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Fallen Warrior
Collection by: ®kTaU™
The Overlord Of Glaciomarine
Collection by: freeheartex
After a pub battle,everything was changed.Tusk was tired of fishing.One day, he boarded a corsair,Tusk looked even farther to the the Glaciomarine.
Necronubis - Necrophos Set
Collection by: J-fsh
This Necronubs Set for Necrophos, it is made in the Egyptian style, we tried to make it as the Egyptian god of death - Anubis. Happened if we had it, you decide!!!
Remains of the Dragon King
Collection by: Anxo Sotelo
Remains of the Dragon King Set Created by: Anxo Sotelo Pérez Portfolio ( Linkedin ( Twitter ( Facebook (
Bane of the Kharalings Set for Broodmother
Collection by: mechbgum814
The kharaling menace came to the tunnels of Mt. Pyrotheos from outer realms, perhaps artificially crafted in space. One may no longer tell, as the remaining population is now kept deep in the melting chambers, acting as unwilling donors for the Brood Quee...
Wrath of the Fallen Set
Collection by: Harmless
Set for Lycanthrope
Flayed Hound
Collection by: DeerHunter
The true BloodSeeker Set. On PolyCount:
Trappings of the Last Prince
Collection by: Don Don
A 6 piece set for Riki, who has recovered his ancestral trappings after avenging his family.
MVP - Phoe & Enix, guardians of justice
Collection by: Cersei Lannister
Courier made in partnership with MVP!
Hollow Golem Set
Collection by: Mr.Skullface
This is the Sven's Hollow Golem Set. My first set here in the Dota workshop!
Emote Taunt Pack
Collection by: Old Man Mozz
5 animated emoticons for you to tell your enemy how much you care.
Armaments of the Northern Exile
Collection by: Rubus
After the massacre of the Vigil Keep, Sven headed north, to the gelid lands of Icewrack. The seclusion and the harsh climate of this realm made these icy lands the perfect training ground, so he chose it to be his home in exile. But that wasn't the...
Mystic Stormcaller
Collection by: Sylei
Mystic Stormcaller set for Disruptor Only the most gifted are able to call down the electrical storms and bend them to their will. Between craftsmanship and magic, Disruptor has developped his innate magical affinity. He is known even beyond his lands ...
HGT - Spirit Conjurer Set
Collection by: PrivateRowan
A collection for the set called Spirit Conjurer made for the hero Brewmaster! Comes with a custom particle effect for the move thunderclap, check out the gif on the urn submission. Made in collaboration with the team Hyper Glory Team (HGT)
Illusion of Death
Collection by: shushibah
Anti-Mage Illusion of Death Collection
Fly's Keeper of the Light
Collection by: Spudnik
Dark Wizard Set
Collection by: ChrisGrey
Sacred Custodian Set
Collection by: CTaKaH_MoJIoKa
Dragonfire Armor
Collection by: zicoV
My entry for the Dota 2 Polycount contest. WIP Thread can be found here : Hope you like it :)
Eyrie's Battlesuit
Collection by: vikk0
In every battle there are winners and losers, cowards and brave, honorable and dishonorable. However, to win on the battlefield, much more is needed than courage, honor and determination. With such qualities and the best equipment, heroes are born.
Relic Sword Bundle
Collection by: T_Vidotto
Deep Sea Scoundrel
Collection by: Willypup
The Deep Sea Scoundrel set for Slark. Made in collaboration with NEXON.
Queen of Ghosts
Collection by: Sumers
Queen of Ghosts - Death Prophet armor set
Blackwater Disciple
Collection by: Threepgood!
Like the light and dark power of the Nothl realm, the giant reptiles of the Blackwater River stalk simultaneously above and below its shadowy magical waters. Select acolytes of the Dezun seek out these great beasts to harness their connection to the Darkn...
Vexxing Voodoo 2: Electric Hoodoo
Collection by: Threepgood!
A resubmission of my first DOTA 2 set I created for the Polycount contest. It has been almost 1 year since I first entered the workshop and I was approached about reworking the Vexxing Voodoo set I created for that competition. I decided to rework all...
The Shiphunter
Collection by: phonytony
Shiphunter's Armor Tidehunter found this armor during his many years of wandering in the seas and oceans. In a sunken ancient city, whose name has long been washed away by the waves. He took this armor from one of the stone guards standing before t...
King's Spite
Collection by: Clyptic
King's Fury
Kunkka's Phantastic Bundle
Collection by: Team Liquid
Aurel's Doddering Dreadnaught
Collection by: TriangleSoup
Proof that the sum is greater that its parts, Aurel's Doddering Dreadnaught was assembled from bits of everything including the kitchen sink. To say the dreadnaught was designed would be an overstatement. Aurel prioritised firepower over mobility, filling...
The Brass City of Veelavee
Collection by: Pina
The Brass City of Veelavee set for Brewmaster. Created for the Dota2 Polycount contest. Production thread - Idea and inspiration It is cool to think that Brewmaster is this great master of bre...
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