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Endless Nightmare
Collection by style_d
Endless Nightmare set for Night Stalker
Abaddon Chaotic Mutatuions
Collection by Melchiah
Abaddon now is the champion of the Lord of Changes Tzeentch.
Curse of the Violet Dragon
Collection by Elveon
After a long battle with amethyst dragon that lasted nearly 3 days, Huskar after the glorious victory at such a worthy adversary has used his strong bones like steel and sharp like a knife amethyst crystals, not only as a trophy, but as armor and weapons.
Banehallow's Destiny
Collection by Pernach
Banehallow's Destiny
Heart of Iron
Collection by ACap
Heart of Iron. Clockwerk Warhammer Dwarf-themed set.
Consequences of the Unforeseen
Collection by Chemical Alia
I never thought I'd see another Tinker set on the workshop, let alone create one! Biomechanical weapons suitable for inter-dimensional battle. Chemical Alia | [url=http://www.twitc
Legacy Phoenix family
Collection by [SYS] [Wachin]
Sometimes one must die a little to be reborn and rise again in a stronger and wiser version of yourself. Legacy Phoenix family
Daemon Prince of the Blood God
Collection by Jashugan
Doom Khorne Daemon Prince created for the Total War: Warhammer 2016 Contest
Stone Power
Collection by jcferrematienzo
Stone Power
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