal 'Fly/Simbaaa' Aizik's Keeper of the Light set. Now with alternate styles for the mount and the belt slots! Concept, textures and illustration by Foxclover Sculpt, model and skinning by Alex 'Spudnik' Frey
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