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Create and submit new items (such as armor, weapons, clothing, Couriers, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Or help identify the best by rating up your favorites. Submission Guidelines
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Mantle of the Falconer set
Collection by: Bleako
This outfit was built with a falcon theme in mind, with feathers decorating the cape and shoulderpads while also giving Windrunner a "mysterious traveling ranger" look by fitting her with a green hood and new haircut. The golden avian figure displayed on ...
Ancient Armor
Collection by: Titus
Ancient Armor set for Morphling
Collection by: Chemical Alia
A set for Mirana by Chemical Alia and Dry.
Might of Ancestors
Collection by: Tidal Craftsman
Trowle shaman's have a high respect for their ancestors and for the old ways of practice. This set embodies the Shadow Shaman's belief in magic and how it should be practiced. All items skinned to appropriate bones Items posses LOD0 level when availa...
Veil of the Moon
Collection by: Vermilion Wlad
Windrunner Wanderer's set
Collection by: gramps
A set of items for Windrunner that includes a cape, shoulders with a collar and a scarf, a different hairstyle, and a bow. The shoulders and cape are meant to extent her colors, the tail like pattern running down the cape is meant to give the appearance...
August Radiant Heroes Weapon Collection
Collection by: K-Pax
All of weapon for radiant heroes. pls vote it if you like :) this is my blog
Stormcrow's Spirit
Collection by: Farfarer
Legendary tales are told of the near-mythical stormcrows. Giant, powerful and reclusive, they reside atop inaccessible mountain peaks, hidden from the world by constant dark clouds. Their rare sightings are warnings of devastating storms following clos...
The Ice Breaker
Collection by: Bronto ϟ Thunder
This set was made by Danidem and myself in combination with and for the amazing iceiceice!
Cadenza magic master set
Collection by: K-Pax
This is for lgd team.hope you like it :) 国内的朋友请看youku
Heart of the North
Collection by: Frump
A set for Crystal Maiden. Lots of furs, essential for surviving the harsh northern climate of Icewrack.
Aethereal Charge Set
Collection by: Phro
A full set for Spirit Breaker made for the polycount contest! Check out the whole process at: -- Wohoo, featured by DotaCinema!
Alchemy Essentials
Collection by: :3
Essentials for alchemy and war!
AM - The Belligerent
Collection by: @Mig_Dota
Our set for Anti-Mage, you can find our WIP thread below Regards, Plant / Hinata
Eternal light set
Collection by: sir_AXE
Spectre identity shattering problems drived her mad and in undless struggle to regain her true form something changed
Crimson Wyvern Set
Collection by: Evil Kon
The Bone Bandit
Collection by: Hunter-Killer
Scraps scavenged from outer areas of Dark Reef, Slark used the remains of a fishy to disguise himself as the Bone Bandit. Any feedback please let me know and thanks for viewing! Thanks for the feature Dota Cinema! -
Dragon of Olympus
Collection by: ilore
"…After decades of blood and fire, he was claimed by the gods..." “… He gave to them his equipment, they transformed it, and an armor and a weapons of enormous power were created for him...” “…Since then, this warrior fights in the name ...
Champion of Druud
Collection by: Sathanus
Champion of Druud Made by: Alex Dima: Alex Pascal: Andrei Jiman: Gamersbook : - Website...
Graff's Loading Screens
Collection by: Graff
Ursine Dusk Armor
Collection by: FunkMasterLincoln
What better feature suits the mighty Ursa than a set or heavy Ursine Dusk Armor Thanks to my bro Martin Wijeiv for thinking of the name! Thanks man! Set: Ursine Dusk Helm Ursine Dusk Bracers Ursine Dusk Belt Like what you see? Please share and l...
Phoenix Bloodline
Collection by: mihalceanu
Remake/overhaull of my old lina set .
Lion's Demonic Transformation
Collection by: DrySocket
An evolving head piece for Lion! These would level up for each level of Lion's Ultimate. If the community is interested, I might make an entire set which evolves in this way. Let me know if that's what you want! This was made during the Internation...
The Shadow King Set
Collection by: Le-Dano
Shadow Demon views himself a king and must remind lesser demons of their fate if they attempt to destroy him again. Taking the remnants of defeated Fiends and wearing them like armor, Shadow Demon intends to remind everyone of what he is and will become.
Emote Taunt Pack
Collection by: Old Man Mozz
5 animated emoticons for you to tell your enemy how much you care.
Thunderwraths Calling Set
Collection by: jCool
Now in the store! Omniknight is taking flight! Angelic armor and weapon set for Omniknight.
Deaths Bloom
Collection by: Vermilion Wlad
Immemorial Emperor
Collection by: Bronto ϟ Thunder
The shadowfangs
Collection by: Nannou[KEEN]
Wolfsden Winter Gear
Collection by: Vermilion Wlad
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