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Lord of the Forbidden Sands
Collection by Cersei Lannister
Our newest Set for Sand King, enjoy! Follow us on facebook:
Tribe leader Ogre magi
Collection by Hi I'm Kurito kun
This how the real Tribe Leaders should look like!
Rekindled Ashes
Collection by Sylei
Ember Spirit set for New Bloom 2015
The Great Arachne
Collection by blossomalex
Broodmother Set - The Great Arachne
Rubyback Spinner
Collection by teabiscuit
Jing Mask(ST)_With particle 京面雷灵 (粒子版)
Collection by liangbinge
Crimson Bladesman
Collection by HEEHAW
Juggernaut Set
Unworthy Adversaries Adorned
Collection by Jeremy Klein
Armor made from the body parts of fallen beats slain by Huskar himself in his search of a worthy opponent.
The Last King of Nowhere
Collection by Farfarer
Sat on the beach, staring out to the horizon to where his native land one stood above the waves, a flash of red bobbing in the shoreline stirred Yurnero from his meditation. The faceless mask of the Emperor of the Isle of Masks, wrapped in the tattered
Ancient Winds
Collection by lola
A music pack for Dota 2 featuring subtle eastern themes with a focus on calming melodies.
Juggernaut - Armor of the War God
Collection by DotaFX
YYF QOP SET 月夜枫女王套装
Collection by liangbinge
YYF QOP SET 月夜枫女王套装
Reawoken Arbor
Collection by BladeofAvilliva
Styles for Reawoken Arbor single
Alchemist's unbeaten willpower
Collection by Jigglypuff
In the Age of Sail, the alchemist and his entourage also joined the ranks of the ogre ocean expedition. After years of battle and running, they have the fetters, just like the iron will, which will never be crushed by any artillery and waves. 在航海时代,炼金术
“Giant Hunter”
Collection by Jigglypuff
“Giant Hunter” -Bountyhunter
Team Secret
Collection by Brandy
Team Secret Official
The Plague Wyvern
Collection by OrganizedChaos
Concept by Kyle Cornelius Model/Textures by OrganizedChaos
pudge set
Collection by ПАПКА
Goraz - Styles
Collection by mechbgum!
Collection of styles for Goraz the Mighty Boar!
Collection by I'm Racat
Newbee Spectral snipe(sniper) 鬼隐狙击(火枪套装)
Collection by liangbinge
Newbee Spectral snipe(sniper) 鬼隐狙击(火枪套装)
Remnants of the Sacrificial Serpent
Collection by CLeGFX
Here is my submission for TI5 I give you, my new bloodseeker set! If you like it, rate it! Thank You!
LDD Mirana Set 龙神白虎套装
Collection by liangbinge
LDD Mirana Set 龙神白虎套
blade of Phantom
Collection by 可达鸭
blade of Phantom Designed for NanyangChampionships Hope u like it. <3 南洋杯DOTA2国际锦标赛饰品——娜迦海妖幻影之刃 司里希丝沿着路上的蛛丝马迹追上了一小队的深海巨怪,她在战斗中趁机夺回了鱼人卫士团的神兵,司里希丝往双刀注入魔力,双刀幻化出两个幻影,司里希丝的刀法也变得更加迅捷诡异,她杀死巨怪们,带上双刀继续追寻丢失的圣杯。
Warden of the Eternal Night
Collection by Cersei Lannister
Our newest set for Mirana in collaboration with Gamersbook, hope you like it!
Doom Bringer Blood Haiden Set
Collection by Evil Kon
Polycount Thread Sketchfab Model Viewer
Lord of the Hunt
Collection by Jeremy Klein
Lord of the Hunt
Shards of Ember
Collection by MdK
"Raikage Ares" -Storm Spirit
Collection by Jigglypuff
"Raikage Ares" I'll scatter my foes like dead leaves in a winter gale!
◦♥◦KITE◦♥◦'s Bow Bundle
Collection by ◦♥◦KITE◦♥◦
These are some bow I have made, and it might be cool to release as a bundle
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