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blade dance odachi
Collection by àℤǥedá
Spinous Venomdrake
Collection by Mikaka
The venom of the Jidi Island did not grant Viper the proper death. Instead, it granted a new form. 基迪岛的剧毒并未带走蝮蛇的性命,而且,还让他焕然一新。
Dota Offical
Collection by MELL0
Collection by kindar
Boarding machine of destruction
Collection by Kidalv
Every ship must have an Ogre for boarding attacks. Ogre magi became a part of the ships crew exactly for this purpose. Now he shots his enemies with his club and grab other ships with his belt. He caries an ancient map on his back that leads to hidden trea
Myst Pursuer
Collection by Godzy
Gifts of the Blooming Forest
Collection by Chameleon
Collection by KhimKittyKat
The Submersible Shredder
Collection by XD
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