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Create and submit new items (such as armor, weapons, clothing, Couriers, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Or help identify the best by rating up your favorites. Submission Guidelines
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Vasaar Implements
Collection by: Vermilion Wlad
Let them see our teeth.
Dark cruel tyrant
Collection by: HyrX
Death can not stop the king's anger, king's revenge!
Of the Shade
Collection by: Warlock Psychologist
Dazzle’s fulfillment of the night of shades gifted him power and apparel suitable for battle. Crafted with ethereal materials from the Nothl Realm, this set of items keeps Dazzle forever connected to its dimension and power. Please vote on the entire...
The Ruined Prince
Collection by: Giovanniello
**Edit Five stars!!! I updated the textures and masks, also new screenshots and video! Thanks everyone who voted on and favorited the set! Six piece set for Riki - Head - Shoulders - Arms - Tail - Weapon - Off-Weapon I hope you enjoy the ...
Heirloom of the Sea
Collection by: Sylei
Heirloom of the Sea set for Medusa Many people would keep a souvenir of the past, Medusa is one of them. The day she turned to a powerful creature she prepared her armor and weapons to go and seek revenge only with one thing in mind : her family, the b...
Horns of the Eternal Dominance
Collection by: .nullf
Silent Killer Set
Collection by: CTaKaH_MoJIoKa
Ethereal Sound Set
Collection by: Puϟϟ†olioツ-|--<ZA
After a massive explosion caused by a chemical imbalance, hundreds of folk have gone deaf and some died Deep in the Hazhadal barrens. This was caused by invasion of the Darkbrew family. The mages worked hard in creating a armor, blade, belt, shield, helm ...
One Thousand and Two Nights
Collection by: Willypup
Royal Armour Set
Collection by: )0)0)))00))0))))))0))0)0)00))0)0
Royal set for wraith king
Embrace of the Abyss Set
Collection by: Futushia
The abyss calls to you. *If I have time, i'll make a better promo image*
Heart of Torment
Collection by: Hawkseye
Set of 4 items for Leshrac the Tormented Soul.
Collection by: SamTheSane
With the Fallen item set, I was aiming to give Doom Bringer more of a dark gothic or satanic cultist feel. Created as an entry into the polycount contest.
Apparel of Unending Wealth
Collection by: Yi
Razzil has finally mastered the conversion of metals to gold. His formula will buy him any items he desires!
[R]oshan Hunter
Collection by: *POOF*
Designed by Roshan Studio.
The Fisherman
Collection by: SNIPA
Fishy Fishy.
The Gorgon's Revenge
Collection by: Prophet9
Driven by rage due to the kidnapping of her sisters, Medusa called upon her mother, the Sea Goddess Keto, to grant her power to seek revenge on the assailants. Taking Medusa's beauty as payment, Keto transformed her daughter into a horrible serpent creat...
The Battle Mage
Collection by: nights-x
new set for silencer, dont forget to give it a thumbs up if you like it and check my other workshop items ;)
Set of the Mad Woodsman
Collection by: Rowinish©RainbowSprinkles
Pudge is a lumber jack and he's okay... that is if he makes that hook. Once upon a time a friendly woodsman named Pudge went into the wood to find some food. He was a patient hunter and would do anything for a perfect shot at prey. His diet mainly cons...
Blessings of the Lunar Dragon
Collection by: Bronto ϟ Thunder
My submission for the monthly Dota 2 Workshop competition over at Polycount, check out my progress plus the rest of the awesome entries here:
Regalia of the Unholy Crusade
Collection by: Foreal
The Regalia of the Unholy Crusade are the vestments worn by the Skeleton King as he and his monstrous army marched into the lower depths of the Underworld. Peiced together with tropies of the slaugtered beasts and rulers found further beyond the reaches o...
Scintillant Venom Orb Set
Collection by: Puϟϟ†olioツ-|--<ZA
The Magus Rubic, Created this powerful set, with the Sands of Scintillant, combining it with a pure venom.
Slave Chaser
Collection by: Drogbak
This concept is Korean traditional Assassin.
Obelis's Sacred Armor
Collection by: jCool
Full set for Chen the holy knight!
Slithereen Grace
Collection by: Vermilion Wlad
Armor of Echoes
Collection by: Ritz
Desert Wanderer Set
Collection by: Virgl
Lord of the Sindh set
Collection by: Samme
A set of clothes and weapons Kunkka wore while traveling the Sindh river.
Spike Set for Razor
Collection by: Waldek
a set for Razor
Bloody Ripper
Collection by: Bronto ϟ Thunder
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