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Scratchy the Bounty Hunter's Apprentice
Collection by Kraken
Scratchy the Bounty Hunter's Apprentice Many moons ago, Bounty Hunter put an end to the career of his teacher and mentor known as Soruq The Hunter. Following in his former masters footsteps, Gondar took in an orphan under his wing and made an apprentic...
Fury'S Venture - Na`Vi
Collection by ★ Mystic Snake
Sven set for Na`Vi.
Tortured Revenant Set
Collection by Don Don
Energy from Spectre’s home plane of existence pulses through and is overtaking parts of her armor. This is a 5 piece item set, using the extra Miscellaneous slot. * I’ve changed my username from Junglehermit to Don Don, for the sake of unifyin...
Empress of the Deeps
Collection by Anuxi ♥
Naga Siren as the Empress of the Deeps; an item set I created for the DOTA2 polycount challenge. You can view the process of this set on the Polycount forums:
Life Stealer - The Transmuted Armaments
Collection by DotaFX
Haze Atrocity
Collection by e_forge
Riki set for Versuta!!! Made by Robo, e_forge and Drew Carrymore (particles). With custom ability icons! you can check set in game here:
Mushi QoP - Sanguine Royalty
Collection by @mig_dota
Set for Mushi!
Rhasta's true form
Collection by Tinek
...After death of his swindler-partner, there was nothing that could stop Rhasta from developing his (true) magical gift. Because of his inherited reputation, he wasn't welcomed in cities, therefore he deicided to return to his former lands: Bleeding Hill...
SnowStorm Huntress
Collection by Anuxi ♥
A wintery mirana set with Two styles for the mount! Perfect for expeditions into a winter wonderland. Check out the model animated and equip-able with other in game items at the DOTA2 Hattery!
Mischievous Dragon Set
Collection by OniLolz
Abaddon - Demonic Vessel of the Avernus [ALLIANCE]
Collection by DotaFX
This Set is Selected. Purchase it on DotA2 Store here :
Firestarter Set
Collection by Boonta
The Flame Bat’s blood is as thick as tar and burns just as hot. The rider taps the creature’s blood, harvesting it for his own fiery needs.
The Witch Hunter
Collection by Natus Vincere
The Witch Hunter - Anti-Mage set by Natus Vincere
Belle of the North Star
Collection by DrySocket
"Let's kick some ice!"
FullMetal Firefly
Collection by AstraZeroZak
Timbersaw set.
Crystal Scavenger Meepo Set
Collection by Team Fnatic
Fnatic's Meepo set includes five items, three custom ability icons and a loading screen. Lately, things in the Riftshadow Ruins had reached an all-time low; food was scarcer than ever. In these desperate times, a few brave Meepos began to delve deeper ...
Scarlet Quarry
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Set for the Starladder X tournament. You can also follow me on to watch item creation broadcasts and to follow the updates! And you can check out the concept art and wip pic...
Firedancer Attire
Collection by Sylei
Lina set.
Regalia of the Mortal Coil
Collection by Yi
Bladed Sentinel
Collection by @mig_dota
Bladed Sentinel set. *** Click on any of the items for in-game shots ***
Neptunian servant
Collection by Nikey
Check out our new set for YOL from RoxKIS!
Cloud Forged Battle Gear
Collection by Tidal Craftsman
High above the eerie past the highest clouds no bird would dare fly over lies the cloud forge. It has been operated by ancient giants in service to the nest for centuries. They scarcely speak more than a few words and in the chilling wisps where most woul...
Legacy of the Awakened
Collection by k u n k k a
The Legacy of the Awakened The faint moon cast its light over the landscape, illuminating the walking corpses beyond count that were mindlessly patrolling in the vicinity of Turstarkuri Monastery. Sounds of rumbling guts and moaning filled the air, fue...
Nightsilver Sentinel
Collection by Anuxi ♥
A full item set I made for Mirana, which includes a fluffy owlion mount! This was part of the polycount monthly competition: I also streamed the entire process and saved the VODS on my twitch ac...
Garb of the Consuming Tides
Collection by Yi
The noble armors of Slithice, the Naga Siren.
WolfHunter - Lone Druid's set
Collection by T_Vidotto
This set is a result of months of work and a lot of feedback from the Polycount forum and the Dota community over Reddit. The full pack contains: ✔ 5 items ✔ Spirit Bear fully made from scratch, with all new animations and particles ✔ [b...
Nether Lord
Collection by Dr. Robo
Check out our new set for BZZ from RoxKIS that comes with new particle effects and custom nether ward. Vote for every item in set so it will have more chances to get in game. also check out my website
DOTA Portraits Loadscreen Pack ONE
Collection by Artgerm
This is the first compilation of the loadscreens based on my DOTA Hero Portraits. It consists of the following 5 heroes: Axe, Windranger, Earthshaker, Invoker & Phantom Assassin. Thank you for your support and more portraits coming! Follow me on my Fac...
Son of Magnus
Collection by Konras
Official S4 Magnus set. Magnus - last of the magnoceros kin. A tale told by the master blacksmiths from Mt. Joerlak describes what is believed to be the sad end of this mighty beast; an end that came with the unexpected eruption of Mt. Joerlak. The mag...
Spectre_Dark Gabriel set
Collection by GreyskyS
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