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Coral the Furryfish
Collection by: DrySocket
Introducing Coral the Furryfish! He can't fly at first, but he's ready to splash his way to the front lines. Made in collaboration with Furryfish* | And if you wanna watch us make art:
Queen of the Emerald Ocean
Collection by: 澈水
Hi guys, my third Dota set and this time it is for meidusha. Hope you like it. Thanks :) If you can give ours support, we will have more power to make better work.
Warden of Icewrack
Collection by: Zipfinator
Check here for screenshots of the set, including shots with the Arcana equipped! Modeling - Kiefen 'Zipfinator' Zipf | Concepting, Texturing, Promotional...
Featherwhite Regalia
Collection by: zhuzhuxia
Featherwhite Regalia made specifically for high placed mages. Hi guys, my third Dota set and this time it is for skywrath mage. Hope you like it. Thanks :) Also I couldn't load weapon fx along with all items together, but it works alone if I test ...
ECL - Staff of Exorcism
Collection by: Meshroom
Tiny - living house
Collection by: SebastianBastian
A farmers house comming to life, built of stone from ancient days. Tiny set under production. Level 3 grow is finish. Level 0-2 grow is on their way + tree weapon + loadingscreen.
Guiding Lights
Collection by: HyrX
Hey guys, Guiding Lights set is our new works cooperate with famous commentator Yajing Hu . This set has two helmets and two weapons style . Hope you like this set. Huge thanks for everyone that give us suggestion.If you liked ,Pls give it a ...
A Bundle of Shibe
Collection by: Boonta
A Bundle of Shibe: Bahr-Bahr the shibe, and his wounded traveling partner - cubic cat, travel the lands delivering items to needy heroes on the battlefield. The cubic cats are a noble race ready to sacrifice themselves at a moment’s notice in aid of ...
Jing Mask(ST) 京面雷灵
Collection by: liangbinge
Jing Mask(ST) 京面雷灵
The Trickster's Guise
Collection by: Spudnik
The Trickster's Guise, a Puck set by Foxclover (2D) and Spudnik (3D).
Karabos Acolyte
Collection by: Zipfinator
Modeling: Kiefen 'Zipfinator' Zipf | Concepting, Texturing, Promotional Art: Slimeface Golem Animations: Andrew Helenek |
Heirlooms of the Great Bogatyr
Collection by: ★ Mystic Snake
Set for Pudge.
Queen Of The Ocean Dragon
Collection by: Willypup
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Red Blade - Axe Set - HBCC
Collection by: Frosty40
New Axe set for the upcoming HBCC!
Midnight Hunter
Collection by: HeeJae
Midnight Hunter
Nightmoon Pursuer
Collection by: PrivateRowan
The collection to find all the pieces of the Nightmoon Pursuer Set for Templar Assasin. Created by Potm and PrivateRowan
Conjuror of the Storm
Collection by: MdK
Conjuror of the Storm
Fury Of The North
Collection by: Evokelabs
Rylia set showcased in "Let It Go" with Crystal Maiden Cinematic: Produced by @evokelabs ||
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