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Iguana`s Set
Collection by: skanzka7
Gift of the Sea Serpent
Collection by: IGWTmenace
While the Great Sea Serpent was searching for immortality his attention was caught by a newly born elemental creature, the Morphling. Molded in the heart of battle, this young entity showed great potential in which the Sea Serpent saw the glance of timele...
Defender of Matriarch
Collection by: Dr. Robo
New set for Magnus ARMORRRR
Soul Thrasher
Collection by: Frosty40
Ride the mo#$&%#^&*@#$ lightning.
Ancient Sister's Apparition
Collection by: tfmcmahon
A weapon and armor set for Phantom Assassin.
Dusky Killer Set
Collection by: OniLolz
Hello! We're happy to announce the Nyx Assassin Dusky Killer item set for WH e-Sports Overgaming Challenge! I hope this encourage the brazilian Dota 2 community to grow even more! Hope you like it and thanks for the support! :)
The Baba Yaga Collection!
Collection by: fat_cap [Rusty Anvil]
A creepy Courier AND Ward set combining the Babka Baba Yaga courier and Baba Yaga Chicken Hut ward - with a high-res loading screen for each!
Mentor of the High Plains
Collection by: Hawf
Created for the Spring 2014 event, here is our Chinese themed set for Ember Spirit!
Clinkz Lost Viking Set
Collection by: Evil Kon
Sketchfab Model Viewer
The Master Weaver
Collection by: Cersei Lannister
Thousands of years of experience had given Skitskurr the rank of Master among his specie, and his appearance reflected so. His fine work made him earn the respet of others. His intelligence and mastery had no rival. The younger ones imitated him, and ...
Legion Commander: Equine Emissary Set
Collection by: Anuxi ♥
My entry for the Year of the Horse Spring event! This is a full set for Legion Commander!
Collection by: ENODMI
EXILE SET Polycount thread :
Regalia of the Black Phoenix
Collection by: Spudnik
Once a beloved ruler, in death the leader of a phoenix-worshipping clan was adorned in his enchanted ceremonial armor to strengthen his soul in its journey through the Underworld. There he lay in peace until Ostarion's scourge swept the land, leaving noth...
Spirit of Anger SpiritBear
Collection by: T_Vidotto
Collection by: Frosty40
Rumor spread of a rising magus who could steal the spell from any wizards lips. The invoker set out immediately to ascertain if this magus was a threat. With invisibility spells, and leather as to make no noise, He made a point not to be seen. Covering hi...
Legacy of Barathrum
Collection by: Mies_Rohe
The fearsome Ancient Barathrum's Armor
Ravenguard weapon and armor
Collection by: tfmcmahon
Armor and weapon collection for Drow ranger. Resubmitted using the new submission tool.
The Sharpshooter Set
Collection by: Bronto ϟ Thunder
The Serpentine Mystic
Collection by: mrpresident
A full set for Rubick. Update 2/25: Hey all, and thanks for the comments/feedback so far! A bunch of people have been questioning some of the design choices for the set, so I felt that I should give a response: The goal of this set from the get-go wa...
Red Talon
Collection by: Tickwomp[RamRod]
The Beastmaster uses the natural world around him to survive, and I tried to express this with the Red Talon set. His garb is tribal themed, composed mainly of feathers, leather, bones, fur, and some cloth. I decided to go with natural materials and com...
Axe's Access
Collection by: DNADota
Axe's Access - Set for Axe. Hello guys, This is our new set for Axe. It features custom item particles, custom ability particles and custom ability icons as well. The Head, Misc and Weapon slot items have custom item particles. All three items have ...
Undeniable Jukester Set
Collection by: Denonic
Rubick had become so infamous that nobody dared to entertain an audience with him. So he took to a disguise and made everyone his audience. He means "absoluuutely" no harm! Jest juking! Of course he does...
Epitaphic Bonds
Collection by: Zipfinator
Epitaphic Bonds is a new Templar Assassin set created for Alliance! Check out the other items in the set below, including a custom trap!
Thorns of Sundering
Collection by: Tidal Craftsman
A set for Leshrac created by Tidal Craftsman and :3 Please upvote the set if you would like to see it in game! Thank you everyone for your continued support of both my items and :3 Regards, -TC -:3
Vestments of the Infinite Waves - Spring 2014 (re-upload)
Collection by: Cliffie
Hello! A re-upload for the Infinite Waves set so that it can get included for the Spring 2014 event! It is largely the same as before with some fixes to textures aswell as skinning. I hope you like it as much this time as you did before, please show...
OniLolz & Zaphk June items
Collection by: OniLolz
Trappings of the Last Prince
Collection by: Don Don
A 6 piece set for Riki, who has recovered his ancestral trappings after avenging his family.
Grandmaster's Treasures of the Magnoceros Tribe
Collection by: Zipfinator
Only the Grandmaster of the great Magnoceros Tribe is fit to wear such treasures.
Necrophotic Set
Collection by: [FG] Hannes
Where Nyx comes, dead follows and this set is just the perfect tool. Protecting while enhancing your aggressive look this is the ultimate assassin set This was part of the polycount challenge you can see the creating off here: http://www.polycount...
The Raw-Ficionado
Collection by: Hunter
Had a lot of fun making this one! I thought it would be cool to do a set loosely based on the idea of a sushi chef. Hope you guys like it!
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