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Dreamleague Season 2 Bundle
Collection by Zaphk
DreamLeague Sniper set + Guardian Angel HUD bundle
Tidehunter's Scavenger Survival Set
Collection by Pigga
A true survival set made up of the ship wreckage and crustaceans. DotaCinema featured this set Thanks Guys!
Ancestral Trappings
Collection by Willypup
The Ancestral Trappings are a 5 piece set created for the DOTA2 Polycount competition. The Ancestral Trappings are powerful artifacts passed down from generation to generation. Only the most worthy of the Dezun Order will ever have the honor to wear it.
Cursed Freedom Set
Collection by mariowiechec
This item was created for the Polycount contest. The w.i.p thread for this item, and the other items in this collection can be viewed here: This Set represents what the Queen of Pain wore the nigh
The Summit 3 Chest - Treasure of the Frigid Beyond
Collection by BeyondtheSummit
These frozen treasures were uncovered by a Keen expedition into the most frigid of passes of the Peaks of Nishai, stowed away in the cellar of an empty inn. The trailblazers had searched for just such riches as these, bundles of pristine armor forgotten al
Demon Archer
Collection by AstraZeroZak
Awakened Thirst
Collection by Nannou
Awakened Thirst by KEEN WORKSHOP Follow us for upcoming projects and giveaways@ If you have questions or want to collaborate you can reach us at ke
Legacy Of Earth Set
Collection by Писька
Legacy Of Earth Set
The Summit 2 Bundle
Collection by Andrew_Helenek
Resentment of Banished Princess
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
The Eternal Revenant
Collection by The Cook
Malevolent Masquerade
Collection by Bronto ⚡ Thunder
Riki's Malevolent Masquerade. My entry for the Dota 2 Polycount Contest. You can see the whole set's work in progress here:
Trenchstalker Set
Collection by Don Don
Slark has been through the roughest waters in the sea, and now he's come out of the deepest trenches equipped to be more fierce and fearsome than ever before.
Lineage of the Banished Guard
Collection by Sith Happens.
Lineage of the Banished Guard Banished from ancient Isle of Masks, Yurnero the Masked Guard seeks to bring retribution to those responsible, and restore honor to his peoples lineage. ---------------------------------- Watch how DOTA2 Items are made l
Braided Mysteries
Collection by Fewes
Set for Templar Assassin!
Reinforced Crixalis
Collection by Joshimon
The Djinn of Qaldin reinforced the armour surrounding the Soul of the Sands form in order to protect the deserts most ferocious and treasured guardian. Any suggestions or feedback please let me know and thanks for viewing! Dota Cinema Top 5 - http:/
Araceae's Tribute - Enchantress
Collection by Chemical Alia
Treasures from a faraway island. I made these items at the Workshop Contributer booth at The International 3. Other participants in this Workshop event were Dry, Primrose!~, Danidem, Bisho Bola, Anuxi, Fewes, Nights, Bronto ϟ Thunder, and Sith Happens.
Molten War Armor - Furious Kirin Knight
Collection by GG_bond
Work with my friend Simple first time on this CK set. Hope you all like our work.
Province of the Psion Inquisitor
Collection by Mv
This set has been added to the game. This set belongs to player, commentator and analyst Wagamama, who is a well known Templar Assassin player. The inspiration behind the concept of this set was to draw from the original vestiges of Lanaya and go for a
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Year of the Horse Lina Collection
Aeyuth's Reliquiae (Sven Set)
Collection by Meat4every1
here's the loading screen if you want a DESKTOP BG ;D Lore: Centuries long past, the Vigil Knights had hunted the black dragon Aeyuth, only achieving a single victory. In the codex it was written that this living blasphemy had
Neo-Magi Cultist - Polycount contest entry
Collection by Hawf
After countless attempts and failures at Dota 2 item submissions I'm very pleased to present the finalized Neo Magi Cultist set for Antimage After playing with my original idea since March I decided to completely redraw all the concepts, re-model and
Rocket Maniac
Collection by madshock
Rocket Maniac some are just a littlebit more insane than others... please also visit the single items and leave a vote there. every vote counts. Credits madShock: concept, texture & masks, illustration Rocket: model, video Andumy: particle eff
Tribal Terror V2
Collection by Evil Kon
This is version 2 of the Tribal Terror Set we created over a year ago but wasn't approved possibly due to some technical and artistic refinements. Since we liked this set so much, we refined the model and recreated all the textures and resubmitted it to g
Collection by daniDem
BigDaddy, BigMace. Made in collaboration with BigDaddy for Fnatic!
First Light
Collection by Bronto ⚡ Thunder
[NewBee] Tall Boy, The Mini Paladin Courier
Collection by DotaFX
Tall Boy, The Mini Paladin Courier , for the DotA2 Team Newbee.
Damathryx Legacy - Dark Seer Set
Collection by motenai
Protection is what Damathryx offers to his most valuable general. The death to his enemies is what he expects in return!
The Fiery Heart
Collection by Paproch
...when he plunged inside, in the deepest cave, he fought with some mad inventor. In the terrifying workshop, the Raider found strange bat-like, flying machine. When he touched her, her eyes blazed with fire! She moved up, she moaned and he heard the heart
The Remainings of the Ice Drake
Collection by Nannou
One night during her sleep, one of the strongest creature of this world attacked Traxex's village. The ice drake only came for food, spreading frozen fire all around the land, destroyed several houses of the drow's people. Several days passed, and aft
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