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Meracle's Shimmering Radiance Naga Set
Collection by Anuxi♥
A naga siren set for the Pro Player Meracle from team Scythe! Meracle is well known for his amazing competitive Naga Siren and I wanted to celebrate that with a set for him. Sales of this set will give a percentage of the revenue to Meracle himself.
Bearer of Darkness - Chaos Knight Set
Collection by CalvinVerhoolen
Chaos Knight in his new armour.
Shadow hunter
Collection by Dr. Robo
Hey guys! Check out new set for Nyx assassin made for CaspeRRR from SLTV!!! 3 Skins included: Orange, Blue and Purple Okay guys! If you bought my Nyx Assassin set and want to unlock all color schemes here are 30 games from The International Qualifiers i
Bloody Mad - Lifestealer Set
Collection by rozenkrans
Bloody Mad - Lifestealer Set
Team Empire HUD Bundle
Collection by Team Empire
Includes the Team Empire Hud Skin and Loading Screen.
The Second Disciple
Collection by bounchfx
Word has traveled quickly that a new army was being trained in the ways of the Enchanted Blade - techniques of deadly magic devised by Gondar's old master, Soruq. There was only one to have been taught these skills, and he was Soruq's other student, his se
Hunter with No Name
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
The Swarm King
Collection by JovaGrof
Augurs Curse
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Watch the process behind this set on And follow us on and !
Legacy of the Year Beast
Collection by Jeremy Klein
Legacy of the Year Beast A part of the Treasure of the Wondrous Ram Jeremy Kein Concept by: Kyle Cornelius Back Skinning by: Don Don
Redmoon Assassinator's Secret Finery
Collection by K-Pax
Hi all. I just finish a new set for lanaya.if you like it ,vote it. thx :) In her pursuit of the mysteries of the universe, Lanaya endlessly practiced her assassination techniques. Upon the Orient, she encountered a reclusive martial arts master. Intro
Lone Druid- The Iron Claw
Collection by Tidal Craftsman
The Iron Claw Set for lone druid In the eastern rift children are told two folktales. One of a blue beast beast from before daylight even existed; the other, of a nomadic druidic clan. The Iron Claw, dwellers of the high eastern steppes; protectors of t
Eki Spiritual Implements
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Riftshadow Roamer
Collection by Squid
This Meepo is a well seasoned traveller. A collector of junk and a dealer in tall tales, this drifter has seen it all out in the ruins, and for an incredibally high price he might even let you in on a secret or two. Just keep the secret to yourself and you
Updates collection
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Collection that updates some of the really old cosmetics. Vote on the collection and individual items to let Valve know that you want them updated!
Escape Master set
Collection by K-Pax
Hey guys, escape master set is our new works cooperate with OB.YYF. Hope you like this sniper set. Huge thanks for everyone that give us suggestion.If you liked ,Pls give it a thumbs up.thanks :) concept and model:K-Pax & HyrX and Forge core is n
Eye of beholders
Collection by SebastianBastian
The beholders from the war
Moonshard Overgrowth
Collection by MdK
"Deep within the ancient groves of Verodicia, beyond the grasp and knowledge of men, lays a mysterious crystal of skyward birth. Fallen from the mad moon itself, the gem is known only to the veiled inhabitants of the forest as moonshard. From within the st
Blistering Rage
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Slark - The Ocean Conqueror Set
Collection by Meshroom
Hi, this is my first set hope you guys like it! Here is a little concept of doing this set: Slark was an audacious burglar. In order to prove himself the ability, he sneaked into Poseidon's palace and stole his armor, the Ocean Conqueror. He was fascina
The Witch of the Outlands
Collection by Cersei Lannister
The Witch of the Outlands wasn’t necessarily malevolent, but the fate she spoke of was not one to be ignored.
Death protest set
Collection by K-Pax
Death protest set. I created for the DOTA2 polycount challenge. You can view the process of this set on the Polycount forums: ...
D-Mask Ogre Magia
Collection by 阿诗玛
D-Mask Ogre Magia \The D-Mask Ogre Magia is more greedy than the other Ogre Magi, generally the greedy guy is't looks clever,and so he is.The funny is the two feuding heads are very like eating the sticky stuff things in head of his prey,maybe he want to
Plant and Hinata wearables.
Collection by Boom
A collection of single items we decided to do, every item is heavily tied into the lore with characters, and we developed it in a way so it would make sense for them to have them.
The Iceborn Trinity
Collection by Yi
Hope you guys like it :)
Explorer of the Deeps
Collection by GG_bond
Decide to make a set to match the shell I submitted couple weeks ago. Here it is and hope you like it. I did make an offhand item but I couldn't see the simulation when I tested it. So I am leaving it out right now. Scouts reported to Maelrawn the Ten
Treasure of the Amethyst Snake
Collection by Nikey
Hello everyone! We've finished our new chest! We hope you will like it! Also vote other parts of this chest, and it will have more chances to be in Dota 2!
Venomancer_Hydra (switch color)
Collection by [AG] NPC - LaughingSkyPig
Venomancer_Hydra (switch color) Click on the images below to see all sets:
Abaddon - Vlad von Carstein
Collection by [AG] NPC - LaughingSkyPig
I hope you guys like this new Abaddon set for Warhammer Totalwar. Abaddon - Vlad von Carstein
Dual Wielding - juggernaut set
Collection by T_Vidotto
Dual wielding juggernaut set click on any of the items or on the video for more information.
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