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Slayer of the Fearsome
Collection by © der_BESITZER There is a legend being told among the tribes of Mwhoa`whangka valley. It speaks of terror, of rage and of an unrelentless hunt for the ultimate trophy. A creatur
Ursine Dusk Armor
Collection by FunkMasterLincoln
What better feature suits the mighty Ursa than a set or heavy Ursine Dusk Armor Thanks to my bro Martin Wijeiv for thinking of the name! Thanks man! Set: Ursine Dusk Helm Ursine Dusk Bracers Ursine Dusk Belt Like what you see? Please share and li
Nomel Gear
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Lion's Demonic Transformation
Collection by DrySocket
An evolving head piece for Lion! These would level up for each level of Lion's Ultimate. If the community is interested, I might make an entire set which evolves in this way. Let me know if that's what you want! This was made during the Internationa
Knight of the Burning Scale
Collection by Graff
My vk group - Association of russian dota 2 artists -
Dark Leader
Collection by Pernach
Dark Leader
Sven "Rhinoceros order"
Collection by valdic
Набор для турнира от FirstGameTV Dota2 CUP Set for the tournament from FirstGameTV Dota2 CUP We happy to announce that this versions have in teammate "artcobain" (under nick "matal7603") the original artist of basic sketch from deviantart. Proof
Hellenic Serpentine Set
Collection by Evil Kon
Hellenic Serpentine Set
Tech Mage Storm Harness
Collection by Kralzar
Disruptor discovered the true destructive power of the storm. Incorporating technology of his ancestors with that of his own. He has been able to truly harness the power of the storm. The new conduit weapon acts as a catalyst for him to manipulate the p
The Forest Guardian
Collection by danpaz3d
Contains 3 styles for head, shoulder and arms. Also has seperate legs and loadscreen.
Daughter of the Elder Flame
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Armor of the Night Ghost
Collection by Nikey
New set for Night Stalker!
Aurel's Doddering Dreadnaught
Collection by TriangleSoup
Proof that the sum is greater that its parts, Aurel's Doddering Dreadnaught was assembled from bits of everything including the kitchen sink. To say the dreadnaught was designed would be an overstatement. Aurel prioritised firepower over mobility, filling
Acolyte of the Sun God
Collection by RocketAlex
Hey guys, we are glad to introduce you reworked version of our Egytp Nyx set. This time we are in a different colors and shape language. Set features: 3 unique FLY animations, CUSTOM BURROW spell, Ability Icons, Coursor Pack. Thank you! CREDITS:
Viridi Inanitas
Collection by Dr. Robo
Invaders are already here!
Crimson Wyvern Set
Collection by Evil Kon
Noble Fury Set
Collection by Virgl
Hello everyone ! This is my new Axe set for 2015 Spring event. Hope U like it. Happy New Year ! Check out 3D Moodel -
The Starring Abyss
Collection by RocketAlex
Emote Taunt Pack
Collection by Grandma Cookiebaker
5 animated emoticons for you to tell your enemy how much you care.
Collection by HeeJae
IronDrake -Warhammer Totalwar Contest-
Champion of Amethyst Thunderstorm
Collection by Уuri
Champion of Amethyst Thunderstorm Storm spirit's set with loadscreen, painted or fully changed particles and ability icons.
Raiment of a Thousand Blades
Collection by Mv
This is a Phantom Assassin set for
Wolfsden Winter Gear
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Obsidian Guard
Collection by growl
Dual Wielding - juggernaut set
Collection by T_Vidotto
Dual wielding juggernaut set click on any of the items or on the video for more information.
Might of Ancestors
Collection by Tidal Craftsman
Trowle shaman's have a high respect for their ancestors and for the old ways of practice. This set embodies the Shadow Shaman's belief in magic and how it should be practiced. All items skinned to appropriate bones Items posses LOD0 level when availab
Champion of Druud
Collection by Alexandru Pascal
Champion of Druud Made by: Alex Dima: Alex Pascal: Andrei Jiman: Gamersbook : - Website
Guardian of the Temple
Collection by polter317
This is Lanaya's Item Set - Guardian of the Temple - nexon contest -
Tormented Dreams Set
Collection by KarkengSnowman
Hi guys , this is my latest set for Bane-Tormented dreams set Feel free to vote , if you like it :D Cheers. Feel free to follow my [url=
Phoenix Bloodline
Collection by mihalceanu
Remake/overhaull of my old lina set .
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