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Ignestratic King
Collection by: huehuehue
Wandering Demon of the Plains
Collection by: Airborn_Studios
You can get this now! The grand palaces and temples where once he walked now slept forever beneath the jade sea, and Yurnero found himself lost and alone on unfamiliar shores. Days turn...
Fierce Warrior - Beastmaster set
Collection by: T_Vidotto
Beastmaster´s Fierce Warrior set WIP thread -
Carnival Corpse Set
Collection by: Terra.Cotta
My Latest set. If you like it, help me out and vote each item!
Set of Eternal Fire
Collection by: Sebastian
Our set for Doom
Darkness wanderer's armor
Collection by: K-Pax
Hey guys . i just finished my new set. it's for abaddon. i named it Darkness wanderer's armor. Pls vote it if you like :) I also update my facebook and polycount page address.hope you like my work.i really appreciate your support. Finish a chaos ...
Celestial Starlight set
Collection by: OniLolz
Update: New hair textures! There is no brilliance seen in all cosmos which equates to the bloom of this purest shining energy on Nightsilver Woods. Emanating respect, elegance and beauty, is the most lordliness feared on penumbra of chaos.
Tentacular Timelord
Collection by: mb813
Set for Faceless Void
Apparel of the Vulpes Huntress set
Collection by: Kraken
Apparel of the Vulpes Huntress set for WindRunner. Made by Kraken and Pult for Natus Vincere, and Dmitriy 'LightOfHeaveN' Kupriyanov. Vote for set and support our legendary The International 2011 champion. Loading screen is coming soon!
Dark Angel Set (RoX.KiS SOLO)
Collection by: Virgl
The QOP set made by Virgl & RoX.KiS SOLO.
Mnemonus Arcanus
Collection by: Nannou
After 500 years from the Fall of Mad Moon did the Insubstantial Eleven, with the permission of the Hidden Council, organize an Arcanus Divinum tournament, where all the famous magic practitioners were to compete for the title of Grand Magus. Wizards, conj...
Natures Outcast - Collection
Collection by: Coridium
This young warrior was born without horns, the rest of the tribe were worried that this would tarnish their proud reputation and cast the young warrior out of the tribe and into the wild confident he would not last long. The young warrior was so distra...
Aeol Drias Blessings
Collection by: [prosto-mogy]
We hope you like it :)
Eldritch Starvation
Collection by: Konras
Drowning in bottomless pool Ethreain was tortured by his lust. Lust for power and vengeance. As time was slowly passing away, his soul was starving, not soon to be filled with fear of his enemies.
Spectre_Dark Gabriel set
Collection by: GreyskyS
Set of the Tempest's Wrath
Collection by: Celths
Set of the Tempest's Wrath for Disruptor. Update : improved textures for the mount.
The Hounds of Chaos
Collection by: Terra.Cotta
Nessaj commands the mighty Hell Hound Kerveros in his eternal hunt to extinguish the light.
Gifts of the Heavenly Guardian
Collection by: rabies ᕙ(•ˇ‿ˇ•)ᕗ
Gifts of the Heavenly Guardian Set for Mirana, submitted for the Spring 2014 event!
Robes of the Heretic
Collection by: Clyptic
On one silent night, in the middle of Bloatworm season, a dark figure of potent power approached the heavy doors of Rumusque Cathedral. Guardsmen of the Ecclesiarchy denied entrance to this vagabond of ill intentions, only to be met with agonizing pain as...
Juggnut Set: Weapon Master
Collection by: DAC 2015
People don't know, except for swordplay, the traditional metallurgy of ancient Isle of Masks was also carried on by Yurnero. He spend his life to chase the peerless sword.
Essence Thief
Collection by: Dr. Robo
Set in collaboration with portal Comes with 2 styles! Green and Yellow
Vengeful Spirit - The Dark Throne Set
Collection by: Meshroom
The goddess Scree'auk uses Shendelzare's broken wings to imprison her infinity hatred and desire of vengeance.
Broodmother - Nephropid Plate Set
Collection by: OrganizedChaos
This is now available on the dota2 store! Thanks so much for your votes :)
Debts of the Nightwatchman
Collection by: fICHTAR
One day the nightwatchman of Elze walked into a tavern north of his hometown. It seemed like a nice place to blow of some steam, but self control was never a character trait he was known for, so 'some' turned into 'a lot' and a night he'd never forg...
Trappings of the Ravenous Fiend
Collection by: Don Don
A set for Lifestealer! Concept by Kyle Cornelius (Ziedrich) - @KyleLCornelius Model and Texture by Don Don - @ArtByDonDon More updates and progress images on Facebook -
Almighty Gorgon Vestments
Collection by: OniLolz
Almight Gorgon Vestments set for Medusa :)
Single Item Collection
Collection by: Don Don
A collection of single items I made recently for: Lone Druid, Disruptor, Abaddon, Earthshaker, Huskar, Spectre, Pudge, Lion, Tusk, Silencer, and Dark Seer. Also includes a courier! Special thanks to Jenny for animating the Abaddon Ward and WuKong t...
Redmoon Assassinator's Secret Finery
Collection by: K-Pax
Hi all. I just finish a new set for lanaya.if you like it ,vote it. thx :) In her pursuit of the mysteries of the universe, Lanaya endlessly practiced her assassination techniques. Upon the Orient, she encountered a reclusive martial arts master. Intr...
Dark Wraith
Collection by: Spudnik
As night descends and the lines between light and darkness fade, the people lock their homes and light fires to keep away the wraith that haunts the night. Mortred, they call it. They say the last thing you see is a dark silhouette peeling out of the fog,...
Shadow hunter
Collection by: Dr. Robo
Hey guys! Check out new set for Nyx assassin made for CaspeRRR from SLTV!!! 3 Skins included: Orange, Blue and Purple Okay guys! If you bought my Nyx Assassin set and want to unlock all color schemes here are 30 games from The International Qualifiers ...
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