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Cosby and friends
Collection by Willypup
Cosby Flies back into Dota 2! But this time he's not alone. Updated model and textures as well as new animations! Three color options to choose from! Follow me! Facebook: Twitter:
Avatar of Ages
Collection by RocketAlex
New Elder Titan set by Robo and RocketAlex
The Cavalier of Anarchy
Collection by RocketAlex
Hey guys, here is our new set for Chaos Knight in a new unique style. We houpe you will like it. Please, vote for all the parts of the set.
The Ancient Beast
Collection by ChiZ
Wherever The Ancient Beast wandered, he devoured all life, and left only corruption and ash in his wake. Even his body had become twisted with time, and played host to the very manifestations of his gluttony. Check it out in the Dota Hattery! http://d
The Malicious Efflorescence
Collection by Spudnik
Brutal Lord of the Arena
Collection by SNIPA
Flight of the Crescent Moon
Collection by Anuxi♥
Blessed by the Lunar Moth and forged from MoonSilver, this item set adds a air of agility to the dark moon warrior. Avon was just a cub when she was gifted to Nova. It was Nova's duty to raise and train Avon to be a proud and fearless prowler of Nightsilve
Spear of crimson Samurai
Collection by Eddy Shin
Hi guys. I'm Bao, from Viet Nam. This is the first item i made for DotA 2 after one year studying 3D modeling. I'm a beginner so it might not be perfect nor good, but i definitely will try to do better for the next project. I hope you guys will like it.
Stormborn Shinobi Set
Collection by keinhangia
Our latest set for Storm Spirit, hope you like it
Clockwerk - The Explorer Gear
Collection by Meshroom
Being the leaderboard top 10 player in the world, June is also one of the most impressive Clockwerk pro-player! It's our honer to create this brandnew Clockwerk set for June. This set is energetic and playful, just like June's style. Please support us so t
The Wrath of Jiaolong - Spring 2014
Collection by MdK
V2.0 Released!! Please see screenshots marked as V2! After Kunkka's mighty battle with the demon Maelrawn the Tentacular, none knew his fate. As the new Spring dawns, there are whispers on the eastern winds of a captain who scours the ocean in searc
Natures Outcast - Collection Version 2
Collection by Coridium
After receiving some great and helpful feedback about how the mask was making natures prophet difficult to recognise I have created a new head item that should help make him more instantly recognisable while hopefully creating an item that is different eno
Immortals Pride Set
Collection by blossomalex
Legion Commander - Immortals Pride Set Hope you all like it.
The Convicts' Trophies
Collection by Airborn_Studios
The Convicts’ Trophies The ogre and the Alchemist thundered through the wilderness outside the prison’s shattered walls, every foe falling before them. As the effects of the Alchemist’s tincture and the euphoria of freedom began to fade, the unlikely c
Lightforge of the WorldWaker
Collection by XD
Long before this world was young the Titans forged the planes using the early energies of the universe. "The one we know as the Elder Titan was a great innovator, one who studied at the forge of creation. In honing his skills, he shattered something th
Undying Tomb Overlord
Collection by CiDDi
Undying set We can't do Tombstone and Flesh golem because of this:
Daughter of the Elder Flame
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Sanction of Celarian
Collection by Yi
A bounty of gifts bestowed upon Mirana. 羊年大吉!
Luminary of the Dreadful Abyss
Collection by Zalak
Set for Morphling!
Armor of Slayrak
Collection by Homer J. Simpson
Armor of Slayrak
Crystal Collector
Collection by Squid
This Meepo has taken crystal gathering to the next level! Donning his custom protective eye goggles, heavy duty gloves and his mechanical grabber, he is more than ready to collect volatile crystals 'till the cows come home. Created in collaboration with
Warden's Private Collection
Collection by K-Pax
Slark stole the warden's private collection when he broke out of prison If you want know what i am working on. you can follow my tumblr.any suggestion is welcome =]
Umbra Rider
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Rightful Heir
Collection by Konras
"Does vengeance bring true solace?" He was born and raised in a royal family. His childhood was harsh, with his father wanting him to become a man that would someday be able to help his older brother rule their lands and also take care of the youngest o
Forest Hermit
Collection by Crowntail
Eyes of Cruelty Death
Collection by redkita
Eyes of Cruelty Death 잔혹한 죽음의 시선 -NEXON-
Grave Keeper Set
Collection by Evil Kon
Grave Keeper Set for Necrophos/Necrolyte
Raijin Tempest Garments
Collection by Bisho Bola -Esp-
Raijin Tempest Garments UPDATE: changed the Presentation image, Anuxi told me a few tips for renders -Lore Goes here- Little FAQ for this set WTF is the red ring on his back? - It's a shimenawa, Sacred shinto ropes, fitting with Stormspirit back
Vicious Vitality Set
Collection by Futushia
Sven's Armlet of Mordiggian
Collection by Greg
Svens code of the Rogue led him over many dangerous paths - none of them as vile as the one leading to the ruins of Shadeshore castle. Once the centre of Mordiggian's cult, it still had the mystical Armlet hidden in the depths. Now it saps the lifeforce fr
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