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Create and submit new items (such as armor, weapons, clothing, Couriers, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Or help identify the best by rating up your favorites. Submission Guidelines
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Embrace of the Abyss Set
Collection by: Futushia
The abyss calls to you. *If I have time, i'll make a better promo image*
[R]oshan Hunter
Collection by: *POOF*
Designed by Roshan Studio.
Armor of the Seared Dreams
Collection by: ceed
everyone else would say it burns... pugna revels it.
One Thousand and Two Nights
Collection by: Willypup
Shards of Ambross
Collection by:
Set for morphling
The Fisherman
Collection by: SNIPA
Fishy Fishy.
Wolf Lord of House Ambry Set
Collection by: LuCh!
Bane's Howl. The sound of death drawing near. A howl heard on the entire field of battle. For some, the noble music of a victory already won. For others, a terrifying scream that makes even the heavens weep in fear. But to all is clear. It is the fo...
The Imperial Thaumaturge
Collection by: Commie
Any master of the arcane is invariably sought out by the courts of various sovereigns and potentates, yearning as much for their counsel as for their formidable prowess. Early in his career, Rubick found employ with one such emperor, appointed as Imperial...
Slave Chaser
Collection by: Drogbak
This concept is Korean traditional Assassin.
Wraith Speaker Set
Collection by: tfmcmahon
Equipment set for Death Prophet Full size layout: Full size painting: Polycount thread:
Armor of Echoes
Collection by: Ritz
Regalia of the Unholy Crusade
Collection by: Foreal
The Regalia of the Unholy Crusade are the vestments worn by the Skeleton King as he and his monstrous army marched into the lower depths of the Underworld. Peiced together with tropies of the slaugtered beasts and rulers found further beyond the reaches o...
Nightbloom V2
Collection by: DrySocket
A complete set for Mirana, taking community suggestions into mind.
Lord of the Sindh set
Collection by: Goraaz
A set of clothes and weapons Kunkka wore while traveling the Sindh river.
Phantom Phoenix
Collection by: e_forge
REWORKED set for skeleton king with HUD ward mace and shield!
Blessings of the Lunar Dragon
Collection by: Bronto ϟ Thunder
My submission for the monthly Dota 2 Workshop competition over at Polycount, check out my progress plus the rest of the awesome entries here:
Bloody Ripper
Collection by: Bronto ϟ Thunder
March of the Victorious Rider Set
Collection by: danpaz3d
Spring 2014 event set for Chaos Knight. 19/01/2014 UPDATED: Blade and shield.
Silverhunt Pack
Collection by: GSTV@TheAzathoth
Silverhunt Pack.
Sping 2014 Collection
Collection by: Crowntail
Hello. I desided to upload here some items, that alredy done and will be done in near future related to Spring 2014 event.
Dragon Master
Collection by: andyk125
Dragon Master
The Frozen blood for Riki
Collection by: freeheartex
Riki becomes a sheer unfeeling assassin when he put on the outfit. The enemies who saw him will taste the fear,ice-cold! Hope you like it!
Spike Set for Razor
Collection by: Waldek
a set for Razor
Slithereen Grace
Collection by: Vermilion Wlad
The Skull's Avarice
Collection by: MMKH
The Skull's Avarice is an item set I created for Pugna, The Oblivion. Submitted for the DOTA 2 Polycount Contest. Progress of this set can be viewed here at Polycount:
Omoz Messiah's Set
Collection by: venor
14.2.2014 (happy Valentines Day) Update: Invested a Huge amount of time to improve the Quality to the level that a Dota 2 Item deserves! Polished, retextured, fixed animation issues and generally improved the quality by a ton! I hope you like it ...
Desert Wanderer Set
Collection by: Virgl
Luna "Dragon's Fable" Set - Spring2014
Collection by: Péro
Luna "Dragon's Fable" Set - Spring2014 Submission
Beaver Kappatain Sing Sing
Collection by: Danidem
Made in collaboration with Bronto Thunder and directed by Sing, here it is: the heaviest set in the world.
Lion's Spirit
Collection by: Ўuri
4 items collection
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