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The Warrior's Retribution
Collection by: CLEgfx
UPDATED* Made the textures darker, and fixed gradients on swords. This is a collaboration set between C-Le GFX, :3 & Dota Cinema! We put a ton of hard work, months of planning and effort into this. Let us know what you think! Based on community feed...
Dragon's Ascension
Collection by: Don Don
I made some significant design changes to the old Dragon Knight set I made for TPL. The design is more cohesive and stronger than the Father of Dragons set, and I believe this stands on its own. Still working on the loading screen. Dragon form also com...
Eternal Luxury
Collection by: down_limit
MetaGame set for Nature's Prophet Eternal Luxury
The Ultimate Chest
Collection by: Chemical Alia
A collection of ultimates.
Relics of Ribbi'tar
Collection by: @mig_dota
Collection for the relics of Ribbi'tar set!
Vestments of the Fallen Princess
Collection by: Cersei Lannister
An armor weighing the shadow of a past Vengeful Spirit can't remember anymore.
War Machine - Dota Cinema Clockwerk
Collection by: DrySocket
A set for Clockwerk which includes a custom cog and cursors!
DotaCinema Set Chest
Collection by: DC | @NeilFails
The DotaCinema set chest, a collection of five sets and a courier.
Celestial Spark Collection
Collection by: Automedic
Black hole THIS, Enigma!
Vestige of the Arsenal Magus
Collection by: butthole fisty
Before Man learned arrogance, before mortal beings succumbed to the delusion that greatness could be achieved in any way besides it…magic was power. To whisper an incantation from memory, as softly unto the wind as a dying breath, was to know and domina...
Fires of the Baphomet - Evil Geniuses
Collection by: butthole fisty
Evil Geniuses and Terra.Cotta are proud to present a terrifying new vision of Doom. This is a seven piece set with a painted loading screen and custom particle effects by the amazing Horse Strangler. The head, wings, and sword all have custom ambient effe...
Bindings of the Storm
Collection by: Don Don
Lightning courses through the bindings of this armor set for Razor! If anyone is interested in a wallpaper, I made one here: Thanks for looking :)
Ensemble of the Crystalline Comet
Collection by: Yi
A set of crystalline garments fallen from the sky.
Twin Blades Assassin - Bounty Hunter set
Collection by: motenai
"The twin blades assassin" is a very customized set for Bounty Hunter, and it was created by me (motenai) and T_Vidotto in collaboration with YYF from team IG. We created a brand new weapon, the Greater Twin Blade, attached to BH right arm, a nice back...
Pudge: The Warmonger set
Collection by: Logane
description coming soon :)
The Exiled Ronin
Collection by: deadl3ss
The weight of the world it seems was cast upon the head of the mighty Juggernaught - A great and noble warrior once with a master, and now with none. Carving his way through the unknown his trusty equipment by his side. These are the brandishi...
Hecate's Gift - Death Prophet Set
Collection by: motenai
The greatest gift from a dark goddess can sometime come with the price of blindness.
The Three Virtues
Collection by: Puffin [Red Ribbon]
For generations, three virtues have dictated a good life: Fortune, Prosperity and Longevity. Attributes represented in the likes of the jovial Thunderkeg, the fiery yet wise disciple of Xin, and the everlasting fortitude of General Kaolin. Red Moon Wor...
The Hunter of Kings
Collection by: daniDem
BroodMother - Webs Of Perception
Collection by: DotaFX
This Set is Selected. Purchase it on DotA2 Store here :
Blessings of Lucentyr
Collection by: Yi
Lucentyr, Qilin of Old has long awaited a warrior fit to fight with him and adorn his armors.
Sven - Armour of TieLong [SPRING 2014]
Collection by: DotaFX
This Set is Selected. Purchase it on DotA2 Store here :
Poison of the Flytrap
Collection by: :3
A set designed by :3, Pior and Dota Cinema
Bestowments of the Divine Anchor
Collection by: DotaFX
Berserker's Edge
Collection by: Nateo
Part of the Centaur Berserker set, created in association with DotaCinema, made in particular with SUNSfan in mind. Lore "During his travels to prove that he was the very best, Warrunner came to a region in the far north where fierce warriors di...
Armaments of Leviathan
Collection by: :3
Many years have passed since the Battle at Trembling Isles ended in favor of Claddish Kingdom - victory brought peace and prosperity back to these salty lands, but this triumph tasted bittersweet for the hero of this epic clash of man and demon, famed Adm...
Chains of the Black Death
Collection by: k u n k k a
Deep in the Diremaw prison, the lucky ones die early. Survive too long, and you’ll lose a piece of yourself to the gloom. The one exception being Pudge, who was never one to let a piece go to waste. So prodigious were his augmentations, that on the da...
Battletrap Set
Collection by: Futush
Vote for this, it's pretty sweet
Angel and Demon Courier
Collection by: DC | @NeilFails
Angel and Demon Courier, comes with two seperate models, one for the Radiant and one for the Dire. Also comes with custom particle effects.
Blessings of the Eternal Eclipse
Collection by: OniLolz
High res image: Luna felt her bones freeze upon entering the sacred lake of Selemene. Silver and black to the water, it was something unique and wonderful, a mixture that left her in hypnosis until the end of the eclipse....
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