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Create and submit new items (such as armor, weapons, clothing, Couriers, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Or help identify the best by rating up your favorites. Submission Guidelines
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Cap'n Fishy Canonballs
Collection by: Alex Pascal
Polycount contest entry: Video : Made by: Alex Dima: Alex Pascal:
Armor of endless carnage
Collection by: Futushia
Protective gear to protect Pudge's dashing good looks.
Stockade of the Tortured Flame
Collection by: Lyaksandr
The Stockade of the Tortured Flame struggles to contain the demonic forces threatening to consume Clinkz, even as horns and spars violently burst forth, blisters born of the hellfire within. This is not armor he wears for vanity or rank. It is painful; a ...
His Unholyness
Collection by: Mstankow
Upon falling from paradise, Doom Bringer took his holy regalia and tainted it. The result being the His Unholyness set. This set was originally created for the Dota 2 Polycount contest. You can view my original polycount thread at http://www.polycount...
Collection by: Frosty40
Western theme for one of my favs.
Dragonfish Sceptre
Collection by: Boonta
In the depths of the frozen sea, the ancient Dragonfish sceptre lay silent. Trapped in the ice, its power unknown to all.....except for one, the Maiden of Ice. Concept by Calyx Created by Boonta
Ezalor's Constructs
Collection by: ♣TadMod♣
"After the death of his beloved horse, Ezalor - stricken with grief - attempted to revive it. Eventually giving up on these attempts, he captured its soul and brought it to a Tinker. Together Ezalor and the Tinker built a new body of sky-iron. Ezalor work...
Saberhorn's Armor Set
Collection by: Lennyagony
Includes all of the items in the 'Armor of the Saberhorn' set for Axe: Saberhorn's Helm Saberhorn's Pauldron Saberhorn's Belt Saberhorn's Heavy Chopper Now available on the Dota 2 Store!
Omniknight Heavy Armor of the Hierophant
Collection by: Vermilion Wlad
Many years have passed since the hierophant was last seen, many years have passed since the mysterious disappearance of his legendary armor from the sacred temple of the omniscience. There are legends that claim the rise of the high priest to a higher sp...
Assistant to Cocatrice
Collection by: ||ByM||
Half-Dragon creature, half bird with his Greek Mythology Cocatrice our set name field. Self Dragonus of colors were used. Figured horn head apparently brought a different taste. I'm waiting your comments.
Steppe Warrior
Collection by: Hawkseye
Set of 7 items for Bradwarden the Centaur Warrunner.
Edge of Spell Shattering
Collection by: Xajai
The one known as Anti-Mage has traveled great distances to dispel the occult and mystic. After defeating a powerful necromancer draped in black, he collapsed with his armor in tatters and weapons in pieces. Among the small group of villagers to witness th...
Elder Storm Spirit Set
Collection by: Daam
The Illusionist
Collection by: Hawf
Fights are tough when fought alone, your most reliable ally is yourself.
The Forestbound Archer
Collection by: Rain☁
description coming soon..
Arcane Emperor
Collection by: Vermilion Wlad
DragonHawk Set
Collection by: qaunlee
"DragonHawk armor set is a proper armor for perfect assassins. It was made from rare dragon ore by elders thousands years ago. Only the chosen one can wear it. And Mortred proved her rights to be the owner." Set consists of 5 items: - DragonHawk Helme...
Forest Song Set V.2
Collection by: Exotic Lemming
She carries the melody of the woods so as to give a voice to the ones who cannot speak. Second version of the Forest Song set, now with more fluff in the hair!
Desert Tribe
Collection by: Vermilion Wlad
Warp Sabbath Set
Collection by: Kramol'nik
On the bloody warp sabbath are going the best phantom assassins in order to choose the most beautiful and perfect face of death.
Rift Traveler
Collection by: DailyDouble
5 piece set for Dark Seer. Despite the character select and in game images showing the particles coming from the ground, rest assured they still come from his hands. Thanks for checking out the set wallpaper of splash image can be found here - ht...
Ancient King's Armor Set
Collection by: skanzka7
Ancient King's Armor Set for Wraith King
Ursa: Scales of the Immortal Set
Collection by: Thnk
After years of slaying the mighty Roshan, one day, Ursa decided to gather his remains and use them to craft himself a deadly set of armor. With the beast's aegis on his belt, skull on his head, and scales on his shoulder, nobody would ever be able to defe...
Lightning Guard set
Collection by: Viktor
Lightning Overlord Set
Collection by: t1mu
In the depths of Underscape, Razor was patroling the Narrow Maze when the souls started a rebelion against him. Swallowed by an ocean of souls, the lightning revenant broke all his limitations conjuring a storm that could pierce the heavens. When he emerg...
Storm Mandarin
Collection by: Paproch
Welcome The Grand Mandarin of Emperor Xi'in. He hurries to announce that it will be a stormy year!
Tiki, The First Man
Collection by: Gerre
An ancient legend tells of Tiki, the first man to be created. Whether the Witch Doctor is a direct descendant or the first man himself remains a mystery... Or he simply likes masks a lot. Polycount thread:
Sand Bandit set
Collection by: Vermilion Wlad
Hunting for bounty takes you to the strangest places.
Ursa Savage Armor
Collection by: )0)0)))00))0))))))0))0)0)00))0)0
hope you like it :) set: 1.Savage helmet 2.Savage bracers 3.Savage belt 4.Savage cuirass
Admiral of Salt and Sand
Collection by: Swizzle
A collection of items for Kunkka.
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