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Create and submit new items (such as armor, weapons, clothing, Couriers, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Or help identify the best by rating up your favorites. Submission Guidelines
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Invoker Emoticons Pack
Collection by: mayatomr
I'm open to feedback and suggestions, feel free to leave a comment and upvote if you like it and would like to see it in-game!
моды для дотки 2
Collection by: [WRS] DeNkA
Collection by: Flappy Dong™
Dota 2
Collection by: FaBo
Dota 2 fav.
Collection by: CrisisCry
Collection by: Dezenus
лол это
Collection by: R.K ..!..
Collection by: DiggitaLSnake
My Collection
Collection by: ARYA
Collection by: oddycosplay
Collection by: Kazus
Все самое лучшее
Hunty Bounter
Collection by: DNADota
Set for Bounty Hunter. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Vote for each item in the collection ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Hello guys, This is our new set for Bounty Hunter. It features custom ability par...
The Skull Hankerer Set
Collection by: Sphynxinator
Maze Torturer
Collection by: Willypup
Within the Maze you are at the mercy of the torturer.
The Rainmaker MK.VII
Collection by: :3
A gyrocopter set done in collaboration with famed caster David "LD" Gorman, kunkka, and :3. This ride will let you rule the skies and rain hell on your enemies!
Fire Knight.sven
Collection by: 合金小强
dota 2
Collection by: dash_william_WTSKD
lo mejor de lo mejor
Rauteschlacher - Dota 2 - Custom Games
Collection by: Goldfield8
Heyho Leute, **ACHTUNG! DIE CUSTOM GAMES LAUFEN DERZEIT SEHR INSTABIL! ** hier findet ihr alle Mods/Custom Games, die wir in unserem Stream spielen :) Einfach abonnieren und Steam beginnt sofort mit dem Download. Bei Anregungen/Ideen wendet e...
Unleashed Power Set
Collection by: ®kTaU™
Black Wyrm Bow Hunter
Collection by: Ze Blu Spy
From the deep glacial caves, across the icy tundra and frozen woods, lived a powerful menace--a frost dragon with an impenetrable hide known as The Black Wyrm. Many have encountered the monster and several had challenged it, only to fail and either be eat...
Collection by: Перец
это очень интересная коллекция чееестно!!!!
Octopus Champion set
Collection by: Zalak
Set for Tidehunter!
Despair Emotes
Collection by: Old Man Mozz
a collection of animated emotes for when you are having a very, very bad day.
Immortals Pride Set
Collection by: blossomalex
Legion Commander - Immortals Pride Set Hope you all like it.
Bone Plague
Collection by: Sumers
ChiZ's Workshop
Collection by: ChiZ
You can find all the sets I've created for the Dota 2 workshop in this collection. It will continue to be updated as I release new sets. Hope you enjoy my work, and thanks for your support!
Axe's Access
Collection by: DNADota
Axe's Access - Set for Axe. Hello guys, This is our new set for Axe. It features custom item particles, custom ability particles and custom ability icons as well. The Head, Misc and Weapon slot items have custom item particles. All three items have ...
Spectre_Dark Gabriel set
Collection by: GreyskyS
Order of the Serpent Set
Collection by: STMKaras
Loading Screens
Collection by: FO | Capy
This is all my Loading Screens i have made.
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