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The Three Virtues
Collection by: ✔ Andrew_Helenek [Red Moon]
For generations, three virtues have dictated a good life: Fortune, Prosperity and Longevity. Attributes represented in the likes of the jovial Thunderkeg, the fiery yet wise disciple of Xin, and the everlasting fortitude of General Kaolin. Red Moon Wor...
Primeval Prophet
Collection by: Chemical Alia
There's a lot of Nature's Prophet sets out there, so when Ohaiyo asked us to make something for Furion, we knew we'd have to offer a something new. This set contains a wild treant, custom effects for the staff and teleport, 2 styles for the cape along wi...
Thunder Rider
Collection by: Nannou
ESL One Frankfurt 2014 Compendium Stretch Goal Items
Collection by: bounchfx
This is a collection of items for the ESL-One 2014 Compendium tier rewards. Base prize pool is set at $150,000 The tiers are as follows: Tier 1 - Battle Booster - $150,000 - UNLOCKED! Tier 2 - ESL One Frankfurt loading screen - $160,000 - UNLOCK...
The Shaper of Worlds
Collection by: deadl3ss
In the Begining of all worlds there exist the Shapers. The Power of the Shapers was found in the rare Shaper Crystals forged by the Creator himself. Withing was the power to form and reform worlds as the Shaper wills. These are the implements ...
The Crimson Stalker set.
Collection by: The Betrayer
The Crimson Stalker set.
Set of the Keltic Ranger
Collection by: Fewes
After working on this for a million years, here it finally is: a set for one of our favorite heroes. Hope you like it!
Conquests of Golden Sun
Collection by: Kramol'nik
Only true warlords, an excellent in combat and ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of victory, deserve the blessings of the Sun God. And the reward is worthy of its owner, it is his pride and honor.
Tech Mage Storm Harness
Collection by: Kralzar
Disruptor discovered the true destructive power of the storm. Incorporating technology of his ancestors with that of his own. He has been able to truly harness the power of the storm. The new conduit weapon acts as a catalyst for him to manipulate the ...
Forgotten Wanderer
Collection by: uglymuffin
My Polycount DotA 2 Contest entry for Shadow Shaman. WIP Thread:
Dark Sister
Collection by: maki attack
Members of the Dark Sister sect of the veil lack not only mercy but the gift of sight. Some speculate their eyes are removed at birth, some say they are blinded as punishment for infractions against the shadowy sisterhood. One thing is certain, their lack...
Hell's Breeze
Collection by: JovaGrof
The Remainings of the Ice Drake
Collection by: Nannou
One night during her sleep, one of the strongest creature of this world attacked Traxex's village. The ice drake only came for food, spreading frozen fire all around the land, destroyed several houses of the drow's people. Several days passed, and af...
Champion of Discord
Collection by: motenai
Chaos can assume many shapes and faces! Discordia, as many knows, it's the most terrifying of them all.
Steam woodcutter
Collection by: growl
Years have passed but the war with the trees continues. There is a big city now at the place where Rizzrack made his first saw-suit in his small workshop. Those who have once heard the terrible rattle of his suit join him in his war. There were a lot of e...
The Cavalier of Anarchy
Collection by: RocketAlex
Hey guys, here is our new set for Chaos Knight in a new unique style. We houpe you will like it. Please, vote for all the parts of the set.
Relics of the phantasmal veil
Collection by: Kageko
The sisters of the veil have held a set of garments worn by one of the founding sisters in their sacred archives. It is said whoever wears this will have their soul replaced by their phantasmal predecessor. WIP thread:
Armour of the Magehunter
Collection by: Snowstorm
The first step on the Anti-mage's quest to wipe the stain of magic off the face of the world was to infiltrate the ranks of the best spellcasters and learn their weaknesses. He sought out the Crimson Wyverns, a renown clan of battle mages who specialised ...
N'aixes Destiny Set
Collection by: blossomalex
Set for Lifestealer - N'aixes Destiny Set
Puck Pteryx
Collection by: Es'Kophan
Winged set with costom animation
Collection by: Péro
Set for Shadow Shaman.
Crystal Scavenger Meepo Set
Collection by: Team Fnatic
Fnatic's Meepo set includes five items, three custom ability icons and a loading screen. Lately, things in the Riftshadow Ruins had reached an all-time low; food was scarcer than ever. In these desperate times, a few brave Meepos began to delve deeper ...
The Dreamhunter set
Collection by: Mister Foster
Bundle for Atropos, the Bane elemental. Includes a set of horns, bracers, shoulderpads, armor and a dreamcatcher.
The Lonely Wolf Set (black)
Collection by: Virgl
KOTL Bindings of the Incandescent
Collection by: Tidal Craftsman
5 piece set for kotl that includes an ethereal steed! Please upvote and share! - TC - :3
The Masquerade
Collection by: Vermilion Wlad
Lanaya's curiosity and thievery led her to the Ivory City, where the masked librarians of the Nightingales cult hid their esoteric scriptures. Spending weeks to study the citizens proved fruitful as she eventually uncovered the entrance to the Nightingale...
Revival set
Collection by: Sebastian
Revival set PolyCount thread-
Nyx's Deadly Nightshade Set
Collection by: Quetzalt
This set was summoned by the vitriolic fear and protective instinct of Nyx, after her sons birth. Weapon: The Nightshades The Helm of Hypnos The Armor of Shadows
Collection by: Mystic Snake 神秘蛇
Doomfg - Set for Doom. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Vote for each item in the collection ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
Trenchstalker Set
Collection by: Don Don
Slark has been through the roughest waters in the sea, and now he's come out of the deepest trenches equipped to be more fierce and fearsome than ever before.
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