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Worst Workshop Items
Collection by sleekbrah
Items so terrible, it is hard not to laugh.
Right hand of Lightning
Collection by iRYO400
tio juggernaut
Collection by Bluteinsen Mcfly
weas pal tio jugger
Collection by CrEAt|VE.!! ,___¸.•'¯)
pudge carneee frescaaa
Unreal Tournament 3 Announcer
Collection by [Brhr]
Unreal Tournament 3 Announcer для Dota 2 (RUS)
Bloody Snow set of Juggernaut (sword)
Collection by ilyya
Bloody Snow set of Juggernaut (sword) This design is inspired by Korea traditional patterns and mask.
Collection by Pooper Scoopa
Here we have a cross bewteen an ostrich and a dragon, hence the name dragich. On his head is a mohawk. I have two different pictures because once you would upgrade the courrier, he would grow dragon wings. In both of these pics he has the wings he woul
Collection by email
Collection by The Shampoo
Double souls
Collection by Yoo
Riki's Double souls's weapon.
Unleashed Power Set
Collection by kTaU™
Collection by Sparx
это очень интересная коллекция чееестно!!!!
Dota stuff
Collection by ~CLown69~
Dota 2 Custom Gamemodes for Lobby Explorer
Collection by Faelrir
Dota 2 Custom Gamemodes for Lobby Explorer
Dota 2 Mods
Collection by Mi Mum
new hero
Collection by Я ΣJИĨĨ
Very good idea
Costom Gayums
Collection by iEntozer`|Eksdi Ü
Collection by VoshiNova
Bounty Hunter clote
Collection by Donald Trump
Cela rends un nouveau style à ce héros, Armes assez origineaux ce qui le rends très classe !
Collection by AQP-TITAN
La legendaria espada voodoo la unica llave al inframundo
Underscape Horns
Collection by Jigglypuff
Underscape Horns set for Razor
God Of The Death
Collection by Mr.Quaker_
Dota II
Collection by SkylsTheTrue™
бла бла бла
Collection by Judas
Blades Of Artisan (Art Of Death)
Collection by Nana
Phantasling Artisan (Phantom Assassin) The Blades Of The Artisan (Art Of Death), artisans crafting secretly for decades, a weapon that slices enemies in half, and by the blade has promised that their enemies shall die and honor their death and blood in
Collection by Ivan_Livinskiy
Night Stalker Full Armor
Collection by Tischbruecke285
Night Stalker Full Armor Concept
Collection by sheldor
какая то странность
Collection by roshka067
х...й знает чё
Juggernaut Fire Sword
Collection by DG.Night Hawks.DL
In This Sword Juggernaut Looking So Cool., I Want To Add This On Dota 2.. I Want Your Help I Want To Rateup And Share And Comment.. Thank You..
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