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Styles of the Unending Battle
Collection by: Yi
An ancient collection of styles worn by the women of the Unending Battle. To be continued...
Treasure of the Southern Sojourn
Collection by: Weta Workshop
Antipodean treasures recovered from the farthest Southern reaches.
Spirit Of The Howling Wolf - Bright set
Collection by: Pior
Individual items : Bright set : Dark set : A Sniper...
Alchemic Alloys of the Alliance
Collection by: mrpresident
A seven piece set for Alchemist, and for team Alliance!
Collection by: Boonta
Legacy of Forge Master
Collection by: HyrX
Legacy of Forge Master . Magnataur Set. Hey guys,This is our new work.If you liked ,pls give it a thumbs up.thanks :) This is our facebook : Youtube: ...
Bloodstone Blades
Collection by: andyk125
Bloodstone Blades These blades are made from the pieces of the diffrent bloodstones bloodseeker has collected by killing his enemies. There are two diffrent blades, join them together and there will be a force never seen before. These items are m...
The Apocalyptic Reiments
Collection by: Jacque Choi
This is my entry for the DOTA 2 contest held over at Polycount. The main inspiration for this design was to create a unique silhouette by pushing some demonic elements, while maintaining various motifs (such as the Yellow Eyes, Runes, Horns etc), while...
Sky-High Warship
Collection by: Nannou
Alliances new Gyrocopter set! comes with custom icons and alternate styles for head, propeller and bomb.
Rune-forged armor
Collection by: Celths
Dragonus was promoted and rewarded with an armor for his actions in favor of the city.
Revival set
Collection by: Sebastian
Revival set PolyCount thread-
Imperial Crusher - Spirit Breaker set
Collection by: thegdstudio
Blessings of the Wildkin
Collection by: Anuxi ♥
UPDATE: Based on feedback from valve and for you guys, I have made a couple of adjustments. First of all, I agreed with many of you who said the wings on the head were too 'heavy' so I shrunk them down a bit. The other changes were to make sure the wings ...
Collection by: Dr. Robo
hey guys, hope you gonna like my new set for Clockwerk Comes with 2 weapon styles! My channel :
The Witch Hunter
Collection by: Natus Vincere
The Witch Hunter - Anti-Mage set by Natus Vincere
Doom Impending Transgressions Set
Collection by: Jeremy Klein
A Doom item set I did for the polycount DOTA 2 contest. The Helm, Shoulders, Belt and Weapon were made for the Contest. Here is my Polycount thread: The Wings, Tail and Arms were made after the c...
Obsidian Claw of the Jaguar
Collection by: Bisho Bola -Esp-
Obsidian claw of the jaguar SET -Awesome fitting lore here - I learned so many things doing this set, I'm very proud of the resutt Special thanks to d2g anons, helped A LOT with their feedback. without them this spear would be pink colored righ...
Blue Vortex Set
Collection by: Sebastian
Slardar Armor set
Scarlet Quarry
Collection by: Vermilion Wlad
Set for the Starladder X tournament. You can also follow me on to watch item creation broadcasts and to follow the updates! And you can check out the concept art and wip pic...
The Mourning Mother
Collection by: takki ฏ๎๎๎๎๎๎๎
A funural set for Death prophet complete with creepy child ghosts
Arcane Infusion
Collection by: Zipfinator
In his tireless search for his origins, Tiny came upon a strange cave system in the forgotten woods. The entrance showered a faint blue glow over the surrounding trees that deterred the forest life, but Tiny was deeply drawn to it. The deeper he dug into ...
Ember Tipped Carapace
Collection by: Don Don
A 4 piece, spikey item set for Weaver! I wanted to make him look a little more aggressive and also play up the damage dealing part of him walking through enemies while in Shukuchi.
Hellforge Set
Collection by: Rubus
A set made for Skeleton King, my first submission to the Workshop. I wanted a more imposing look for him, thus a more complete armour and a less grungy feel to the equipment. Hope you like it! [Last update: 02/10/2013 - Final version] Lore: ...
The Great Calamity
Collection by: butthole fisty
This is basically so i can tag my item.
Outworld Destroyer - Dragon Forged Armour
Collection by: Coridium
Before Destroyers are deemed ready to be assigned to an outpost, they must face a series of progressively more difficult challenges to prove there worth... This Destroyers 3rd and final challenge was to enter a deadly elder dragons lair and retrieve th...
The Desert's Deathly Embrace
Collection by: Hunter
The Desert's Deathly Embrace Set I wanted to make a set for Sand King that would make him look more dangerous, while retaining his original personality as much as possible. I hope you guys like it! Thanks to my wife Sadies "rabies" for helping me...
Collection by: Chemical Alia
A Quas-themed Invoker set and Forge Spirit, made in collaboration with Iceiceice by Chemical Alia and Drysocket! Hope you enjoy!
Primeval Prophet
Collection by: Chemical Alia
There's a lot of Nature's Prophet sets out there, so when Ohaiyo asked us to make something for Furion, we knew we'd have to offer a something new. This set contains a wild treant, custom effects for the staff and teleport, 2 styles for the cape along wi...
Red Dragon Set
Collection by: Virgl
Set for EMCup turnament. Hope U like it :)
Soul of deep sea dragon set
Collection by: K-Pax
hello every one . this is Soul of deep sea dragon set for slardar. he is one of my Favorite hero. so i have design a more strong set for he. here is link
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