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Frost Queen
Collection by: 사슴잘린녹용왜죽나요
Frost Queen set for Crystal maiden
Vestments of the Infinite Waves - Spring 2014 (re-upload)
Collection by: Cliffie
Hello! A re-upload for the Infinite Waves set so that it can get included for the Spring 2014 event! It is largely the same as before with some fixes to textures aswell as skinning. I hope you like it as much this time as you did before, please show...
Sorcerer of the Black Pool (Dota Pit League Season 2)
Collection by: Cersei Lannister
The Dota Pit League is back and we are happy to announce the beginning of our Season 2. The top teams are going to compete against each other for $75,000. Each bundle purchased increases the tournament prize pool by $2,50. Bundle also includes Sorcerer of...
Trappings of the Last Prince
Collection by: Don Don
A 6 piece set for Riki, who has recovered his ancestral trappings after avenging his family.
Predatory Tetraodon
Collection by: Kramol'nik
At a depth you can expect anything, wealth, courage and of course death! Pleasant light beckons with its tranquility, but no one who would come back ...
Grandmaster's Treasures of the Magnoceros Tribe
Collection by: Zipfinator
Only the Grandmaster of the great Magnoceros Tribe is fit to wear such treasures.
Eternal Nymph
Collection by: Konras
Eternal Nymph set for Puck Set of wallpapers: 16:10 16:9 4:3 Puck is one of faerie dragons born under in place never seen by any human on creature from t...
Red Moon Workshop
Collection by: ✔ Andrew_Helenek [Red Moon]
A collection of workshop assets created by the Red Moon Workshop team.
Necrophotic Set
Collection by: [FG] Hannes
Where Nyx comes, dead follows and this set is just the perfect tool. Protecting while enhancing your aggressive look this is the ultimate assassin set This was part of the polycount challenge you can see the creating off here: http://www.polycount...
Dread's set SK
Collection by: IGWTmenace
Present to you our new set on Sand King for Pro Player ( Dread'a ) of team Relax! NEW MAGIC ICON's. + red SAND on second magic effect. + Gem! ( how many games of Dread you watch)
Blueheart's Embrace
Collection by: Sore wa chigau yo!
The local weather of the northern realm of Icewrack proved to be more than just comfortable for Rylai. No more frozen crops, no more accidental frozen victims. However, that didn't comfort her at all. From her birth she had been enchanted with the power...
Spirit Of The Howling Wolf - Dark set
Collection by: Pior
A Sniper set from the land of frosted winds, carved out of the bones of mythical roaming creatures and sporting the rare pelt of the Triple-Tailed Howling Wolf ! This is the Dark variant of the set, featuring : - The Dark Hat Of The Howling Wolf, in...
Ancestor's Pride
Collection by: bounchfx
This is a Phantom Lancer set for the Polycount Dota 2 Challenge! I found Phantom Lancer to be an interesting character with fun abilities, and decided I wanted to give him a bolder, more tribal look. Working together with vandalfish on the concept side...
The Wanderer
Collection by: SebastianBastian
The Doctor lurk around in the nature, collecting ingredients for the rituals. One toxic frog here and a little dust from dragonfly wings here. PERFECT! he cries out, perfect for the next potion to use on the battlefield. 2x diffrent head styles, one wa...
Lord of Chaos
Collection by: Viktor
=constructing= this collection is not finished yet.
The Last Shinobi
Collection by: deadl3ss
After the death of the Tahlin Clan - Rikimaru had to learn how to hide and quickly at that, lest the same fate were to fall upon him. Donning rags from around the palace he stumbled upon his grandfathers blades and an ancient war mask which he would we...
Razor_Fancy Circle
Collection by: < blank >
Razor_Fancy Circle, new set for Razor, hope you will like it.
Threads of the Guardian
Collection by: Natus Vincere
Threads of the Guardian Weaver set by Natus Vincere & Oroboros [Red Moon]
Tainted Seals Item Set
Collection by: Sorrows_Chains
He broke the seventh seal of the end of days, and as a results the lives of all sinners were absorbed into him. He is a walking apocalypse and wears the broken seals to send a message to his mutilators in heaven that nothing can stop him. http://www.po...
The Saharian Tuareg
Collection by: Patosh
From the saharian land, has come the "Walking fountain" after commiting the crime of sorcery and being rejected from the Tuareg tribe. To expiate his mistake and retrieve his honor, he decided to give a service and become a support when needed...
Blade Armor
Collection by: Boonta
A stealth assassin’s armor of choice, when outside of the shadows protection.
Collection by: DrySocket
A courier in four styles! Which one is your favorite? What are their names? Tell us down below. Models by Chemical Alia and DrySocket Animations by Big Tuna
Soruq's Bounty
Collection by: ReMixx
"Others hear he was an orphan of war, taken in by the great Soruq the Hunter to learn the master's skill with a blade as they plumbed the dark forests for big game. ... And that it was he who ended the career of Soruq the Hunter, condemned as a criminal f...
Stone Tranquility Set
Collection by: Zalak
Set for Earth Spirit
Cosby - The High Flyer
Collection by: Willypup
Cosby is a high flying Corgi. And he's ready to deliver to you! Custom Courier icons and minimap icon coming soon! Follow me! Facebook: Twitter:
Collection by: Mystic Snake
Doomfg - Set for Doom. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Vote for each item in the collection ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
Immortals Pride Set
Collection by: blossomalex
Immortals Pride Set
Collection by: Threepgood!
Part of a Storm Spirit set created for the monthly polycount competition. Check out the thread here for some of the other great entries; See you next month!
The Lightning Rider Set
Collection by: AS3N
The Lightning Rider Set for Razor.
Dame de Carreau
Collection by: Konras
One of the Sisters of the Veil. Known as Dame de Carreau. Bringer of mysterious, sudden, however fast and honorable death. No one was able to see Phantom Assassin and later live to tell the tail. Maybe one day the pattern after her deeds will be reveled a...
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