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Claws of Burning Iron
Collection by 澈水
Reawoken Arbor
Collection by BladeofAvilliva
Styles for Reawoken Arbor single
Crystal Trace_Update
Collection by KELDESH13
Earthshaker is new master of a crystal cave. UPDATE: Reworked Head and Arms. Added custom fissure effects. SYMMETRY TEAM: Art Direction - Sergey Drubetskoy Modeling & Effects - Mikita Vorobyov Community & Expertise - Taras Stadnikov Foll...
Legend of the Forgotten Knight
Collection by Eddy Shin
Luminous Butterfly
Collection by STMKaras
Pride of Silence & Flame_Update
Collection by KELDESH13
Reborn Silencer with a pride soul and magic flame. UPDATE: More subtle colours. Added flame custom particles on the shield. SYMMETRY TEAM: Art Direction - Sergey Drubetskoy Modeling & Effects - Mikita Vorobyov Community & Expertise - Taras S...
Lady of the Lumini Polare
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Silver Core_Update
Collection by SMTRY
Silver Core set is adapted to the new weapon for Leshrac - Tormented staff. This set is inspired by Octarine Core item, and new Leshrac core hero meta. UPDATE: New Head and Back are based on community feedback. They uderline natural and magical ...
Collection by Darkman
Collection by YOLO MAN
Ritual Of Shadow
Collection by kTaU™
Team Newbee HUD Bundle
Collection by Jerry
Includes the Team Newbee HUD and loading screen.
Athena's Blessing: Legion Commander set
Collection by keinhangia
Our new set for Legion Commander Keinhangia - 2D concept, texture Attasik - 3D model LORE: ATHENA'S BLESSING " Threats were never too far from Stonehall. Just like how Tresdin was never put to rest her mission to protect the city walls. ...
Dark Nether Set
Collection by Mass|Appeal
Thankyou everyone for the comments and support! I will update with additional screenshots as soon as I can!
Invictus Lorica
Collection by TommytehZombie
The ancient face of Crixalis
Collection by mmxart
King's Spite
Collection by Clyptic
Whirling Claws
Collection by SebastianBastian
The whirling claws set for Riki.
Edge of Spell Shattering
Collection by Xajai
The one known as Anti-Mage has traveled great distances to dispel the occult and mystic. After defeating a powerful necromancer draped in black, he collapsed with his armor in tatters and weapons in pieces. Among the small group of villagers to witness th...
Collection by Gorbad Ironclaw
Дота 2
Collection by -=GERDOS=-✔™
Rick and Morty
Collection by gwuilo
Rick and Morty Announcer Pack
The Ancient Evil Embraced
Collection by Jeremy Klein
The Ancient Evil Embraced. Loadscreen by: Allison Theus - Beastofoblivion
Shivshell Crawler
Collection by Zipfinator
Modeling - Kiefen 'Zipfinator' Zipf | Concepting, Texturing, Promotional Art - Brea 'Fudgie Wudgie' Foster |
Upholder of the humble
Collection by goose
Contains all the set items for Omniknights "Upholder of the humble"
Slark Set: Aquatic Wanderer
Collection by Emperor
Wandering under the water, Slark assembled with stones and animal's shell to make his new set.
Heirlooms of the Great Bogatyr
Collection by ✪Dota2✪DNADota✪★MYTHIC SNAKE
Set for Pudge.
Team Secret
Collection by Eidos Interactive
Team Secret Official
Dry Prophet
Collection by pancreasart
The desert is teeming with life. You just have to know where to look. Furion knew this, as he set out towards the wastes in search of new powers and a new Allie. The Cactoids. Follow Willypup at Facebook: ...
Armors godforsaken
Collection by CGartAG
Amidst his eternal overwatch of the Narrow Maze, Razor's glance passes over a seemingly nondescript figure collapsed and forsaken upon its path of judgement. Approaching, the Lightning Revenant finds the figure to be wrapped in the mantle of once holy arm...
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