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Vestment of the Everlasting Blaze
Collection by CataFa
Magic has always been a power divided between light and darkness. Ancient tales speak of a mysterious vestment with the ability to unleash the purest form of energy that burns forever. To wear such an item could drive a man crazy and on the verge of destro
The Brass Bird
Collection by Hawkseye
Set of 5 items for Gyrocopter.
Mysterious Vagabond
Collection by kremrhi
Polycount Thread : Rhasta knows that you don't get the title of Shadow Shaman if you don't put a bit of effort to it. This set give to Rhasta the look of the Mysterious Vagabond, ideal t
Metal Abyss Tidehunter
Collection by Iziaky
METAL ABYSS TIDEHUNTER - Set Check out all the other piece of the armor, and let me know what are you thinking about! Also vote for it so we will have more chances to get in game! :D Visit my Portfolio to see my other works:
Regalia of the BroodQueen
Collection by 7thBattery
I've been working on my courier for a little while and had an idea for Broodmother that just kept itching me. It seemed like a simple enough idea, so I thought I'd divert onto that before getting back on the much more complex courier. Phew. Broodmother
The Blazing Superiority for Dragon Knight
Collection by Keanhotshine
Noble blood lineage and ancient ancestral dragon heritage have mingled. Here comes, the dragon knight's blazing superiority!
Plasma revenant
Collection by Celths
This is my set for Razor, i hope you like it !
Clergy Ascetic Set
Collection by CTaKaH_MoJIoKa
Shadow of The Dark Reef
Collection by Keanhotshine
Ninja suit for slark.With abyssal blade in his hand ,sange and yasha on the back. Hope you like it!
Flames of Tarrasque
Collection by PULT
Andrew "Mag" Chipenko set
Vexxing Voodoo
Collection by Threepgood!
From the darkest reaches of Arktura, Zharvakko the Witch Doctor appears with a collection of crude Voodoo Dolls resembling foes both past and present. Though sometimes considered practitioner of healing magics don't be soothed by Zharvakko's cries when tor
Puppet Master
Collection by e_forge
Check out our new set for Rubick! Coming with custom ability icons, cute smile and happy puppet :-]
Escape Master set
Collection by K-Pax
Hey guys, escape master set is our new works cooperate with OB.YYF. Hope you like this sniper set. Huge thanks for everyone that give us suggestion.If you liked ,Pls give it a thumbs up.thanks :) concept and model:K-Pax & HyrX and Forge core is n
Steel Cerberus
Collection by Kraken
Steel Cerberus set for Lifestealer. We called it cerberus because he has 3 armored heads, two of them on his shoulders Comes with two styles of head armour.
ZSMJ'S Heavenly General Set
Collection by PrivateRowan
A set made in collaboration with the Chinese player ZSMJ, based on an army general theme this is what we have created. Be sure to check out all parts of the set as well as the loading screen!
Collection by Chemical Alia
Shredded wings beat on the frozen wind.
The Viking Set for Ogre Magi
Collection by 모글리13
Set iclude Helmets+beard, Armor, Cape+Shield, Bracers and Weapons.
Unrequited Corruption
Collection by Rock It
Frostborn Mage
Collection by Mv
The Frostborn Mage is a promotional set for Analyst, Caster and former professional player NS. This set was made and sponsored by Mihalcenu and RavaFX. Follow us on:
Diesel Dozer
Collection by Kramol'nik
Vindictive Protector Set
Collection by OniLolz
"To protect my kin! This is my duty." Thanks for your support!
Eleven Curses
Collection by Bisho Bola -Esp-
Doom bringer Item, part of the doombringer set - Eleven Curses- 11 eyes - 11 seals - 11 curses As soon as I figure out how to preview the fullset ingame , will upload screenshots, meanwhile enjoy this piece with game engine you can read about t
Collection by Airborn_Studios
Brace yourself, winter is coming, get your facial hair grown it's going to be cold! And on a sidenote, please you, the creators take the time to contact Vlave to open up the revenue again if you want to share with charity. No-Shavenovember just register
Drunken Master
Collection by Sith Happens.
Watch how DOTA2 sets are designed, sculpted, textured and more, live on LIVEWORKSHOP!!! Interact with creators, learn new techniques, workflows, best practices, suggest ideas or just hang out and enjoy the live art. Rate, fave and share to make sure you
Caustic Alloy Set
Collection by Jal
"Guardian of the Bountiful Spring" COMING SOON!
Collection by k u n k k a
"Life ends, but death fleets.. From fortune comes victory. Such is nature's way..." - King Midas Hi guys, As the first of a full set of items for the Spring event, this is a loading screen for a Nature's Prophet set in collaboration with :3 The mak
Blazing Frontier
Collection by Jazza
Created by Jazza and Tidal Craftsman, the Blazing Frontier Set seeks to emulate the adventure aspect of Batrider - once a simple field worker until swept up by a massive Morde-Bat, which lead to him finding his calling as the Bat Rider - always burning to
Kunkka's Phantastic Bundle
Collection by Liquid Enterprises B.V.
Charged armor
Collection by YouS
Charged armor
Rage of The Volcano
Collection by Keanhotshine
Mt. Joerlak is our home... But now she is burning...We should fight today! it is the last standing fight. Our anger is armor, our rage is weapon!Let our enemy tast it! Hope you like it.^_^ 优酷链接:
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