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Kunkka - Sea Dog of the Shifting Sands
Collection by Kalahari_Krokonoster
Kunkka Cosmetic Item Set that contains 8 items. Set design is inspired by the Desert map theme and various references of cultures residing deserts. Our Sea Dog, Kunkka, explores the Isles of the Shifting Sands. Credits: GhostDetector - Concepts
Mantis style
Collection by Dr. Robo
super duper weaver ez set, nice, vote, commend if you like
Dota 2 Tidehunter
Collection by Kgahermphanherm V. Strogenshizer
Dota 2
Jade Warrior
Collection by growl
Сollection By Just AL
Collection by JustTTv
Здесь представлены все мои работы
Sister of The Shadow Walker
Collection by Sheev Palpatine
Sister of The Shadow Walker Set Hood of The Shadow Walker Belt of The Shadow Walker Blade of The Shadow Walker http:
Omniscience's Champion
Collection by Kimber Prime
After fighting many battles in the Omniscience's name Purist decided to travel back to the All Seeing one. He had seen much pain and destruction amongst his comrades and wanted to know how he could spare his companions from this suffering in the future. Wh
Pudge's Carrion Cleavers
Collection by FK_FuzionInfinity
A pair of weapons fastened together from battlefield remains. If you stare at the eyeballs long enough.. they might move. Or they might not. Who knows?
Collection by DNADota
Doomfg - Set for Doom.
Spring2014 Banannou
Collection by Nannou
My work for Spring2014 Follow me on Twitter@NannouCG
Desert Spirit
Collection by Viktor.avi
Guardian of Atlantis
Collection by Dr. Robo
silencer set for ti7 yo
Diamond set
Collection by IGWTmenace
Loadingscreen + HUD
northern warrior
Collection by dingzu
This is my first work.I hope you like it.
The old man
Collection by Mr. Toodles
My first complete set of items for DOTA2 :D This is what I imagine sniper would look like if he went crazy from radiant poisoning
Fierce beast set
Collection by Marby
Voodoo Maledict
Collection by Fargton
Voodoo Maledict: New set for Witch Doctor.I hope you like it)
Dota Pit League Season Two Tournament Bundle
Collection by Gamersbook
The Dota Pit League is back and we are happy to announce the beginning of our Season 2. The top teams are going to compete against each other for $75,000. Each bundle purchased increases the tournament prize pool by $2,50. Bundle also includes Sorcerer of
Reef Stalker Exoskeleton
Collection by Hudston
Escape from Dark Reef is only the first step when ravenous creatures like these await outside the walls. Take a closer look on sketchfab:
The Damned Souls of the Abyss
Collection by Rick Conjutivite
Nevermore's most hated claimed souls find themselves trapped within Shadow Fiend himself.
Viper - Poisonous stingray - Ti 2017
Collection by TARANTINE
Viper set for The International 2017 Collector’s Cache Call to Arms. http://i.
Chasm Fiend
Collection by Nikey
New set for terrorblade! We hope you will like it!
Phoenix Guardian
Collection by Clyptic
Furious Hercules
Collection by Legacy eSports
Ventossa's Resolve
Collection by Mv
Windranger - Ventossa's Resolve A widowed prince has a daughter, Ventossa, who is tended by a beloved governess. The governess, with Ventossa's help, persuades the prince to marry her. The governess then brings forward two daughters of her own, who abus
Obsidian Nightmare
Collection by Toasty
Obsidian Nightmare Set for Queen of Pain.
Skeleton King's Regal Collection W.I.P.
Collection by Boop
Sometimes a king's got to look a bit more distinguished. Or at least that was the plan.
Mage's Retribution Set
Collection by b1ackout
Any piece of the Mage's Retribution armor set has its own history.But they all have a common purpose. To serve the one who wages war against magic. From the depths of earth to the Turstarkuri monks they all came to serve you.
Ritual Garb of the Father Spirits
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Dota 2 - Creative Collection
Collection by Ðartzine
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