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Lifestealer`s Armlet of Mordiggian
Collection by BaNdenG
Armlet of Mordiggian! hope you will like it~!^_^
Collection by daniDem
Made by Hunter, Animator Steve & Danidem for the GD Studio. Lore Nelson escaped 2 years ago from Sweden's Wilderness where she was held hostage in the infamous GD Studio house at The International 4 EUHub. During her adventure, she encounte
Tactician of Forest
Collection by HeeJae
Tactician of Forest
Coiffes of the Firebrand - Lina customisation bundle
Collection by Pior
The Coiffes of the Firebrand bundle is a customization pack consisting of 6 neck pieces and 6 hairstyles for Lina. Some hairstyles comes with their own unique special effects ! Screenshots and GIFs can be seen by clicking on the item thumbnails. For
The Year Beast Slayer
Collection by Graff
Armor of the Tempest Fury
Collection by Homer J. Simpson
Set fot Ursa: Armor of the Tempest Fury We hope you like.
Helm of Fear
Collection by Hawf
Both submissions for the Helm of Fear for Sven includes model and particle fix.
Kraken's Ravager
Collection by Attasik
Collection of Aghanim's Scepters
Collection by Cyanistic
This collection of Aghanim's Scepters is not my own work but instead various other artists. I simply just gather them up into one nice package for everyone else to check out.
The Grave Keeper
Collection by Hawf
A Visage set made in collaboration with Virtus Pros very own Lil!
Avatar of Lunar New Year
Collection by Pernach
Avatar of Lunar New Year
Endless Nightmare
Collection by style_d
Endless Nightmare set for Night Stalker
Defender of The Depths
Collection by Strnr
Defender of The Depths set for Skywrath Mage made for TI7.
dancer of the flames set
Collection by DeathwishD01
this is lina's dancer of the flames set
Obelisque Set
Collection by PenguinHD
Obelisque Set for Sven Hero
Fallen Valkyrie
Collection by freeheartex
fallen valkyrie set design for vengefulspirit. Hope you like this^_^ concept&texture&loadingscreen by Weizi modelling by freeheartex http://i28.photobucket.
Chieftain Joe & Captain Ray
Collection by Meshroom
Even the weakest have their role in the war. While the heroes' great war is ongoing, there is also a little child war between the two clans.... Joe and Ray are the leaders of their courier teams, they are also competitors. They cut across the battlefiel
Collection by Jigglypuff
Arsenal of Champions
Collection by mrpresident
The Arsenal of Champions Chest, produced by Evil Geniuses. Created by mrpresident, The Horse Strangler, Terra.Cotta, and CiDDi.
Ethereal Drift
Collection by Scrotal Explosion
Its Death prophet. She flows around and shit.
King Viper
Collection by mihalceanu
A venomous snake which evolvoed to conquer the sky aswell as the depths of the dark reefs.
Night Goblins
Collection by _-AD!K-_
This set is reference to race "Night goblins", Warhammer: Total War
Charged armor
Collection by YouS
Charged armor
Champion of Chaos
Collection by ChiZ
My entry for the Dota 2 Workshop Warhammer contest. Pres
Monk Of The Lost Mountains - Set
Collection by Писька
Monk Of The Lost Mountains
The Ironhoof Guardian
Collection by Hunter
Hey guys this is our New Bloom 2015 entry, The Ironhoof Guardian for Earthshaker, we hope you like it!
Dirge Stabilizer
Collection by Joshimon
"In an attempt to stabilize and harness Dirges power the Keen race created an experimental set of armour and lay in wait to capture their target. Little were they aware that Dirge was willing to be experimented on in order to manipulate their technology fo
The Scales of Rite Set
Collection by Semloh
The Scales of Rite The Rite of Passage comes in many forms for young warriors coming of age. To adorn the prestigious Scales is to hunt a mighty and ferocious fish and join the ranks of the elder warriors. In this collection: -Spear of Rite -Pau
Feathers of a thousand solar flares
Collection by goose
Phoenix boast his feathers as it carries the fire of the sun. The sun itself can destroy anything that comes to close to it yet it is a great necessity of life. Phoenix intent is that of its creator, born of the sun and reborn of the flame.
Garb of the Nemesis
Collection by Reverend
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