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The Last King of Nowhere
Collection by: Farfarer
Sat on the beach, staring out to the horizon to where his native land one stood above the waves, a flash of red bobbing in the shoreline stirred Yurnero from his meditation. The faceless mask of the Emperor of the Isle of Masks, wrapped in the tattered...
Vestments of the Frigid Cultist
Collection by: The Horse Strangler
Black Diamond Set
Collection by: Dante™
In this set I tried to simplicity, and the modern trend to bring the subject. Archers need to moving fast and silent, and the aiming accuracy to be effective. I do not want to make overdressed set for Drow, because vain the force, if unnecessary and heavy...
Set of the Keltic Ranger
Collection by: Fewes
After working on this for a million years, here it finally is: a set for one of our favorite heroes. Hope you like it!
Ageless Pines
Collection by: Yestar™
Four seasons for the Ageless Pines is just a moment. A voiceless song in an ageless light.
The Merciless
Collection by: nights-x
The set of the merciless is an armored but lightweight and nimble set of armor associated with a devastating weapon. It is earned only by the very best of the assassins that show the cold blood to kill without any questions or remorse.
Debris of the Binary Eclipse
Collection by: Frump
A set made in co-operation with FULL METAL DOTA for an upcoming tournament. Check out FULL METAL DOTA Follow me on Twitter @Frump3d
Corruption - bounty hunter item set
Collection by: Sumers
Teardrops of Elemental Ice - Phantom Lancer set
Collection by: motenai
The Teardrops of Elemental Ice are gemstones with immense power hidden in the frozen lands of Felwinn'd. After succeding on the quest to find all of Teardrops, Azwraith ,the phantom lancer, got the gems mounted into newly forged armor and spear, to be a...
Collection by: bounchfx
"The Three Virtues" A collaboration by Red Moon, Pior, and Boonta. This is the collection of items for Earth Spirit - "Strength of the Demon Stone"
Vermilion Warfare
Collection by: Vermilion Wlad
Necronubis - Necrophos Set
Collection by: J-fsh
This Necronubs Set for Necrophos, it is made in the Egyptian style, we tried to make it as the Egyptian god of death - Anubis. Happened if we had it, you decide!!!
Rune-forged armor
Collection by: Celths
Dragonus was promoted and rewarded with an armor for his actions in favor of the city.
Enjoy the Silence
Collection by: Ўuri
It was the night of the Third Caer'Nam Cycle when the bells atop the Monastery of Aeol Drias rang, alerting its residents about the huge Knights of the Fold army marching towards its gates. The Preceptors gathered every available student to man the walls ...
Fervent Fibromutosis
Collection by: Vermilion Wlad
Sea Devil
Collection by: Crowntail
Black Magic
Collection by: JovaGrof
Sand King Set: Soul Ripper
Collection by: DAC 2015
Grinding in sand for thousands of years, surface of the Sand King has gradually evolved into the Soul Crystal. Given the ability to absorb soul of others, Sand King will minced your soul and use it to release powerful force!
Hell's Breeze
Collection by: JovaGrof
Armour of the Magehunter
Collection by: Snowstorm
The first step on the Anti-mage's quest to wipe the stain of magic off the face of the world was to infiltrate the ranks of the best spellcasters and learn their weaknesses. He sought out the Crimson Wyverns, a renown clan of battle mages who specialised ...
Orchid Shield [collection]
Collection by: Viktor
A shield with the power of orchid malevolence
Knight of the Eternal Silence
Collection by: AstraZeroZak
The Silencer set made by AstraZeroZak, Robo & Na`Vi.VANSKOR. The set has two styles (Gray and Violet-gold). to unlock silver style watch Vanskor slaying his foes! Also we made new Idle and Taunt animations.
SnowStorm Huntress
Collection by: Anuxi ♥
A wintery mirana set with Two styles for the mount! Perfect for expeditions into a winter wonderland. Check out the model animated and equip-able with other in game items at the DOTA2 Hattery!
Revival set
Collection by: Sebastian
Revival set PolyCount thread-
Nyx's Deadly Nightshade Set
Collection by: Quetzalt
This set was summoned by the vitriolic fear and protective instinct of Nyx, after her sons birth. Weapon: The Nightshades The Helm of Hypnos The Armor of Shadows
Burning Celestial’s Legacy
Collection by: madShock
Burning Celestial’s Legacy The set´s theme is the arabic Efreet (fire based Djinn) Features: - Custom Particle Effects for Mainhand and Offhand - Custom Particle Effect for Head - Styleswitchable Head, Shoulder and Arm slot. - Custom Idle A...
Dual Nature
Collection by: Crowntail
The first hero set in Dota 2 that depends on which faction you're playing. If you play Dire faction you will play with the Dire Version Set, same goes to the Radiant Faction, it will change automatically. This set are created with one of the best dota pla...
The Lonely Wolf Set (black)
Collection by: Virgl
Vindictive Protector Set
Collection by: OniLolz
"To protect my kin! This is my duty." Thanks for your support!
Single Item Collection
Collection by: Don Don
A collection of single items I made recently for: Lone Druid, Disruptor, Abaddon, Earthshaker, Huskar, Spectre, Pudge, Lion, Tusk, Silencer, and Dark Seer. Also includes a courier! Special thanks to Jenny for animating the Abaddon Ward and WuKong t...
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