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Collection by Abi
Dota 2
Collection by Na`Vi.Ohmz
Chinese New Year / Spring
Collection by TheAleSch
Itens created to the Spring2014 event.
The Heir of Isildar
Collection by shei
1000 years has passed since the greatest warrrior, Isildar's domination of the magic world. His heir has come to continue the legacy, destroying all the magical alliances that brought the magic world into darkness in order to bring back the purity...
Collection by Vik
Loadingscreens from me
Collection by [ Furry ] Corii Ferrex
here i post all my new loadingscreens and more ^^
Blessed Guardian
Collection by A1[N]V
A Fistful of Frags
Collection by mantoe
A Fistful of Frags Set. Inspired by the iconic "hero with no name".
Collage of heroes
Collection by ПРЕПОД
Collage photos of heroes and other inhabitants of the Universe DOTA Includes LoadingScreen and Poster TI4 Special
Walnut's Dota 2 HUD Skins
Collection by Walnut Attorney
I plan to create many different and unique HUD skins for Dota 2. This collection shows all of my previous work.
Collection by L-elf
Ну мне очень понравилось как я сделал)
Aleque Custom Announcer- DotA Leavers
Collection by LostENT
Aleque has returned to make sure that no leavers ruin your Dota 2 game. He and his killer monkey will punish all leavers with the power of song to lift your spirits. Though he may not be recognized today, he has been in hiding for years just for this mo...
Collection by Rodya
это новые крылья для найт сталкера
Jaguar Phantom Lancer
Collection by Privacy
When the village of Pole entered the war, he escaped with no weapons. He was with his bare hands, while running in the jungle, he saw a jaguar. Azwraith reveals his all anger to that jaguar who tries to attack him. And he made his war tools with that anim...
Brutal Slam Set
Collection by ChampouMan
Brutal Slam Set for Earthshaker
Collection by OXPEHEHHO
RED HORNS SET Red horns Red horns shoulders Red horns arms Red horns belt Red horns tail Red horns weapon
Happy set
Collection by IGWTmenace
Hppy set for papa players.
EarthShaker DragonQuaker
Collection by ReMixx
Hidden deep within the Nishai mountains lay a chunk of magical jade that the very tremors that freed the Earthshaker revealed. Raigor Stonehoof took these symbolic gifts from the mountains and forged a magical totem and armor to protect his new mortal bod...
Set for AM - Ancient Runes -
Collection by Attasik
Клятва, данная над руинами монастыря должна быть исполненна: злые чары будут уничтожены. Но как обнаружыть скрытое зло? Не один лунный цикл...
Gravedigger Darby
Collection by freeheartex
This is a new courier for Dota2.Yes,Gravedigger Darby is carrying a treasure! Hope you like this!~~ Produced by freeheartex&jijiacer
Natural armor
Collection by nockyda
Cursed Lonomia Set
Collection by PrivateRowan
A collection of items which when combined together make the Cursed Lonomia Set.
Hitman hart
Collection by Hitman^^Hart
me gusta crear cosas radicales
Крылатый воробей
Collection by Silksan
моя коллекция создана, чтобы показать как прекрасно и естественно должны выглядеть герои!
best wr
Collection by ♚ツ Mr. Z ツ♚
Night Armor
Collection by EMS-G@dget
Эти доспехи выкованы в кузнице Тьмы!
Collection by ICE 061
todo lo bueno de la creatividad
Collection by Yusuke
A espada mais poderosa ja criada pelos deuses capas de matar ate com um unico goupe pois seu poder e desconhecido
Collection by Grasshopper
dota 2 BOOT
Collection by huk#Hamzaer 曲 ʘʚ ♋
dota to bOOt
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